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How to Make Yourself Beautiful and Attractive

Beauty and attractiveness are such nice qualities to have. Beauty is very subjective.

Beauty and attractiveness are interlinked, although they are not the same. Both have different qualities and utilities in life.

According to Indian beauty standards, girls should be more beautiful than boys. Girls are brutally objectified on the basis of looks in India.

Boys do not have the problem of maintaining beauty standards. They are relaxed and chilled out in that case.

But the irony is that they judge girls over their beauty. Imagine the pressure on a woman in India.

According to Indian beauty standards, a woman should have:

  • Bigger Eyes.
  • Beautiful and healthy hair
  • Long and thick black hair
  • Fuller Lips
  • Jaw Lines
  • Slim Body
  • Height: over 5’1 to 5’6
  • Thin Waist
  • Fair Skin
  • Sharp Nose.

Look! How big the list is. The irony is that Indians are considered to be brown-skinned people, but in India we appreciate fair complexions.

If you don’t have fair skin, the aunties will judge you. Just see the hypocrisy; we Indians are not ready to accept our skin colour that much.

We are just obsessed with white things, which shows that our mind is not fully decolonized.

I remember a past incident when I was only fifteen years old. Some family members came to see my elder sister.

My daughter has a dark complexion, but she is beautiful. His facial features are just dying for me; I would rather die to have her bigger eyes and beautiful face.

Comparatively, I am fairer, but I do not have that many beautiful facial features. Now, when they came to see my daughter, they were very upset because of her skin colour.

The family was bragging about her skin colour. The boy was fair, so the boy’s mother was arrogantly taking him to us.

She did not like my daughter; she even insulted my father for wasting her time. My father tried to convince her with his cooking skills and education, but she was arrogant and did not want to settle the marriage with her son.

Finally, she said that she would accept the marriage if my father gave him eight lakh rupees as dowry. I was very furious and came out of my room.

After seeing me, the lady asked my father if I was ready to marry her son. Me and my whole family were in shock! How could people be so heartless that they did not even consider age over complexion?

My father was trying to convince her, but she was stuck on her decision that if her son marries my didi, then my father has to give eight lakh cash as dowry, or if her son marries me, then they will do the marriage with just 2 lakh cash as dowry.

It was the moment when my mother was very angry, and she refused to give her son any of her daughters. She also politely asked the lady to get out.

After that incident, my family never forced any of us into marriage; rather, they always supported us in our self-employment.

After the incident, my father’s concept was changed, and he allowed my didi to work outside.

Now that ten years have passed, my daughter has worked for an MNC company as a senior marketing executive.

And I am a child specialist in Pune. After the above-mentioned incident, our father never pressured us to get married again.

My daughter got married two years ago to a man who accepts her as she is. Through the incident, I realised that outer beauty is not as useful as inner beauty. Indians are obsessed with fair skin.

Recently, one of my friends had to go through the torture of being judged. My friend Risha is a sweet girl. She is also a child specialist.

She has brown skin, but she loves herself and accepts herself as she is. She doesn’t support fairness. According to her fairness, cream is trash.

One day, a boy and his family come to see her. And again, the mother of the boy judges her for her skin colour.

But she is not afraid. She also politely insults her and commands them to get out.

There is a boy named Prashant in our hospital who really likes Risha. For him, Risha’s brown skin is the most beautiful thing in the world.

So, my main point is to tell you guys that beauty is a perspective that varies from man to man.

Some may find you attractive and beautiful, while others think that you are ugly. It all depends on the mentality of the person.

There is no shortcut to being beautiful or attractive. Rather, you have to invest some time and change some habits.

Inner beauty is something that you should work on. If you are not beautiful internally, then outer beauty will not cover your ugliness.

Don’t listen to those judgmental aunties who always told you to use makeup and fairness cream.

This type of comment can affect your mental health if you are insecure about yourself.

Remember, you cannot satisfy everyone; there will be many people who will still criticise you for your looks and jobs, but never take them seriously; they are not worth listening to.

