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10 Most Expensive and Incredible Luxurious Destinations Around the World

We all know that travelling is the part of education since childhood. Humans like to explore the nature, that’s why we tend to love travel. Travelling is a great experience to have. But in lockdown many people could not go out so, they missed those experiences. In pandemic people became bore and their life became monotonous. The covid-19 made many people idle. Without the presence of travelling in life they become very much frustrated.

Travelling is a good habit but if you are not much rich you will not afford the trip. There are many cheap places to go but today I will discuss about the expensive destination where you can travel. The suggestion list I first made when my uncle, came from New Zealand. Approximately 5 to 6 years ago on a Sunday morning suddenly my mother told me that my uncle will going to visit us. I was very excited, though I never ever seen him. This was the first time when I saw him. My uncle stayed abroad for more than 15 years. He finally came that day. I was then a middle school student. After some time my uncle came and he first came to me as he never saw me. It was also his first time. At first he became very emotional then he asked me if I was able to recognize him. I remembered I just nodded. He was very happy then. My whole family including my mother, father and my grandmother all were very happy on the home coming of my uncle. After some chit chat
uncle sit on a chair in a relaxing gesture.

After sometime he called me and I went over there. I told him that I want to listen to some stories as he traveled many countries. 

With a smile he asked me what experiences I want to hear. After some time of thinking I told him to tell about some places which are expensive and luxurious. So, my uncle told me that.

But I cannot share these information here because it will be so irrelevant. Time changes a lot and the old things are not counted now. But I also have the interest in travelling. So, after I got my job 2 years ago I decided that I will travel the world , maybe I got the travelling fever from my uncle. Here I will share my experiences with you.

See, There are many luxurious places in the world. You just have to choose the right one at the right time.

Travelling is a personal experience. It totally depends on you, how will you feel, how will you tackle the problems on a journey etc. Similarly how much money will you spend on your trip is also upto you. Many people choose cheap places to experience travelling, it’s a pocket friendly way. But many people especially celebrities and sports persons choose expensive places to travel.

So, today we are going to talk about the top 10 most expansive destination for travel destinations.

Let’s start by a list:

  1. Fiji
  2. Oslo, Norway
  3. Paris, France
  4. Musha Cay
  5. Dubai
  6. Seychelles
  7. Tuscany, Italy
  8. Bora Bora
  9. British Virgin Island
  10. New York City.

Let’s describe the places that we have in list.

1. Fiji:

The first one in our list is Fiji. The funniest thing is that Fiji is not a country; it’s a bunch of more than 300 islands.
It is situated in South pacific. It has many beautiful things to offer. Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the most populate places of Fiji. Fiji’s capital Suva is situated in Viti Levu. Suva has rich examples of British architecture.
It has many beaches consist of palm trees. It has coral reefs and also it has clear lagoons. The fertility rate of this place is 2.50 births per woman.
The people of Fiji like to play rugby.
The scuba drivers affectionately called Fiji the “soft coral capital of world.”
The largest Hindu temple Southern Hemisphere is located here. The Temple of “Sri Siva subramaniya swami. It is a symbol of cultural and religious harmony.
The most interesting thing about Fiji is that is offers Kava (also called Yaqona). It is basically an intoxication drink. When you first enter in Fiji, the locals will welcome you with the drink and you have to drink it. They all will sit in a circle to drink kava. The village chief will drink it at fast and then everyone will drink. There is a specific way to drink it. First you have to clap once then you slowly gulp it down and then you clap for three times. It’s a 3000 year old tradition. When you are about to enter the village make sure to carry gift (sevusevu) of kava root.
It’s really a warming way to welcome visitors.
Now let’s move on to the expenses of planning a trip in Fiji.
Expenses:   In Fiji Fijian dollar (FJD) is the currency. (Approximately 1USD=2.03FJd.)
The 2 weeks trip on Fiji costs around $200-$5000.
It is quite expensive. If you want to stay in a very attractive place or you want a sea facing room then it will cost much higher than you think. The flight tickets are also quite expensive.
I think you understand why Fiji is so, expensive.
Now let’s have some tips to save money.

  • If your only goal is to travel then I will recommend you to spend less on accommodation. Fiji has hostel system, and it is cheaper that big hotels. You can book a hostel room to cut down your extra budget.

2. Oslo, Norway:

Oslo is the capital of Norway. It is the heart of the Norway. It is a very beautiful place. It is famous for its greenery and museums. It also has a Viking ship museum. It is the area of 454 km 2.

