How to Delete a Page in Word

Looking for steps to delete a Page in Word? Unwanted blank pages in Word often leave you in a state of discomfort, as this does not seem to look good. If you are here, then getting rid of the blank page is your priority. These pages would look like empty paragraphs, section break or a manual page break.
When you are working towards deleting a page, it is necessary that you analyze the core reason for deletion. The delete page feature available in the MS Word, lets you remove unwanted pages from your document. The guideline here is enough for you to remove section breaks, spaces and extra paragraphs in a Word document.
It is not always important that you get in touch with the Word support. However, if you are frustrated this would not help! Blank pages can be at any corner of your document. Scroll down to find an easy walk through of the page deletion process in an MS Word.

Why do Blank Pages Appear?

This is one of the common questions asked by a majority of the users. It is easy to delete pages from a Word, many newbie users are not aware of how to do it? Therefore, it is important to know the reason for the occurrence of such pages.
More likely there is a manual page break. This shifts all the data of the page to the next page of Word.
It may also be that your page layout settings are disturbed. This can also cause a blank page. For extra paragraphs, the user can simply select it and press the delete button.

How to Delete a Page

Before you proceed with the page deletion it is important that you try the basics.

  • For an empty page, you need to scroll down till the end of the document and hit the ‘Backspace’ bar until the blank page disappears.
  • If this does not work, click on the ‘View’ tab found on the top menu of the MS Word and go to the ‘Navigation’ panel. Choose the blank page thumbnail and tap the delete button.

How to Delete a Page in Word 2017

  • Take a closer look at the unwanted page in order to find what is on it. It the page packs symbols or words select it manually and delete it.

Delete a Page Break

For deleting page break in Word you can click just before the page break and tap on the ‘Delete’ button.
This will delete the break and make your document as desired.
Delete a Page Break

Section Break

A section break in a Word is an unwanted page that looks a bit different from the other pages in the document. It is useful when one desires to change the Word formatting. However, if you wish to delete a section break by placing the cursor at the beginning of the break.
Now you need to click the ‘Delete’ button. The section break will be removed. Please keep in mind that this would change the Word format. Therefore, if you intend to keep the same format then it is recommended that you do not delete the section break.

Hide an Empty Paragraph

Sometimes it happens that you find a table or an empty space at the end of the Word document. The best solution to such problems is hiding it.
Use the CTRL + D button to open the ‘Font’ section. Now you need to check the ‘Hidden’ tab to make the unwanted page disappear.
Remove an Unwanted Page in Word

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