They just want to discourage you. You are beautiful on your own. Just believe in yourself. Nobody is perfect.

Give preference to your inner beauty and attractiveness. Beauty and attractiveness are directly associated with personality.

Your personality is everything. In job interviews, personality is judged instead of beauty.

Now I am going to split a truth:

Marriage should never be based on beauty. It should be based on intelligence and compatibility.

If anyone judges you on the basis of your looks, then that’s a red flag. Just reject him. He is not right for you. Beauty is not the key to acceptance.

You have to understand that. Just be yourself and be happy.

Now I am going to share with you some tips to enhance your attractiveness.

  • How to be More Attractive and Beautiful

There are no so-called “rules” for it. It’s just my own observation. Remember, beauty and attractiveness are part of our lives.

  • Work on your personality.

Personality is a very attractive thing. It can be the gateway to being acceptable to all. Your personality says a lot about you.

First, you try to fix your personality. Be more and more jolly. Build a strong personality. When you work on your personality, you automatically see the difference in people’s 

They will start to think about you more. They want to be friends with you.

They will appreciate you for everything you did. People tend to come closer to you.

They will give importance to your values. They will always ask for your opinion, which you did. People tend to come closer to you.

They will give importance to your values. They will always ask for your opinion. So personality is the main thing.

You may have seen that celebrities and politicians all have different and strong personalities, which is why we tend to fall for them quickly. That’s why we like to copy them.

  • Be Happy:

If you want to be attractive, you have to be happy. Happiness is very important. It is the key to living a long life.

Happiness also stimulates beauty and inner attractiveness. Happiness is a blessing. And those who are happy all the time are blessings to society.

Your happiness gives people courage to know that you are ready to accept new people.

Once they feel your inner happiness, they will automatically gravitate towards you.

You will be more attractive to them. Remember, happiness is a gem; try to keep it safe. Never lose your happiness because of some random person.

  • Make Your Mind Stress Less:

Stress can kill your happiness. It is the poison in your life. Try to make your mind stress-free.

Stress is never good for you. It can cause many problems all over the body. If you are stressed, your face will be dull. Your energy will be negative.

People tend to avoid you if you make yourself more carefree. Excessive thinking can lead to stress.

Stress is the enemy of human life. Stress can also affect your personality.

Try to do your favourite thing when you are stressed; that will give you some happiness. And happiness is the key to a happy life and a happy face.

  • Work on your posture.

Good posture is needed to look beautiful and attractive. Many of us ignore posture, which is also needed to increase beauty.

In the nineteenth century, European culture taught women the perfect posture to sit. Posture can make you attractive.
Good posture can boost your confidence. In interviews, posture is also carefully observed. They allotted different marks for posture. See! How important it is.

Posture can be a game-changer. The perfect posture is to never lose your shoulder.

up your shoulders, then free them on the backside, and then make them loose. Your chin should be straight towards the ground.

And also, try to keep your head in one line. This is the perfect posture. When you talk, someone tries to keep that pose. Your posture can make you more attractive.

  • Eyes Movement:

When you are speaking to someone, try to see right into their eyes. Never look in a different direction.

In interviews, this eye movement is also noticed. Eye movement can make you more attractive and confident.

  • Control your movements.

When you are speaking to someone else, try to control your movement. Because it can distract the former person.

Please avoid scratching your head or scratching your back. It is very awkward and embarrassing.

Your movements can make the other person uncomfortable. This behaviour can put your attractiveness in danger.

Look! One bad move can ruin all your moves. Avoid scratching yourself in public.

Don’t touch or scratch your face frequently; it will give a bad impression to others.

When somebody is talking to you, please avoid rolling your eyes too much or showing an irritated face. Always try to keep a smile on your face; this will make you attractive.

  • Try to put on minimal makeup.

Some people say that your original skin is the best skin. Some people say that the no-makeup look is the best look.

