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How to Start A Conversation on Tinder

Are you jealous to see the couples in movies? Do you like the movie romance? Want to have a partner like Raj of DDLJ? But you also know that it isn’t possible because movie romance is not real. But you just cannot tackle your inner wish and cannot help.

Let’s take another scenario on count,

You are a 25 years old successful woman making a lot of money but still your family and friends and most
importantly relatives are nagging you all the time to do your marriage early. But you don’t have any lover or boyfriend and also don’t like the arrange marriage culture, you don’t know what to do with your life?

Your juniors are also getting married and your parents are always looking for a guy for you in every occasion.

This above mentioned scenario sounds messed up…right?

Well are you right now going through these situations in life and pretty messed up?

I have a solution for you

Yeah yeah…. I know you may be surprised and cannot believe me right now but trust me I give extremely well advice. Not in my life but in others problem I am like a guru when it comes to giving solutions..

Last week my friend Mitali was also suffering from this problem. I suggested her to use Tinder. An online dating platform. You might have heard of that it is quite famous in India. So, you can use Tinder if you are looking for love.

Let me tell you the problem of Mitali because you get an insight and it will clear your doubts about it.

Mitali, my friend is a 27 years old sweet girl. She was born in Mumbai and currently working as a police officer in Mumbai. I knew her when we were in school. She was a very quiet. Her body was well build, so many boys used to avoid her. But she is a sweet heart in real life. In college she has to face the same problem as she used to face in school. But the ironical part is the when she got a job as a police; people start to assume that she is very ferocious and strict, so, boys are still afraid to ask her out. She knows everything but she also cannot make the first move because she is an introvert, she just does her job rightly but on other matters she is a nub. So one day she came to me and told her problem I was very concerned and also laughed on her problem, but she was very serious. Finally I told her to download Tinder. It is an online dating app available in play store.

She asked for the details on the app, so I started with the main definition of Tinder.

Let’s discuss what Tinder is,

  • What is Tinder:

Tinder is an online dating app where you can see profiles of many people and can talk to them. Tinder basically helps you to find your partner sometimes life partner also. You can create your profile here and can check out other profiles on Tinder.

If you think that it is a fraud let me tell you that it isn’t. This app is totally safe if you use it carefully.
Now, the second step is here which is the process of using it.
YOU can easily use Tinder. It is available in mobile phone, laptop and computer.

  • What can You Create An Account On Tinder:

 1. For Mobile Phone:

Step 1: First you have to download it from play store. You can download it for free.
Step 2: Click on create account.
Step 3: Enter your phone number and verify it. You can also use face book account and Google account.
Step 4: Then enter your email address and verify.
Step 5: Make a proper profile.
Step 6: Give all the access that Tinder asked for such as: contacts, pictures etc.
Step 7: You can enable your location. If you enable your location Tinder will help you find boys or girls of your locality.

In these above mentioned way you can create an account on Tinder.
There is a different process to open a Tinder account on Web.
Let’s see the process for it:

 2. For Opening a Tinder Account on Web:

There is a very small difference between the two processes.

Step 1: Search by typing Tinder.com on Google.
Step 2: Click to create a new account
Step 3: Elect a sign-in method.
Step 4: Verify your phone number.
Step 5: Verify your email address.
Step 6: Set up your profile
Step 7: Give access to all the permission that Tinder asked for.

Here is the two ways by which you can open an account on Tinder. It is pretty basic to open an account on Tinder. Remember you can download Tinder for free but you want more features to unlock you have to pay price for it.
Now you all think that it’s very easy to create a Tinder account but let me tell you it’s very difficult to sustain a Tinder account.
Be fashionable or else make your profile look
fashionable in order to get more matches. Here are some tips for you so, that you can have an idea how you can prepare your profile on Tinder.

  • Tips to Create a Attractive Tinder Profile:

 1. Picture:

A picture is very much essential for a profile. It is the picture which attracts most of the public attraction. Picture is the only way for a stranger to choose you, especially in the dating apps. So, I will suggest you to upload a full body beautiful picture of yours that will attract a lots of people over your profile. Don’t upload a picture where you are not the center of the picture. Never upload a group photo on the DP of the account. It might lead people to confusion. Don’t upload a picture where your face is fully covered. Avoid to the poses where you guard your face by hand. See, If people do not see your face, they will not be able to choose you
properly and cannot give you match. So, face is important. Try to upload your best pictures possible. Picture creates the first impression here.

