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How to Make Yourself Happy

Making yourself happy seems like a difficult task, but it isn’t. You just have to implement some habits in your life and try to be happy all the time.

I know that always being happy is a myth, but at least you can try. Now and then, people suffer from depression, which is really sad. Time has changed, and also my perspective of life has changed lately.

People are now more aggressive and ambitious. They don’t like small things to define happiness. They only think that big things can give them happiness, like a massive bank balance, expensive cars, their own mansion, etc.

But they forget about the small things where they feel happy about the effort. There is a soothing effect to a little happiness. When you have that little happiness, you feel like the whole world is happy with your happiness. And that matters the most.

Anyone can be rich, but anyone can’t be rich without happiness. On Facebook and Instagram, you will see that people post a particular quote, which as: “Money can’t buy happiness”. Many people take it as a joke, but it is true.

Happiness is a different type of achievement, and being rich is a different type of achievement. Money comes with a lot of depression and anxiety. And they are real. The more you earn money, the more you feel depressed.

Because when you start to earn a lot of money, you will be worried about the money. It will arise many questions in your mind, such as, “Where do I put the money?” or “Why don’t I earn a lot of money to buy a Ferrari?” “Why don’t I enjoy my life?” etc. These questions can make you depressed and anxious.

Suddenly, one day, you start to hate your life. And then you will be pushed into a life of constant regret. Nobody can lift you other than you.

Depression is a very common term now. You can hear it everywhere. Many people have mistaken it for madness. But let me tell you, both are quite the opposite. Depression is entirely a different thing. Although they have connections.

Massive depression can lead to mental disorders and madness. So, madness can be a consequence of depression. But both are different. Let’s clear up the idea of depression.

  • What is depression?

Depression is basically an abnormality of mood. A depressed person can experience mood swings all day. He or she can feel happiness and sadness frequently without knowing the reason.

Basically, depression is a state where you find everything so irritable.

There are many reasons for depression:

  • Reasons for Depression:

Depression is a monster that eats the young generation. It is the most common among the young stars.

Every year, approximately 2,000 Indians commit suicide. In 2022, the prevalence rate of depression in India will be 4.50%. There were 56675969 cases reported.

This number looks like a phone number, right? India is in the 136th position in the world happiness index. I think you guys can understand why Indians have been so depressed lately.

  • Pressure of work
  • Not giving the minimum wages.
  • There is always competition in every aspect of life.
  • Childhood trauma.
  • A particular incident.
  • Always face rejection.
  • Unable to express.
  • Keeping up with the expectations of society

These can be the reasons behind depression. There are many other reasons as well, but I can’t think of them now.

A depressed person can feel sadness, anxiety, and depression at the same time. Many people try to commit suicide during the depression.

Let me tell you a story about it.

I have a friend whose name is Rita. We were in the same school. When we were in 12th grade, she got a boyfriend named Parash.

She used to be busy with him always and did not spend much time studying. At the board exam, Parash got 96%, while Rita failed in two subjects. After that, Parash broke up with her. Rita used to be a talented student.

She was comparatively better in her studies than Parash. But failing in school made her depressed. She could not believe it in that situation. She was upset and surprised. Suddenly, she felt immense pressure from her school, family, and friends.

She realized that people insulted her, and she became a piece of shame. Junior’s parents gave her an example to their children and advised them to study hard and not to end up like Rita.

She became a burden to her family as well. Her parents became isolated in society. All their neighbors and relatives started to insult her family. She had nowhere to go. At first, she did not even show up to see me with her problem.

After boards, I was also busy with my future studies. After enduring all the insults, she became depressed. She was severely ill when one day our mutual friend told me about her condition.

I used to live outstation after station. Knowing that I was desperate to meet with her. One day I went to her house, and she looked as if she was in deep shock.

Her mother told me that she was severely ill from the inside. I was there for approximately four to five hours. I tried to convince her to start from zero.

I also suggested she be happy and not overthink things. I also gave her mother the phone number of a famous psychologist who could help her with verbal communication.

Then I got busy with my career, but I still stayed in touch with them. It was one year ago when I saw her in Mumbai. We were both surprised to see each other.

