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Many people in today’s life are ready to explore the world. They want to do uncommon things and try to live their life fully. Many students also dream about the same. But living a carefree adventurous life need a lot of money. If you don’t have money then you can expect to have a beautiful and luxurious life all along. For earning extra money you have to earn a hefty amount and you have to save it for later. If you want to income a handsome salary you need to go some extra mile.

If you are a 12th pass out student and want to income a handsome monthly income you can opt. for digital marketer. It’s very easy to do. You just need to complete a certificate course and you are ready to go. Alert! If you are interested in internet and marketing only, then you can opt. for this because if you are not passionate about it you never will be able to survive in this industry because it’s a really unpredictable industry.

I remember once I met a boy, a fresh 12 th pass out student, Prashant, who is very much into internet and stuff like that, he came to me for advice , I gave him the option of becoming the digital marketer. But he was hesitant and said he also want to pursue graduation. Then I told him that you can do a certificate or diploma course on digital marketing and you can do it along with your studies.

Knowing that he was very happy. Later after 5 years later I met him yesterday on a busy road of Bangalore. I was surprised to see him. His reaction was also same. First I asked him how he was here. Then he described the whole story. After taking the advice of becoming a digital marketer, he pursued the course along with studies. After completing his college he got a job as a digital marketer and came to Bangalore. Many juniors of mine asked me how they can become a digital marketer. But it is impossible for me to explain it to one by one. Rather I thought of a new way. I am writing this content where I will discuss about digital marketers. Who are they? What do they do? How much salary they earn per annum? And many other things.

So, now take a quick survey over what is Digital Marketing?

  • What is Digital Marketing?

In the time of internet everything is available on internet and you can also get a lot of options for everything. You may have seen that many social media influencers, beauty vlogers make lots of videos about many products.

A Digital marketer is a person who handles the whole marketing plan of any product or of accompany. He or She manages the whole scenario on how the product or company should be represented in front of public eyes. They are the strategists and move maker. They are essential for any kind of company.

  • What Job A Digital Marketer Do?

Not only products, some celebrities and famous people also have digital marketer. But they are known with a little different name which is “social media manager.” They actually help the celebrity or the politician to look good in front of public eye. They also design everything for them like the right time to appear or the right way to talk and behave. In the time of controversies every celebrities and politicians take their advice and reacts according to it.

If you want to open an online shop or business you have to hire digital marketer. They will help you with the promotions and other things such as: logos and campaigns. They always try to make a product successful digitally. If you have a social media account you will see most of the time some celebrity or a business owner does live sessions or sharing their beauty routine or may be exercise routine. In the mobile or laptop or computer screen you may see the face of a particular person but in real life the particular person in controlled by a digital marketer. He or She may show you his or her routine but actually the whole routine stuff is planned by the digital marketer. They are on the behind the scenes. They also create digital contents to keep people updated. They create videos to spread awareness among people. Also some internet campaigns they do.

So, I hope I can make it clear what is the work of the Digital Marketer.

I would say it’s a very good opportunity to start a career in digital marketing. The internet grows everyday and if you want to stay updated and want to keep updated people then digital marketing is your job. It a great field to work. Mostly these types of job are always corporate jobs. This is a desk job, People will assume that it is a boring job, what I have said to you before that it will never be boring to you if you are truly passionate about it. This field needs a lot of creativity and knowledge. The whole system of digital marketing are stand on creativity and originality. Nobody supports piracy here. You should have to make your own content and post it on online platforms.

SO, I think I can make you realize how tough this job is but don’t worry you will be successful with the help of creativity and passion.

  • Job Duties of a Digital Marketer:

They have a huge responsibility but at the same time it is a fun job to do. Let’s see their responsibilities.

  1. They develop and oversee any marketing campaigns.
  2. They conduct research and do a lot of analyzing over it in order to make it acceptable to public.
  3. They do promotional activities.
  4. They present new ideas and strategies and execute it.
  5. They have to maintain certain websites.
  6. They also have to update information time to time on internet.
  7. Sometimes they have to organize online events and exhibitions.
  8. They have to guide or monitor the performances of various products.
  9. Managing Campaigns and new launches.
  10. They also have to look after the distribution chain of financial information.

I hope you all have a clear look over what the duties of a Digital Marketer has.

Now, come to the most important part:

  • How one can be a Digital Marketer:

There are many people in new generation who want to opt. for the post digital marketer. For those who just passed 10th and 12th , they can have a diploma course after on digital marketing.

They just have to go for a institute where digital marketing is being learned and have to enroll yourself for the course. This course takes 1 to 3 years of time. Make sure to be prepared mentally for this job or else if you can’t find it interesting you will be in trouble.

You can also go for a graduation degree in marketing or a post graduation degree may help. With this kind of degrees you can really get a great job within high salary range.

Now, we will discuss about the benefits of enrolling as a student of Digital Marketing:

  • Benefits:

There are many benefits of being a digital marketer. We all know about that right! But will you believe if I tell you that there is lot of advantages on enrolling yourself as a student of digital marketing. Let me discuss about it.

1. No Tension of Entrance Exam:

There are many courses in India which takes to prepare for entrance exam. There are many colleges with entrance exams and also many work place where you have to give entrance exam. But in the case of digital marketing you don’t have to worry about it because it doesn’t need any. Before I told you about Prashant who is now a digital marketer he told me that the most relaxing thing about digital marketing is that it doesn’t need any entrance level examination.

2. No Need to Have a High Qualification:

If you are a 10th pass or 12th pass student you can easily enroll for this course. Many institutes ask for 50 to 60% number but majority do not make any fuss about it. Once you are passed you are eligible for admission.

