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Best Passive Income Investments Ideas

Passive income is a popular concept nowadays. It is liked by many people. In this brutal world, if you want to survive, you must want a passive income.

It is like the storage of money that will come into your possession any day. There is a mistaken concept related to passive income: those who have a big salary from work cannot understand the worth of passive income, like the government.

employees, CEOs, managers, and founders of the company The common population thought that they didn’t need any passive income sources. But the irony is that CEOs, founders, managers, and the government

Employees who have a massively lucrative job are more interested in passive income ideas. They always believe in the process of increasing wealth.

Because they know that the world or universe is unpredictable. In order to keep your future generation safe, you must earn a lot to sustain yourself.

There are generally three types of income groups in India:

  1. higher-class income group.
  2. Middle-class income group.
  3. lower-class income group.
  • Higher-Class Income Group:

Among them, the higher-class income group is the most aware of passive income ideas. They know how to stay relevant in this new world.

  • Middle-Class Income Group:

The middle-class income group occupies 90% of India’s economy. They are very hard-working. They build their own wealth by doing hard work.

They support the economy the most. But the problem is that most of them do not know about passive incomes. They also generally don’t believe in shortcuts to earning money. They believe in hard work.

So, they are not interested in passive income ideas. But now the scenario has changed. Many middle-class families believe that passive income is very valuable for them.

It solves many financial problems. Middle-class families in India now shift their focus to passive income.

  • Lower Class Income Group:

Now come to the third part of the population, which is the lower-class income group.

They usually live in rural areas and don’t have that much money to invest. They usually are not so much educated. So, it is quite problematic, or rather difficult, to invest money or understand passive income sources.

The world has recently faced many hurdles, such as COVID-19, bush fires in the Amazon, and the Russia-Ukraine war. All these incidents have an impact on people and the world economy.

The most shocking aftereffect of war is the recession.
Now many of you can ask me what a recession is.
Let’s discuss that.

  • Recession:

A recession is generally a particular time period when the economy is temporarily declining. During this time, the prices of commodities rise. Trading and industrial production are reduced.

After the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, global trade was badly affected. Russia is the biggest supplier of natural gas, oil, and wheat in the world.

But during the war, many European countries issued a ban on Russia and Russian products. Russia is not anxious about the ban, but it actually affects other European countries the most.

That’s why the whole world is facing a recession right now. The situation will get worse in the coming days.

Though India is neutral in this war, it also faces the consequences. India will also face a recession. With the help of social media, many people are aware of this recession and are trying to prepare for it.

That’s why passive incomes have become so popular in India. Many people want to earn more to sustain their living standards.

Here are some ideas about passive income that will help you in the long run. I will distinguish two categories of passive income.

i. Digital ways to make passive income


ii. Non-digital ways to make passive income

i. Digital ways to make passive income:

Digital ways are those where you will use electric gadgets or means to generate passive income. You don’t have to commute for your income. You will earn it at home.

Now I will tell you about six jobs to earn money through passive income:

1. Blogger: 

Many of you have heard about bloggers. For those who don’t know what it is, I will repeat it for them. Bloggers are mainly those who write on their blogs on the internet and generate money from their writing.

Generally, bloggers write about the things that they or their close ones have experienced.

They can write about any subject. Such as cooking, local problems, geopolitical problems, technology, etc.

Bloggers need to have a great command of the language. They should have great research quality.

  • How to Become a Blogger:

Now, many of you are curious about how to become a blogger. Be relaxed; I have the solution for you. Being a blogger is not that difficult.

You don’t need any special education qualifications; you just need to have a great command of the language. You have to have a computer and a good internet connection.

You have to produce 100% original content. If you want to accelerate yourself, then you can join a course on blogging.

If you want to do blogging for free, then you can create an account on Blogger and start to write about a specific topic.

Remember, it will take time to give you fame through blogging. You have to do the hard work.

  • How to Earn Money Through Blogging:

There are ways to earn money from blogging. The most common or famous way to earn money through blogging is through ad revenue.

You may have noticed that when you open a site to gather some information, there are always some advertisements there.

They will automatically pop out in the middle of the blog. These ads are the source of their income.

If you click on the ad or buy something from it, the blogger will get paid. So, if you have to earn extra money and also like to write, then blogging is for you. It does not need any investment.

Only you have to invest your time. Once you are successful in this field, you will get money frequently without doing hard work every day. But remember, in the beginning, you have to struggle.

2. YouTubers:

Before the lockdown, people used to have less screen time on phones, but after the pandemic and during the pandemic, people increased their screen time.

Before Corona, YouTube was known as an entertainment platform, but after the lockdown, it became an earning platform.

YouTube is a great source of passive income. Here, you can earn a lot of money based on your videos, views, and likes. Many people make it their full-time career.

There are many famous YouTubers, like Ashish Chanchalani, Bhuban Bam, Dhruv Rathee, Mohak Mangal, etc. YouTube will give you a great passive income if you know how to use it properly.

The best part is that it doesn’t need any investment. All it needs is your time and creativity. You just have to create 100% plagiarism-free content. 2 to 3 videos in a month are enough to post.

  • How to become a YouTuber:

It’s very easy to be a YouTuber.
You just have to have a Gmail account.
Then you have to open an account on YouTube.
Think of a unique and suitable name for your YouTube channel.
Then choose a topic on which your videos will be based.
Shoot the videos.
And post it on your YouTube channel.
If you get the required views and likes, you will get paid by YouTube itself.

  • How to make money from YouTube:

YouTube gives you the opportunity to earn much more money than a corporate job after a certain time period. Also, YouTube will give you fame.

Now come to the point of how they make money. The answer is simple. If your channel is a highly growing one, then after some time you will automatically earn money from your videos.

If you uploaded a video 2 or 3 years ago and you still get views on it, then YouTube will surely pay you.

There is another way to earn from YouTube, and that is none other than ad revenue.

You may have seen that many YouTubers sponsored by some ad agencies get the offer to do paid promotion of certain goods.

Some YouTubers also recommend products on their channel and provide the link in the description. If you buy the product from their description, they will earn a commission from it.

Generally, the commission varies from product to product. Some have a high commission rate, and some have a low commission rate.

See! How easy is it to earn money from YouTube? You can do it as a part-time job.

But remember, you will get sponsorship and ads after you have a certain number of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

YouTube is a very fast-growing industry. But success will not come overnight; you have to struggle for it.

3. Affiliate Marketer:

Affiliate marketing is a great money-making option on the internet. There is a huge demand for affiliate marketers on the internet.

The affiliate marketer basically earns from the traffic that you create in your social media account for a product. Affiliate marketing has great potential for growth.

In fact, during lockdown, it was one of the fastest-growing industries on the internet. It will be our future earning source if we know how to use it in our favour.

If you have decent followers on your social media accounts, then you will get offers from different companies that will give you their products, and you have to promote them on your account.

If you are able to create a lot of traffic and people are interested in your product and buy it on your recommendation from your given link, then you will make a good amount of money on it.

See! How easy and relaxing the work is. It is a great source of passive income.

Many of you may have a question about how you can be an affiliate marketer!

  • How you can become an affiliate marketer:

Being an affiliate marketer is very easy. It is not that difficult. If you have passion for this field and want to earn extra money, then it is your field.

You don’t have to have a special education qualification; however, you can choose some certificate or diploma courses on affiliate marketing that will help you grow in this field.

You also need a computer or laptop and a good internet connection.

See! A stranger’s click can help you earn money. The The Internet is a magical place to earn a lot of money if you have potential and intelligence.

Written by Riya Talukder

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