 2. BIO:

If you are not a writing person you might feel lethargic to write bio. But try to write something. Try to write about your hobbies and likings. But if you are so lazy that you cannot write Tinder also has a great feature for you. Tinder will give you lots of option and you have to choose it. After that the choose options will be automatically visible in your account. You never know, your future partner may like you through your Bio. So, writing bio is necessary.

 3. Having a Blue Tick:

After creating a profile , try to get the blue tick service. Once you get a blue tick, your account will be verified. People tend to prefer verified account.

These are the three most important things you have to keep in mind during the making of a Tinder account.
Now, Tinder is quite new application for you so, may or may not know the usage of it. It is very easy. In initial days you will find some difficulty in using it but after some time you will be habituated about it. The application is not that much a big deal.

It has mainly two features —— One is of matching and the other is of Un matching.

 4. Matching and Un-Matching:

There is a feature on matching and un matching. It will start to work when you start to like or dislike someone’s profile or someone likes your profile. If you like someone’s profiles you can swipe right his profile and if the person whose profile you liked like you back then it’s a match. Now when you find a match you can take a step further and message him or her. And if you both like each other then also you can go to date or fix your marriage.
But in case if you don’t like a person’s profile you can give him or her left swipe. If both of you give left swipe to each other then you guys don’t like each other.

There is a third scenario: If someone likes your profile but you do not like them back then you missed a match. Match missing is a completely normal phenomenon. You don’t have to like every profile on Tinder.

If you like someone on first glance and swipe right but now you do not like him or her anymore. You can just unmatched him. Simply remove the blue tick.
These are the scenarios that you may face. If you get a person whom you liked genuinely you can simply do chat with him or her.

Now it’s time to know something about the Tinder app itself.

  • All About Tinder:

So, you all know what Tinder is. Let’s share some extra information about Tinder.

Many of you might think that Tinder will be an expensive app to use. Let me tell you that it’s a free app to download you can download this app from Play store. You can also freely use it on laptop and computer. It will give you the facilities of swipe right and swipe left for free. But if you want to unlock some other options may be you have to buy its premium plan.

Tinder is an online dating site. It helps you to find your lover and soul mate. It is a location –technology based app it helps you to connect people from you locality to abroad. It shows you recommendation based on your gender, orientation and preference. Tinder is a great app to meet new people and for making friends. If you like someone here you can start a conversation with them in Tinder only.

Many people fear online dating because they cannot trust the profiles. But let me tell you one thing that Tinder is the safest option in this case. Tinder first verifies your photos with your opened account and then shows it to others. Tinder also offers the facility of verified account. Tinder always tries to suggest you the verified account.

This app also worked in computer and laptop. Tinder is a worldwide popular app. 190+ countries use it.

Now let’s talk about some features of Tinder where you can have a better view of other profiles and also others will have a better view of your profile.
Tinder offers some subscription to you.

1.Tinder Gold:

You all already know that every app, website earn money through advertisement. So, always you can see many advertisement in your app. But if you want an ad-free experience on Tinder you have to subscribe on Tinder gold option. It will give you total ad-free experience, and the facility of unlimited likes. You will also get 1 month boost.

2.Tinder Boost:

Tinder boost is another facility that Tinder gives you on your subscription. If you get Tinder boost you will be able to be the top profile of your area for 30 minutes. People will have a better look on your profile.


Tinder also gives you the facility of Super like.

These are the more or less facilities of Tinder if you buy subscription. Many of you might wonder what is the best subscription to have. I have the answer for this question also. If you want to have best experience on Tinder you can buy their Tinder Platinum subscription. This will give you a better experience and better quality. It will help your account to ad-free. You will get more engagement on your profile.

