How to Delete Search History

How to Delete Search History

Do you know that the number of people who delete search histories has increased in the past? Google search histories have emerged to be one of the most secure things considered by users. This is largely due to the increased internet users and improved web service. It may be that you are using a public computer and this leaves you fishing for steps to delete search history.
Search history can be defined as the list of websites opened by the user. The data is stored by the web browser. A search history me contain your time and duration of a webpage visit. The search history can be useful if you are willing to take a record of what all you have been searching for the past few days. This can also be useful while searching for a useful webpage which does not seem to appear in the search results.
You are here for deleting your web browser history. There may be a wide range of reasons for deleting your web history. It has been studied that apart from the web browser software, there are some third party software that may track your internet activities.
Browser history is often related to privacy. These days’ users are too much concerned about their privacy. You may be thinking that your browser history may be disclosed to anyone else. So, all you a sudden you decide to delete it.
If you have decided to remove your browser history, I will show you how to delete. But before you begin reading the tutorial, it is recommended that you get to know some important factors related to browser history.

How to Delete

Are you concerned about deleting items or clearing up the history? Every web or mobile browser has its own user interface. Here are the steps using which you can get rid of the data in your browser.

Delete Browser History in Google Chrome

Step 1– The Google Chrome is one of the most loved browsers. If you wish to manage your Chrome history, then you must click on the options menu and select ‘History’.
Delete Browser History
Step 2– Once you are directed to the Chrome History Page you will find the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button, at the top left of the screen.
How to Delete Chrome History
Step 3– Click on it and confirm the deletion.

Delete History of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been the most used browser in the recent years. Here is a detailed walkthrough on manage history on a Mozilla browser.
Step 1– For deleting history you need to open the browser and click on the menu icon found at the top right corner. Now select ‘History’ from the window that appears on the screen, as pictured below.
Delete History on Mozilla Firefox
Step 2– Click the ‘Clear Recent History Button’ to proceed. Select a time range and tap the ‘Clear Now’ button.
Mozilla Firefox Delete History
You can also use the keyboard shortcut for deletion. Press together the Ctrl, Shift and Delete button to delete the history.

Delete History of Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer is a browser truly built for the Windows. If you are using this browser managing it is really fun. You can remove your browsing data easily. Just follow the instructions below and you are ready to go.
Step 1– Select the Favorites icon and navigate to the ‘internet options’ tab.
Step 2– Click on the ‘Delete Browsing Data on exit’ button and you are ready to see of your browsing history.
Internet Explorer Delete History
If you wish to keep a high check on your privacy, then deleting browser data is a good thing. Get in touch with us for more tutorials and guidelines.

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