3. Affordable Course Fees:

Another benefit of it that it does not need a huge bulk of money to enroll. 20,000 to 40,000 are the course fees of digital marketing. Unlike other professional courses where you have to pay tones of money only enroll. The institute offers jobs after completing that. So, you can be worry free about your placement.

4. Online-offline Classes Available:

Digital marketing is a course which is very affordable as well as commute free course. Many institute offer online classes with same or less fees. You can enroll in online courses also. Offline classes are also available. If you are a nub in digital marketing you can opt. for offline classes that will give you a better insight about it. If you already know much about digital marketing you can opt. for online courses. So, what we learn from it that
you can opt. for any mode according to your knowledge.

4. Guaranteed Placement:

There are many institutes where they offer you to have placement after your learning period. See, it’s the age of internet and companies are ready to hire a digital marketer. So, you can be sure that you will be placed in a good company.

So, we see the benefits of enrolling in good institute. Remember you have to choose a great academy to avail all this facilities. You should remember that your last goal should be the placement otherwise your money can be wasted.

Here I also remembered Prashant who said me that if he did not get the assurance of the institute faculty he would never be in this job. In fact the job that he does in Bangalore is because of his institute faculty. He got selected in interview during his placement. So I hope you all understand what I am trying to say.

Now let’s move to some other point:
Let’s talk about the job roles of a Digital marketer.

Many of you must think that digital marketer is a small role but you have to remember that it is a vast area. There are many job roles here. It’s interesting for many people because people think that it is only a small area to work but inside it there is a different world of responsibility there. You can’t ignore the responsibilities and also can’t avoid it.

  • Different Job Roles:

1. SEO manager
2. Web Designer
3. Social Media manager
4. Web Developer
5. PPC Manager

All the posts are different and also the salaries are different. The responsibilities are also different. Some have a huge responsibility some may not have that. Some have to come to office every day and some cannot have the “work from office” facility. So, these are the difference between these different posts. And also the salary would be different according to post

  • Salaries of Digital Marketer in different Posts:
Job Posts Salaries
SEO manager 3 lakh to 7 lakh
SEM/PPC expert 3 lakh to 5 lakh
Social media manager 3.5 lakh to 7 lakh
Web developer 3 lakh to 7 lakh
Content writer 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh

So, I think I make it clear to you how you should enroll for Digital Marketing and how you should select job according to your experience and salary choices.
Now let’s move to the next segment Pros and cons of Digital Marketer.

  • Pros of Digital Marketer:

There are some pros of this job. Let’s see this.

  1. Digital marketer can make decent money.
  2. Career as a digital marketer can be interesting.
  3. You can meet different people all over the world.
  4. You will meet with interesting people all over the world.
  5. Working as a digital marketer can never be boring.
  6. Digital marketing is a broad field.
  7. Digital marketers can work for different companies.
  8. “Work from home” option is also available.
  9. Excellent future job prospect is available.
  10. You can learn many new skills here
  11. You can also start your own business.
  12. It’s a profitable job.

So, these are the pros of the digital marketing jobs but with the pros there is also some cons of it which we will discuss.

  • Cons of Digital Marketer:

There are some cons about this job which will make you surprised.

  1. You have to constantly sit on your chair.
  2. Constant staring on computer or laptop.
  3. You will often not see the end result of your hard work.
  4. It can be stressful.
  5. Student loan debt is a problem.
  6. Choosing the bad niche can be problematic.
  7. You always have to learn and educate yourself.
  8. You always have the mentality to face new challenges.
  9. Digital marketing is a long game.
  10. Building a sustainable career in this field is difficult.
  11. There are many black sheep in the field.
  12. You may have less time to spend with your family.

So, I think I make it clear to you how you should opt. for digital marketer select job according to your experience and salary choices. Many of you now think that it is really a tough job but let me tell you it is a fun job as long as you want to do it.

No job is tough and easy. It all depends on your mindset and energy. The job of digital marketer can be boring and monotonous for other but if you have talent and love and passion for it you can definitely go for it. No one can stop you from going towards this. You can live a life of your own choice here. Nobody will not be able to question you. You will be the boss of your own. Some people opted for these jobs early in their career; they may suffer from different health issues due to the job type.

But never take so much pressure if you don’t know how to do or tackle a situation then be patient and hopeful and then you will see that the situation will gone right there. In the job of digital marketer you may have experienced this issues many times but never be low or hurtled because you will be able to come out from there. Sometimes you will face the problem between client and higher authority, you have to cool down. There are many clients out there who does not know the ABC of digital marketing but still give you good for nothing advises and continuously judge your work but you have to be patient and determined to your work without your determination you will never be successful in your life.

  • A junior Digital marketer earns $54000 per month
  •  A senior Digital marketer earns $77000 per month
  • A top level digital marketer earns $107000 per month.

Now we come to the last segment of our content.

  • How can you apply for the Digital Marketer Job:

See, Digital marketer is a corporate job so you have to apply if from the specific company’s website or you have to apply from different job offering platform such as Indeed,, LinkedIn. All you have to do is download these apps from play store, make a great portfolio over there and upload your resume then apply for different jobs according to your eligibility criteria and if your eligibility and the companies requirement matches then they will call you for an interview and if you cracked it the job will be yours.

  • Another Way is to do Freelancing:

You can be a freelancer in digital marketer field and make your portfolio online, if anyone likes it they will definitely call you and you will get projects through this.

So, I hope my analyzing over digital marketer be helpful to you and I hope you keep remember all the guidelines that I have told you here. Good luck! If you have sister or brother at home share this to them and make them knowledgeable over the topic of digital marketer. Remember digital marketer is future.

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