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How to Become A Affiliate Marketer

The marketing part of a business is the most vital part. For any kind of work. Without the marketing strategy a business can never be successful. So, marketing is important. Many people don’t know about Affiliate marketing.

Let me tell you with a story.

In Mumbai I stayed in Bandra, I have a neighbor whose name is Sima Parekh. In lockdown her husband died in heart attack. She has a son who reads in class 11. The death of her husband made her very hopeless and suppportless. They already spent a hefty amount on his medication. But He died and also they lost all the money. After his death Simaji and her son both are in trouble. After sometime she discovered that in lifetime her husband Mr. Parekh took loans from some loan shark and did not pay it. After his death they come to claim their money. 

Then they fall in to new trouble. One day I went to their house she said me crying that her situation is not well enough. And she decided to do a cloth business. I really appreciated her decision but told her that this clothing industry has a lot of competition. She then told me that the earning from this business is low in initial stages. So I told her son to do some part time work along with studies. He then asked me how he could do that. I told him to do home tutoring but he wasn’t ready. So, finally I told him to try affiliate marketing. He was surprised by the name. May be he never heard of that. He was very much interested and told me to explain it to him. I told him that it is a great option for both mother and son. They both were very happy by my advice. And requested me to summarize what is affiliate marketing.

So, I have to start the topic. They were eager to listen.

SO, Affiliate marketing a comparatively new term. But do not think that it is a new term or a new kind of job rather it existed from so many years. Affiliate marketing is the name of basic marketing on internet.

Before the whole internet age there was a time when some people waited in front of the store and try to attract your attention to the commodities of the store. For example: If you go to the market place of Sarojini Nagar you may realize that there are many young boys are outside of every shop.. Their only work is to lure customer. If they lure a customer a certain amount of commission will be handed over to them. Similarly they will get commission over every person they attracted to the shop. The guy automatically gets commission from the customer but the customer does not know that. The same thing is in Affiliated Marketing.

The above mentioned process was very popular when internet wan not there but now public become very clever and now they can understand the commission game behind this practice so, they prefer to do shopping by their own or they can buy from internet. So, the whole affiliate marketing becomes so internet based now. One can earn a good salary from here. It is comparatively a new job field. Without any knowledge you cannot start the journey. You may have seen that every tiny to big companies have a small budget for product advertisement. Because they also know the importance of marketing. Everyone should be careful about advertisements. An advertisement be profitable and sometime can be devastated. There are many examples out there where an advertisement saves the whole company and also we see some advertisements which are really a loss of money. So, you have to know how you can use your advertisement lately.

So, a little information is given above about Affiliate Marketing. Now let’s discuss about:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a method in which a company gives money to the third party publishers or influencers to arrange traffic to the company’s product and services. In this whole process the company who cerate’s the advertisement pays money to the influence or publisher.

Now, we know about the affiliate marketing. By the definition you may think that it is very confusing and boring but trust me it is a very interesting process. If you love to do marketing this field is for you. You might never know but this is one of the cheapest ways to earn money. In Google after You Tube and Blogging, Affiliate Marketing is the best option to earn money. You can earn a handsome salary from this type of work. All will be a successful venture if you ready to do hard work.

Affiliate marketing is not new, it is very old concept but the difference is now everything happens through Google. There is no involvement of human third party. All will be executed through system. If you Afraid that you earnings will never come to you let me tell you that it will definitely be yours. Google or Amazon never cheats with the workers. This E-commerce platform actually supports affiliate marketing. Because affiliate marketing is the only way for them to survive in this brutal competitive world. Nobody will give you a platform free, you have to create it, and affiliate marketers create the platform for every E-commerce platform or product.

If you know the market well and want to try out your marketing skills, affiliate marketing will be a great option for you to do. If you are passionate about affiliate marketing this will be a piece of cake for you. In this platform continuous upgrading is important without that you will not be succeeded. You should open yourself to learn new things. Sometime your advertising ideas can go wrong and it’s absolutely fine! You just have to stay confident and do your work properly. In future affiliate marketing will be a big name and many people will join it.