We decided to go to a nearby coffee shop to grab some coffee and have a chit-chat. She told me that the psychologist whose number I gave her really did a miracle; he just vanished all her anxiety and made her as cheerful as she earlier was. A

fter her successful treatment, she passed the board the next year with 97% marks. She then went to DU and did a master’s in journalism and mass communication.

Now she is working as a senior journalist in Mumbai. I was so amazed. I asked her how everything had changed.

She smiled softly and told me that her doctor had given her some tips to make her happy. She shared the tips with me. Now I will share the tips with you.

  • Tips for Making Yourself Happy:

Happiness is very valuable. It is a precious thing. Humans do all things to gain happiness. According to Martin Seligman, 60% of happiness depends on our environment and genetics, and 40% depends on us.

It is very normal that we will not be happy all the time. If we become happy all the time, then we will forget what happiness is. Life is all about agony and sadness.

Happiness just comes in less time and gives us the source of living life. It isn’t a constant thing. If it becomes constant, then we will fail to analyze how beautiful happiness is!

According to a study in PLOS One, the most frequent human emotion is joy, followed by love and anxiety. People experience positive emotions 2.5 times more often than negative emotions. Never compromise your happiness.

So, let’s help you out with your happiness journey today:

  • Accept the Positive Life:

A positive life is needed when you want to be happy. Without a positive life, you will suffer from negativity.

All you get are negative vibes around you. Start to see positivity around you and start to implement it in your life. Don’t complain about everything. Start to embrace things as they are. Don’t judge people and things.

All have their own purpose in life; criticizing them may give you a certain level of satisfaction, but don’t mistake it for joy.

Negative thinking can give you a negative perspective on life. At the end of the day, life is a game of balancing positive and negative Choose the right balance.

  • Avoid a Fake Smile:

You will notice in everyday life that many people give you fake smiles all the time. They pretend to be happy. Don’t be like them.

Studies show that a fake smile can make your mental health worse than anything else. When you pass a fake smile, you are not happy from inside; you are just giving yourself constant pressure to remain happy.

That will not uplift your mental state but rather make you more miserable. So, don’t fake a smile; if you are not feeling like socializing, then spend time with yourself and fix your own mood. Happiness will come quickly to you.

  • Prioritize your passions:

Start to prioritize your passions over anything else. If you like to read books, then read them. If you like to watch TV, watch it without a second thought.

If you want to dance or sing, just do it. Don’t think about what people think about you; just think about yourself. Try to save two to three hours from your daily routine for yourself.

Basically, it will be my time with myself. In this time period, you can do whatever you like. Just give yourself a break from your responsibilities and enjoy your company.

Free your mind from any kind of negative thought. And boom! You will see visible results after some time. It will also help you keep your sanity.

  • Avoid fake people:

If you want to be happy, then please avoid the company of fake people. Try to spend time with a group of people who will genuinely care for and love you.

The circle is not necessarily big, but it must be real. Real humans are rare. You will get hundreds and thousands of fake friends, but one real friend is really, really rare.

  • Avoid fake people:

Try to spend time with your real friend. He or she will give you quality time that will keep your mind fresh and lively.

Toxic people are jealous of you. You will notice that when you are happy, there are some people who cannot tolerate your happiness; those are fake people. A group of people whose only concern is to make your life miserable.

They will never try to rectify your wrongdoing; instead, they will support you in your wrong decisions. Keep your distance from them. They are harmful to your health.

You can also spend time with your parents; they will give you the right advice at the right time.

Also, they will protect you from all the negativity. They are the most genuine people around you. Children should spend a certain amount of time with their parents.

It will help them grow and avoid mental illness. Try to spend as much time with them as you can. You can also spend time with your closest friend, whom you think will give you the right advice at the right time. Find happiness in happy people.

  • Practice giving back:

If you want to be happy, then practice giving back. You may have heard many famous as well as spiritual people advise us to give help, money, and love to people.

They support the act of giving back. You will realize that when you give someone something back, you will feel better. Peace of mind will be achieved. Studies show that voluntary work can give you happiness. So, start to give people love and help. It will definitely give you happiness.

  • Hold on to Simplicity:

It is a proven fact that simplicity stimulates happiness. Regardless of the simple way of living or the simplicity of mind, After entering the social media era, you will notice that depression, anxiety, and mental illness have increased.

