How to Delete App on iPhone 7 Plus

iOS devices have become an important part of our lives, if they run slow or seem messy this might make you worried. Apple has showered the iPhone 7 Plus with plenty of apps and features. Some are extremely handy while the others are not required by the users. Most of the users who keep updating their device, delete the apps which are not used. However, there are some looking forward to removing such apps from the device.
With a lot of apps, your iPhone becomes slaggy and does not function well. If you delete an app which is not functional then your device becomes customized and you have a better control over it.

Why is it Important to Delete an App

Sometimes your device is out of memory and it is not always possible for the users to remove the videos and photos from their iPhone 7 Plus. Instead, users prefer deleting the unwanted apps from their smartphone. Here are guidelines that would help you remove the apps that you no longer wish to use.
If your application is not working and you wish to delete it for this reason, then you can also try uninstalling it. However, Apple does not allow the users to remove some of the apps. In such a scenario you can easily re-install the application and get going smooth.

How to Delete an App on iPhone 7

Method 1

Delete from the Home screen
Step 1– To begin with the procedure you need to turn on your mobile screen and go to the screen that displays the application icons.
Step 2– Now you need to tap once on the application you wish to delete and hold it until the icons move. You will find an X sign at the top of the apps. Click on it and the user will be allowed to uninstall the application.
How to Delete App on iPhone
Step 3– You will find a confirmation dialog box on the screen that shows two options that read as ‘Delete’ and ‘Remove’. If you select to delete the application will be permanently deleted, while the remove command will only uninstall the software.
Remove app on iPhone 7 Plus

If you are willing to get rid of the application for some time, then it is recommended that you remove it instead of deleting.

Method 2

 From the Settings tab
Step 1– To go ahead with the app deletion process, you need to go to the home of your device, then navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab.
Step 2– Choose the ‘Generals’ menu then proceed to the ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’ option.
Delete app on iPhone 7 plus
Step 3– Now you need to select the ‘Manage Storage’ button found under the ‘Storage’ tab.
Step 4– In the next step, the user will be displayed the list of application that is installed on your iPhone 7 Plus. Select the apps you desire to delete and you are ready to go.

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