Now, let’s move to the second segment of our article.

  • How to be a Affiliate Marketer:

An affiliate marketer is a charming option for your career but it takes some steps to unlock it.
No special education qualification is not needed you just want to be very determined about doing this. If you are a 10th pass out or 12th pass out student you can opt. for this. The most interesting thing is that it is free.

If you want to be an affiliate marketer you have to follow these steps:

1. Select a Niche:

if you are a beginner in the world of affiliate marketing, there are many chances that you will not be able to survive in this industry. You have to plan all your steps carefully. You have to select a proper niche. Without that your affiliate marketing career can be in danger. You should select from available topic such as:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Sports
  3. Beauty Products
  4. Traveling
  5. Bit Coin
  6. Crypto Currency
  7. Fitness
  8. Nutrition
  9. Vegan
  10. Yoga
  11. Weight Loss
  12. Outdoors
  13. Golfing
  14. Luxury
  15. Airlines
  16. Fashion
  17. Jewelry
  18. Baby Food
  19. Skin Care
  20. Credit Cards
  21. Personal Finance
  22. Dogs
  23. Plants
  24. Photographs
  25. Investing
  26. Web Hosting
  27. VPN
  28. Gaming
  29. Money Investing Apps
  30. Software
  31. Electronic Gadgets
  32. Herbal Remedies
  33. Medicines
  34. Personal Development etc.

I suggest you a lot of niche. You can choose from here or you can choose by yourself. But remember try to stick on one type of niche. Because one type of niche can give you more money than anything. Avoid changing niche very often. It will confuse the public and they will stop trust you anymore. If you choose various niche at a time you will face a huge loss after some time but if you try to stick on one type of niche that will surely give you more money than ever.

2. Choose an Affiliate Program:

After choosing a niche, your second step would be choosing an Affiliate Program. This Affiliate Program can help you with you Affiliate Marketing program. There are two ways to choose Affiliate Program. You may have seen the YouTube who do a lot of promotion of many things. They also provide the links in description. You can go to their description and choose your affiliation program or you can choose a brand who offers Affiliation and sign in to their Affiliation Program.

The second way is to search Google and choose your preferable Affiliation Program.
There are many such places which offer free Affiliation. They are: Amazon, Click bank, Awin, Rakuten advertising etc.

3. Choose a Traffic Source:

Many affiliate marketers in their beginning made a very common mistake. Before making a high reachable account they invested all their focus to marketing. In the age of internet you should create a high reachable account. You should do that before investing your time in affiliate marketing. A high reachable account can help you in many ways. It is the perfect place to do marketing. A high reachable social account or blogging account is a blessing in the case of affiliation market. If you have great followers in your account you can market your product on your account. If you have a high engaging account many companies will target your account to sell or market their product. In return you will get free services from the company or free rewards or money. Many you tubers and Tiktokers do this on their account.

Influencers are also invested themselves in this marketing. You often see that many celebrities and social media influencers promote various products through their accounts; it is called affiliate marketing and those who do that are called affiliate marketer. But be careful because in these social media you also have to face a lot of competition. If you are not competitive and creative enough other will take your shine and go away. A good affiliate marketer has to be very careful about this otherwise the success rate will become down. The way of promoting a product is also very much important. It is the way of showing that lure the audiences.

4. Create Content:

If you are a social media influencer or a blogger or you tuber and interested in affiliate marketing you should be careful about making original content regarded the advertisement. You can directly promote the product from your social media account. You can also create a new content regarding the product and sell it. If you are a blogger you can write about your experience after using the product. Many celebrities shoot a complete new ad to promote the products. Don’t think that they do it for free; they charge a lot of money. Celebrities can charge a lot of money but if you are a small creator then you have to be considered about this. You can do a QNA session with your followers about the product. You can also share a routine with them .Tips and tricks will also be preferable.

4. Set A Bunch of Audience Who Follow You:

If you want to become a famous and worthy Affiliate Marketer you have to set a bunch of audience or followers who will trust you believe you and follow you. Remember these followers are your everything. Without them you can’t be successful in Affiliated Marketing. Make yourself relatable to your audience, if you are not that much relatable your audience will never follow you or trust you. Make a relatable content regarding the product that will help you to get the reach in your account.

