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How to Delete Sarahah Account

Sarahah is a popular social networking portal that lets you share your thoughts and feelings anonymously. While a major part of the population is attracted towards Sarahah, there are some who wish to keep off the social networking site. There may a wide range of reasons for account deletion. Whatever the reason may be, here you can find an easy tutorial on deleting a Sarahah account.
Sometimes you feel that you have used too much of the Sarahah social networking service or find the app less interesting. If the scenario is something like this, then you can delete your account. However, if you wish to take a break you can deactivate your account instead of permanently deleting it.

Reasons for Deleting your Sarahah Account

Your love for social media seems to fade! Here are some of the reasons behind the Sarahah account deletion.

You may have lost interest

When I got Sarahah, it was really appealing and made me smile. I could on anyone or send messages in a proxy manner. But now the social networking service seems not worth. Sarahah has been overcrowded as other social portals. You would not be able to find the excitement as it was before.

Your mindset has changed

Being an adult, it may happen that you have started thinking that the social site is meaningless. This is one of the primary reasons why people cut down on Sarahah. You start to feel uncomfortable and gradually come to an end that the site has no logic.
I have always considered social media to be a platform where one can express, get in touch with others and spread togetherness. Sarahah does not disclose who you are. This may seem interesting in the early days. Gradually you start losing interest and you wish to delete your account.

You like talking to people with a personal touch

While a review of the Sarahah app I discovered that the majority of the users loved to express themselves face to face. For an instance, if you want to wish a person happy birthday, then there is no sense in wishing it in a proxy manner.
This was one of the reasons why there are more frequent account deletions. If you too think in the same manner, then this may be the cause of deleting Sarahah account.

Sarahah is Frustrating

People might be speaking trash about your personal life, may be abusing or using an offensive language. As it is an anonymous network, people speak their heat out and this is sometimes annoying. It may have happened in the past that you have received too much of messages that spread negativity. In order to be a happier person, it is better to keep off Sarahah.

How to Delete

Step 1– Sarahah allows its users to delete their account anytime they wish. To get started, you need to open the account deletion page.
Step 2– If you are already signed in then you will be taken to the delete section. Otherwise, you can log into your account using the credentials.
Sarahah Delete Account
Step 3– Now the user will find the ‘Remove Account’ section on the screen. Click on the ‘Remove’ button and your account will be deleted permanently.
Delete Sarahah Account

Step 4– Once your account is successfully deleted, you will find a message as shown below.
Sarahah Remove Account
This goes without a question that everything has a positive and negative side. If you do not wish to leave Sarahah forever, you can consider deactivating your account.

Written by Bidyut Bikash Dhar

Bidyut Bikash Dhar is a proficient Digital Marketing & Online Branding Strategist, Mentor, and Inbound Marketing Specialist with a focus on Reputation Management, International Healthcare Marketing, and Medical Tourism. His expertise encompasses a wide array of areas, including Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Conversion Optimization. Bidyut excels in Search Engine Marketing, leveraging his skills to enhance online visibility and drive targeted traffic. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, he crafts strategic solutions to elevate brands and amplify their online presence. Bidyut's commitment to mentorship and his extensive experience in healthcare marketing make him a valuable asset to businesses seeking to expand their reach and impact in the digital landscape.

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