I agree on both of those points, but there are many occasions where you have to do some makeup. There are many people who prefer loud music.

but in every situation, loud makeup is not necessary. Try to put on minimalist makeup. The minimal look will add extra charm to your face. And make you attractive and beautiful.

Some times you can put on heavy makeup, but all the time it is not essential. There are many people who prefer heavy makeup.

Excessive makeup can destroy your face. You should be more careful when you apply makeup. Excessive use of makeup can lead to skin diseases.

When you are at an office party or a social gathering, try to use minimalist makeup. Heavy makeup can make you look embarrassed and joker-like in front of others.

Many people do not understand which make-up looks better on them, so they wear heavy make-up all the time. Unmatchable makeup can ruin your beauty and attractiveness.

  • Choice of Dress:

Try to choose a dress that suits you. Never try to copy others. Just be yourself. That makes you authentic, attractive, and beautiful.

When you choose a dress, try to keep in mind the theme of the occasion. Avoid wearing short dresses to family gatherings.

Choose the dress colour according to your skin colour. Try to choose minimal accessories. Avoid wearing mangtika or heavy earrings with a short dress or a western dress.

  • Speak in any language with confidence.

Although speaking English does not make you attractive or more educated, in India, it is thought that those who speak English fluently are smarter and more educated.

I will suggest that you speak in any language that you want, but with the utmost confidence. Never be overconfident.

If everyone talks in Bengali and Hindi, don’t jump in with your English conversation skills; that will make you less attractive.

  • Good Manners:

Good manners are taught to us by our teachers; when we grow up, we forget them, but it is essential to look beautiful and confident.

Make sure to greet people when you first meet them. Try to say sorry, please, welcome, and thank you. Saying sorry cannot make you feel low.

Rather polite and formal behaviour is the key to attractiveness and beauty. Using sorry and thank you is considered kindness.

Show some kindness, and people will surely be attracted to you. Good manners are also helpful to make yourself beautiful from the heart. These words can make you lovable to others.

  • Be Healthy:

When I say be healthy,” don’t mistake it for body shaming. Healthy is different, and fatty is a different thing.

Both are not the same. Healthy means balancing your body weight according to your height. I don’t tell you to lose weight and become slim.

If you want to look attractive, then be healthy and follow a diet and workout routine. A proper routine can help you keep your body healthy.

A healthy body can lead to a healthy mind. If you are healthy in your mind, that means you are fresh and energetic.

This energy will make you more attractive, happy, and beautiful. A daily workout can make your body healthy from the inside.

It will keep your organs healthy. If you are healthy internally, then you can be confident, beautiful, and attractive at the same time.

I was fat when I was young. I lost some weight, and I got my confidence back. I used to be a shy kid, but after my weight loss, I became more confident, energetic, and attractive.

When I lost weight, I could wear my favourite clothes. Try to drink as much water as you can. Water can give you a glow on your face that will make you attractive and beautiful.

Make sure you drink 4 to 5 litres of water per day. It will clear your tummy. Your tummy is connected to your face. A glowing face can make you attractive and beautiful.

  • Try not to talk too much.

We girls have a bad reputation because we talk too much. We are very talkative.

Every talkative girl gets scolded in school or college for her talkative nature. We talk so much that people don’t take our opinions seriously.

Try to talk in a very slow manner. Try to talk less. Maintain your personality. Carry yourself well. Maintain yourself. Be very cautious.

  • Try to Control Your Tongue:

Try to control your tongue. Don’t use slang. Don’t give people unwanted opinions. When someone asks you something, try to respond in moderation.

Don’t be excited when you are asked something. Keep calm and give your answer.

Here are some of my observations on making oneself beautiful and attractive. You can follow these tips if you want.

But always remember that your behaviour with others makes you attractive and beautiful.

So, I think I’ve made you understand the whole scenario. And I also give you some of my tips and opinions. Be beautiful from the heart.

A beautiful soul is the most attractive thing. Be generous and keep yourself happy.

Written by Riya Talukder

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