5. Responds to the Queries:

Your duty is not ended after creating a relatable content. You should have to be open for them all day long. You have to answer their queries and comments. See, in affiliate marketing the the direct relation of marketer and customer is needed without that a successful business never happen. So you have to be considerate to your audience.

The above mentioned ways are the popular way to be an affiliate marketer. But don’t worry if you don’t have a huge fan following. In case you don’t have much follower to market the product you can be the link distributor. There are many affiliate marketers who share links of regarding product to his or her social media and if anyone clicks on them they get money. Imagine in these brutal days a click can give you money or commission! A click from anyone can give you a lot of money. Various products have various commission rates. You will get a good pay no matter what. The more people click on your given link the more you earn money.

The above mentioned ways are the popular way to be an affiliate marketer. But don’t worry if you don’t have a huge fan following. In case you don’t have much follower to market the product you can be the link distributor. There are many affiliate marketers who share links of regarding product to his or her social media and if anyone clicks on them they get money. Imagine in these brutal days a click can give you money or commission! A click from anyone can give you a lot of money. Various products have various commission rates. You will get a good pay no matter what. The more people click on your given link the more you earn money.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of being an Affiliate Marketer:

  • Advantages of Being An Affiliate Marketer:

There are many advantages on being an Affiliate Marketer,

1. Flexibility:

An affiliate marketer does not have to maintain any boundaries of time. He or she can do affiliate marketing anytime anywhere. No special care is needed. There are no time hours like in the office jobs. You can do it anytime you want.

2. No Investment:

You don’t have to invest a penny. At starting it is free. Just open a social media account and connect to the people and do marketing as much as you can. You don’t actually need a lot of resources here. It’s really a great job opportunity for many people who can’t invest money.

3. “Work from home” is Available:

In this world of affiliate marketing the facility of “work from home” is available. You can do it through home. No need to come to office. Students also can be a part of these jobs because it will be helpful for them because work from home is given. It will maximum take 2 to 5 hours to create content and post it.

  • Disadvantages of Being An Affiliate Marketer:

Though this filed is good and safe but there are some disadvantages in this field. The problem in affiliate marketing is it can be a subject of fraud. Many influences or affiliate marketers become the sufferer of market fraud.

Please be careful in the fraud case. If you become the victim of the fraud case you can lose your fame and reputation also. Google can ban your account.

So, maybe it is cleared the advantages and disadvantages of being an affiliate marketer. There are many advantages and also disadvantages. You have to be careful in the case of fraud and forgery. It may lead your account to its own destruction.

Now, come to the last segment of the whole discussion: many of you may wonder how the Affiliate Marketers earn money?

It’s quite easy to earn money by Affiliate Marketing.

There are some stages in the money making process. All are not paid equally here there is a division. So the money making Process have three stages.

  • Pay Per Click:

If you are an affiliate marketer and you want to earn money without much work, you can go for this profession. You just simply have to share a link of the regarded product on your social media. If anyone clicks on it you can get a certain amount. Remember percentage of money varies from product to product.

  • Pay Per Lead:

If you recommend someone some platform and he or she goes there for something from that link you will get a commission on it. The percentage of money varies from product to product. Here you just have to provide the lead.

  • Pay Per Conversion:

If you recommend someone some link and the person buys something from that link then you will get a huge amount from it. In pay per conversion you will get highest amount of money. Percentage of money varies from product to product.

Now, come to the salary aspect of this job:

  • Average Salary:

2.5 to 3 lakh per year (approx)

  • Career Aspect:

It is comparatively new and technology based career. There are ample opportunities on this. In India the affiliate market will grow broader in future. In abroad the demand of affiliate marketer is huge. If you want to master on this filed you can go for free online courses on YouTube and Google.

I think it will be helpful for all of you who are interested in affiliated marketing and want to shine in this field. Remember hard work and determination is the key to success here there is no shortcut.
So, good luck with your career.

Written by Riya Talukder

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