Tinder is a dating app. It only helps people to find their perfect match. It made dating easy. If you want to find someone who will love you then Tinder is the best place you have come. Tinder is generally a worldwide famous company. It has a huge reputation in market. It has a good but flawed security. It will offer you best service. If you buy their subscription it will give you an out of the world experience.

Now, let’s move to our another segment; Tinder is an app so it definitely have Some Pros and Cons.

Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of Tinder.

  • Pros of Using Tinder:

  1. You can make a profile quickly.
  2. In this app registration is easy to do.
  3. Based on your preference customized- profiles arrive quickly.
  4. This app has a great Tech-support.
  5. It saves the time. It helps to saves the time that a person invests in traditional dating.
  6. It is user friendly.
  7. It is totally safe to do chat with
  8. You will never get unwanted messages
  9. You will never get unwanted emails.
  10. It’s easy to get a date here.
  11. You will never know if someone swipe left on your profile. Tinder does not show you the rejections.
  12. It is easy to use.
  13. It is easily available on any Google store or play store.
  14. It will offer you profiles based on your orientation. Suppose you are gay or lesbian you will show you profiles of the people who have the same orientation as you.
  15. It is a youth targeting app. It is obsessed with youth population and tries to attract the youth. If you are below 30 it will charge you less than a person who is above 30 for the basic pan of Tinder.
  16. This app gives you a vast range of options.

Now we all know about the pros let’s talk about some cons about this app.
Everything has some good and bad side, similarly Tinder also has its good side and bad side. We have talked about the good side; now let’s talk about the bad side.

  • Cons of Using Tinder:

The cons are following,

  1. Tinder has some privacy issue. Be careful about that.
  2. You must to have a Facebook account if you want to use Tinder. Facebook is also has some privacy issue.
  3. Earlier, Tinder was hacked for more than one time.
  4. In 2012, 2015, 2017 Tinder got hacked and a dispute was created among the users.
  5. In Tinder you have to upload your photo to make an account. Make sure to upload a decent picture. Because there are many internet users who can use your pictures and can blackmail you.
  6. Many users especially females may targeted for online harassment.
  7. Tinder can increase your unmindful use of smart phone. On an average a person invests 30 to 50 minutes on Tinder. Tinder can lead you to compulsive use of smart phone.
  8. Compulsive use of smart phone can affect your eyes badly.
  9. Tinder’s basic plan gives you some limited facilities. But Tinder will try to attract you to their subscription programs. If you fall in their trap you may waste your money over this.
  10. Uncountable choice is a good option in dating life and it is also a bad option. If you have uncountable options in front of your eyes you will never be able to commit for one woman or man.
  11. Cyber bully and Cyber crime is real. Be careful on specially this app because there are many people on this app that supports cyber bully and also do cyber bully.
  12. You may see here photos of beautiful boys and girls with lot of filter. Don’t fall for that. There may be some fake account but try to use and choose verified accounts.

Now you are aware of the cons of using Tinder. Tinder is no doubt a very helpful app for dating. But every beautiful thing has some flaw on it. Beware of the flaws. There are many scammers who are in Tinder. Many married men and women are also there to do fraud with people. There are many people who create fake account in order to scam people. There are many users who can use your photos in unethical way. Especially women, please try to be more careful. If you choose someone to go for a date make sure you inform about that to your family and friends. Try to share your location and returning time with them. And if possible then
please try to avoid giving real phone number of yours, try to give a temporary number that will make you safe from unknown blackmail phone calls.

Tinder is a dating app. But now it becomes more like a hook-up app. Majority audience come here to find hook-up relations. Though there are many stories of unsuccessful love life among Tinder users but there are also some successful stories, where two people take their relation to another level. Marriage via Tinder is less but it also happens.

Try to find a genuine love in Tinder.

Download the app and give it a try may be your soul mate is waiting for you in Tinder.
It’s an all over good app. It is actually very easy to use comparatively other dating apps. Nearly 50 to 55 million people throughout the world use it. I am sure it will create a good memory for you. Try to explore dating with Tinder.
Good luck with you dating life. Hope it will be beautiful and romantic like Bollywood movies.
If you try it carefully you will not experience any issue regarding this.
Best of luck on your dating.

Written by Riya Talukder

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