  • The most popular places of Oslo:
  1. Viking Ship Museum.
  2. Akershus Fortress.
  3. Oslo opera House.
  4. The Vigeland Park. etc.

Oslo is the healthiest place of Norway. Oslo was the Green capital of Europe on 2019. This city was called Cristiana in earlier times. Oslo got Nobel peace prize.
Oslo contains the most greenery parts of Norway. Oslo is also called as the Tiger City.

  • Expenses: 

There are some reasons why Oslo is expensive.

Here in Oslo the standard of living is very much high.

In Oslo the citizens have to pay $3230 per month for survive.

People have to pay high taxation cost. Transportation cost is more than you think. Air tickets and hotels are expensive. Norway is a country of small population, so that people have to pay more money to survive.
So, I hope you understand why Oslo is very expensive to travel. Though it is a beautiful place and it will give you one of the best memories you ever had.

3. Paris, France:

Paris is dream land for everyone. It is the most famous travel destination of all time. Paris is not only famous for Eiffel Tower, it also famous for the romance. Well it is a rich place to visit. You have to spend a lot to make a trip to Paris once.

Paris is the capital of France. It is the main attraction. Every year thousands of travelers go to France only for Paris. Paris has one of the highest tourist vising ranges every year. Not only the Eiffel Tower but also the the culture and art lure people from all over the world.

  • The most popular places of Paris:
  1. Eiffel tower
  2. Louvre Museum
  3. Arc De Triomphe
  4. Norte-Dame cathedral.

Paris is the capital of France
It is the most beautiful and most visited place of France.
It has various famous monuments.
There are lots of bakeries here which produce delicious cakes.
Paris is known for its café culture. Here in Paris you will get cafes according to your budget. If you ever go to Paris, remember to taste their delicacies such as cakes and other bakery product.

  • Expenses:

Paris is one of the most expensive places of Europe.

The Air tickets are so expensive.
The accommodation is also very expensive. Transportation cost is just out of your league.
Dinning cost of Paris is also high.
The entry fees of many places are quite high.
Here is a little tip to cut down your expenses.
Try to get metros or bus instead of taxis.
Because taxis are very much costly here.

4. Musa Cay:

Like Fiji Musa cay is not a country but it is island. Musa cay is basically a privately owned island. It has the area of 700 acre.
Musa cay is covered by three smaller islands to maintain its privacy. Musa cay is situated in the Exuma chain of southern Bahamas. This island is owned by illusionist David Copperfield.

  • Expenses:

Musa cay is owned by the illusionist David Copperfield. It is a private island, so everything in the island is costly.
The island will offer you customize cuisine It offers you luxurious living. Here $1500 is the standard rate of per
person for one night.

Quite expensive huh!!!

5. Dubai:

Dubai is a very common name among Indians. It is a very common place for travelling. Dubai is quite popular as a preferable workplace for Indians.
Basically Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirates. Dubai is also known for its luxurious shopping culture. Dubai has a well known and expensive night life.

  • Places to visit in Dubai:
  1. Burj khalifa.
  2. Burj Al Arab.
  3. The Dubai mall.
  4. Ski Dubai.

Dubai has the world’s tallest building. Dubai mall is the world’s largest mall. The largest photo frame is situated in Dubai. Dubai has the Dubai Dino. A fossil of Dianosorous. Dubai government will give you gold on losing weight. 2 grams of gold for losing 2 kg. Dubai has world’s largest suspended aquarium. Dubai offers you the facility of Indoor Skiing.

  • Expenses:

Dubai is a very expensive place to visit. Dubai is infact the land of wealthy people. In Dubai you will get to experience a luxurious living. The malls are expensive and also the sky scrapers.

Approximately $1000 is the estimated cost of having a trip in Dubai.

6. Seychelles:

Seychelles is the sum of 115 islands in Indian Ocean off East Africa. Its capital is Victoria. It has the area of 455km 2 .
Seychelles is known for its natural resources and natural views.
It has a rich and fertile nature.
It has various beautiful beaches.
It is the home of many coral reefs and natural resources.
Breadfruit is very famous here. You can eat it by frying or boiling.
Victoria is the world’s smallest capital city. You can travel it within one day by foot.
Seychelles was once a hideout of a pirate. Many people believe that the pirate hid a huge treasure which is still not found.
It is the home of many endemic birds.
Bare-legged scops owl lives here. One of the rarest species of bird.

  • Expenses:

Seychelles is one of the most expensive places in world. You have to spend approximately $2224-$2250 per day.