Do you never wonder why it happens? I think I have an answer to that question. According to me, people forget to live simply.

Nowadays, they are running behind fame, money, luxury followers, and whatnot, but they forget to find happiness in the small and simple things, which make us miserable.

If you don’t like showing off, then be simple all the time. Simplicity can give you the most needed happiness. It will lead you to a happy life. Nobody can make you happy unless it’s you.

So, accept the simplicity. And get a happy life. There are many religious gurus who put emphasis on simplicity. Earlier, when we didn’t have much money or social media, life used to be full of happiness.

Though we have our own struggles, we have our own determination and have cracked the formula for happiness in our lives. Simplicity is an essential thing. A person deprived of simplicity can be a headache for all of mankind.

  • Love Yourself:

The main thing to be happy is to love yourself. If you want to be loved by others, start by loving yourself. Admire yourself, your features, your habits, and everything related to you.

Don’t let others talk trash about you. Don’t let others steal your shine. Loving yourself does not mean that you are arrogant or have vanity.

Loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are and also showing your true self. Also, you encourage others to accept you as you are. When you love yourself, you will be able to love everything in the universe.

Be yourself and don’t pay attention to other’s comments. There are many people who will be jealous of you but don’t allow them to ruin your moment.

Loving yourself is not an option; it is a necessity. Nobody can make you feel low if you love yourself. Loving yourself is a power that makes you carefree and confident.

And if you are confident in every aspect of your life, then you are happy and cheerful. Every day, try to stand in front of a mirror and try to boost your moral support by telling yourself words that you have never heard from anyone. Boost your moral support. Prioritize yourself before others.

Say something to yourself that will give you the power to fight against all odds. This technique will help you be happy and sustain your happiness. Remember, nobody is responsible for your happiness except you.

  • Find Purpose in Your Life:

Try to find purpose in your life, because that will help you be happy. Try to be productive with your life. If you are busy, then you don’t have the time to think negatively, and this will lead you to happiness.

Find the purpose of your existence and do something that will help you as well as others. Try to plant trees, try to keep your locality clean, do some voluntary work, or make your hobby an income option.

These are the ways by which you can find purpose in your life, and then you will be busy and productive all day long, so you will not have time to think over the negativity of your life, and you will surely find happiness in your life.

If you are interested in entertaining people, then you can open a YouTube channel and entertain people and spread love among mankind. These little habits or implementations can change your negative life into a positive one and give you the purpose of life.

Remember, a purposeless or aimless ship is destined to crash, just like a purposeless life. No productivity means no happiness. Be creative; try to feed your brain creative things, and it will produce creative things that will satisfy your productivity and the purpose of your life, and you will become happy.

  • Value Real Conversation:

I have told you before that real conversation makes a man expressive. Try to have a real conversation with your friends and family. I know it is quite difficult to be open to everyone, but at least open up to those whom you love the most.

Ex: parents, siblings, close friends If you don’t talk about problems with people, how could they know about your mental state?

Save some time for real conversation when you will only talk about yourself and find answers to your problems.

A real conversation makes a person free and relieved. It will elevate your mood and give you ample amounts of happiness. Without discussion, there is no solution. So be vocal and expressive.

  • Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Change:

Start a life of discipline. Discipline might sound hard, but if you implement it in your life, you will find yourself a new person.

Do some workouts and eat healthy, which will help you stay energetic and fresh. When you feel energetic, you will automatically feel happy. Avoid junk food and soft drinks.

They will upset your stomach. Junk food can give you pleasure in the short run, but it is actually harmful in the long run. Try to maintain a balanced life.

So, I think my tips will be helpful to you. If you follow this and implement it in your life, you will automatically feel confident from the inside as well as the outside. No one can stop you from growing.

Try to prioritize yourself and your happiness before anyone else. Nobody is responsible for your joy; you are the one who is responsible for it.

At first, it will be difficult, but when you try, you will find that it makes you happy, and when you start to feel happiness, you will automatically follow that again.

In conclusion, I just want to say, “Be happy and do whatever you like to do. Feel every moment with joy because we only have one life, and in this life, happiness is important.

Written by Riya Talukder

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