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How to Delete Apps on iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is an incredible device loaded with plenty of features. This is quite common that iOS users always want their device to function well all the time. Apple has provided a lot of applications on the iPhone 8 that may be games, utility apps, and productivity apps. Some apps are less used or not used. These just eat up space on your device. Such applications occupy your iTunes library and kill your device memory.
It is always a good idea to remove apps that are not being used. This can keep your app collection managed and optimized. The iPhone packs an easy to use interface. Deleting apps is simple and easy. Just follow the tutorial below and get rid of unwanted apps on your device.

When does the need for app deletion arise?

It has been studied that only 10% of the pre-installed iOS apps are kept by the users. Moreover, apps installed from the App Store also do not last too long. Sometimes the user feels that he has used too much of the app or wish to keep off the distraction sources. In such a scenario there may arise the need for app deletion.
Whatever the reason may be, we are here to provide you with an easy tutorial on how to delete apps on iPhone 8. Here are some of the main reasons that cause you to see off those apps.
Poor Performance
Some iOS apps do not function well. It would also hinder your device performance. Moreover, if the app does not pack a user-friendly interface this would annoy the user. Of course, no one would like a blank screen that reads ‘loading’. Therefore, users wish to delete such apps.
Fake Descriptions    
The app description on the App store promises big deals, but when you install the app on your iPhone you find the app is not worth. This would be enough reason for the user to seek for app deletion steps.
Mandatory Social Login
Users do not wish to link their social media accounts with third-party apps. Now you have installed an app on your iPhone 8 and it requires a social media login to start. Sometimes the users have put an app on their device but later discover that it needs to access their social media data. Now they wish to delete it.
Power Consumers
There are a lot of apps in the App store that simply eats up your battery. Once you discover that some apps are causing battery drain you would surely desire to get rid of them.
Your iPhone may be having a lot of apps that are less used by still consume power. Thus reducing your phone’s performance.

How to Delete Apps

 Step 1– In order to delete the apps from your iPhone 8 you can simply tap and hold the app until an ‘X’ icon appears next to the apps.
Delete Apps on iPhone 8
Step 2– Once you click on the icon you will be shown a deletion menu. Click on ‘Confirm’ and the app will be removed.
iPhone 8 Delete App

Gradually the interest of the user falls over time or the apps may be causing the device to function slow. Before you remove the app check the battery usage and amount of space it consumes. If the app is useful you can consider keeping it on your iPhone 8.

Written by Bidyut Bikash Dhar

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