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How to Delete Comment on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social networking services of this century. There are millions of users who use the service to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones. This is not used just as a messaging app but has a lot more features. Deleting a comment on Facebook is a very important task if you are willing to save your reputation from being spoiled by spam comments or comments that spread negativity.
It may be a business page or a personal profile. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove comments. These include comments made by you as well as comments made by others.
Here are the top reasons why comment deletion is required.

  • You called someone a dumb person, but after sometimes you realize that this was not appropriate. Therefore, now comments deletion is necessary. If the other party has not yet seen the message, you are safe from the harsh effects of your comment.
  • Another major reason that drives you to delete the comment is writing wrong English or mistakes. It may be that the comment you have posted is written in an inappropriate manner. Thus, you may be willing to delete it and post a new one. We all know that if your comment is not logical, no one would understand it. Facebook allows the users to edit the comment or completely delete it and repost.
  • You just posted a comment that spreads vulgarity or someone else posted such comment on your post. This needs to be erased at the earliest. As it may damage your reputation and spread a negative message about your personality. We often express your anger and hatred on our Facebook timeline or in the comments section of a post. This sometimes makes you regret and you may fish towards deleting the comment.
  • The comment was too long hence making it difficult for the users to understand. So, you decide to remove or edit it.
  • You wrote a comment in CAPS and so the readers might find it annoying. Now, it is necessary to remove it.
  • Sometimes spam filters hide your comment. This is the links and faulty email addresses. So you can delete the comment.

How to Delete

Method 1- Delete on the Facebook Mobile App
Step 1– If you are using the mobile app, then you must open the Facebook application on your smartphone and log in.
Step 2– Click on the menu icon and go to the ‘Activity Log’. Once you are into the activity log section you will find the specific comments.
Step 3– The activity log will only show the comments made by the user. Now you can delete the desired comments using the “V” icon found next to the comment or tap and hold the comment until a menu appears on the screen.
Facebook Delete Comment
Method 2- Delete on a Desktop/Laptop
Step 1- For deleting a comment on the web version of Facebook you must open the computer browser and log into your account.
Step 2– Once logged in you will find the post on which you wish to delete the comment. At the right of the comment, you will find the menu icon which looks like this “…”.
Delete Comment on Facebook

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