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How to Delete an App on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is showered with a lot of apps, but they sometimes cause your device to be overloaded or hinder its performance. If you wish that your phone should have a well-optimized interface, then it is important to remove all the unwanted apps. Apple has made it easy for the users to manage the applications. The iOS ecosystem created is easy to operate and works well. The iPhone 7 is far better than its predecessor the iPhone 6.
But as an old saying, you must remember that with the great performance, there increases the responsibility to manage your device. If you are here then you might have been using the device for a considerable period of time. Till now you must be aware of its features and app usages. The apps which are less used or not used simply fill your phone memory.

Why is it necessary to delete an App

If you are using iPhone for a period of time then you might be aware of its features and app usage. A good user experience is what every user dreams to get. If you keep the apps that just occupy a space in your iPhone’s memory, then deleting the app would be a good choice.
Removing the unnecessary apps helps keep your device organized. If you choose to delete the apps just because some of them have stopped working or just because it is malfunctioning.
Here are some steps that can help you fix an app which has suddenly stopped responding, refuses to open or malfunctions. Before you permanently delete the app it is recommended that you try out these ways for bringing it back to life.
Force stop the App
This is one of the commonly used ways of fixing app errors. Kill the app from the task manager and reopen it. There are more chances that your app will start functioning well.
Restart your iPhone
If the above method does not work, consider restarting your iOS device. Once it starts, check whether the app is working.
Check for Updates
Usually, an app does not work well because it has become obsolete. Therefore, you must update it in order to boost its performance.  For updating your app you need to go to the app store and open the app update section. Install the update and check if the app works as expected.

How to Delete

Still, if the application refuses to work you can delete it. Read the steps below and learn how to delete an app on iPhone 7.
Step 1– To delete an application on your iPhone 7 you must turn on the device and gently tap and hold until the app starts to wiggle.
Step 2– Now you will see an icon that looks like “X” at the top of each app. Tap on it and the ‘Delete’ menu will appear.
iPhone 7 Remove App
Step 3– Confirm the deletion and the application will be permanently removed.
Delete App on in Phone 7

Remember that the iPhone supports 3D touch. Therefore, if you tap the app with more pressure it might open the ‘Quick Actions Menu’.
You can reinstall the deleted app if you wish them back again. If you are an iPhone 6s user, you can find the app deletion steps here Link.

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