7. Tuscany, Italy:

Tuscany is the most famous place of Italy. It has a rich and beautiful landscape. It is a very expensive place to visit, but I am sure you will never regret after visiting. It is the place of arts and education. Florence is the capital of this place.
It has an area of 22985 km 2 .

  • Places to visit in Tuscany:
  1. Uffizi Gallery
  2. Leaning tower of Pisa.
  3. Ponte Vecchio.
  4. Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore.

These are some places to visit in Tuscany.

Do you remember the Disney movie Pinocchio?
Pinocchio was originated here in Tuscany.
Tuscany is the home of many valuable art pieces.
Traditional Tuscany bread does not have salt in it.
Tuscany is known as the nation with a nation.

  • Expenses:

Tuscany is a very expensive place to visit. It is the hotspot of Europe. It is very famous place. The leaning tower of Pisa is the main attraction here.
The accommodation, food, and transportation are very expensive.

8. Bora Bora:

Bora Bora is a small island in South pacific. It is known for its scuba diving facilities. It has a rich natural view. There are many coral reefs here.
Bora Bora is a part of Leeward Group of Islands.
It’s between America and Australia.
It has an area of 29.3km 2 .
Its highest point is mount Otemanu at 727 meters.
It is famous for various luxurious and expensive resorts.
It’s one of the most scheduled islands on earth.
It is covered by beautiful coral reefs and lagoons.

  • Expenses:

Bora Bora is very expensive. It has many luxurious resorts. It will give you the luxurious feeing over life. The journey of reaching Bora Bora is very hard. There are only four flights a day. The flights will only take off from Tahiti.
The hotels are expensive. There are very few hostels. You have to spend $500 to $2500 (approximately).

9. British Virgin Island:

British Virgin Island is situated in Caribbean. It is a British oversees territory. There are many islands but four islands are main. Among the four Tortola is the biggest. The capital Road Town is situated in Tortola.

  • Places to visit in Bora Bora:

There are many places you can visit here,

  1. Virgin Gorda.
  2. Tortola.
  3. Jost van Dyke.
  4. Anegada. Etc.
  • Expenses:

British Virgin Islands are very much expensive. If you don’t have huge wealth then it is not a place for you. It takes a lot of money to live here. Everyday commodities are so expensive here.

10. New York:

New York is the heart and soul of USA. It is the most famous and rich city of the world. Hollywood movies always tell about New York. NYC is largely populated. It is the financial capital.

  • Places to visit in New York:
  1. Statue of Liberty.
  2. Central Park.
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  4. Broadway and the theater District.
  5. Empire State building.
  6. 9/11 Memorial and Museum.
  7. American Museum of Natural History.
  8. High Line.
  9. Time Square.
  10. Brooklyn Bridge.
  11. Fifth Avenue.
  12. Grand Central Terminal.
  13. Lincoln Center.
  14. One world Observatory.
  15. The Frick Collection.
  16. New York Public Library.
  17. Wall Street.
  18. Radio City Music Hall.
  19. St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
  20. Bryant Park. Etc.

NYC is known as big apple.
More Chinese people live in New York outside china.
More Jewish people live in New York outside Israel.
It is the home of 8 million people.
It is the most expensive city to live.

  • Expenses:

New York is situated in a very convenient situation. It is very much easy to commute anywhere from NYC. That’s why NYC is expensive.
The transportation is very high here.
The standard of living is very high. It is the power house of entertainment. There are many ways of entertainment.
There are high paying jobs available here.
The rents of buildings are high.
Shopping and daily commodities is very expensive here.
So, I think I make you understand why NYC is very expensive.

These above mentioned places are very much expensive. Everything is very much expensive there. You need a lot of money to go these places. Usually, common people don’t go these places to enjoy their vacations.
Celebrities or businessmen go there to relax. For example Bora Bora is very expensive. No one can afford that much to just enjoy vacation. It is absurd for common people to spend that much on just vacation.

If you ever go these above mentioned places make sure to cut down as much expenses as you can because it is quite normal that after coming from vacation you don’t have much money to survive. Cut down on the expenses like: Transportation cost, dining cost etc. So, I think I give you an idea of the most expensive and luxurious places of world where you can visit.

Remember travelling is based on passion and money. If you don’t have both never try to visit these places.
I will just give one suggestion right now: Choose a place according to your pocket. But never give up on exploring. Exploration and travelling is a good habit. Travelling teaches us to adjust and adopt different
situations. I hope this article will be helpful to you. Never stop exploring.

Written by Riya Talukder

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