How to Delete Messenger Conversation

Messenger conversations are real memories! However, sometimes you are required to erase some messages or conversations. When you are willing to delete a Messenger conversation, it is important to detect whether you want to delete a specific message or the entire chat history.
The Facebook Messenger allows you to easily remove messages. With the advent of social networking, there has been a massive increase in the number of users. It may be that you have discussed a secret deal or wish to hide those message from your wife. In such situations, people generally delete the Messenger chat history or particular messages.
In this tutorial, you will find steps on how to delete a Messenger conversation. Read on and have a nice time removing unwanted chats and messages.

Reasons for Deleting a Conversation

There might be a wide range of reasons for erasing your Messenger conversation. Here are some of the major reasons behind deleting a Messenger conversation.

Keep a Secret

Usually, people delete a conversation on a Messenger to keep their secret hidden. You may be talking with your female friends or cheating on your girlfriend. This might annoy your wife and thus may hinder your relationship.
Your messenger may be opened anytime by your wife. Once she reads the messages everything would be turned upside down. Therefore, it is necessary to delete messages and conversations.

Enhance the Performance

If your messenger inbox is flooded with conversations, this would make it too messy. The lost list of conversations would make it tough for you to differentiate between useful and unwanted chats.
For such reasons people delete conversations. However, some people have the habit of keeping conversations in their inbox. In such a scenario, regular deletion does not take place.

Delete those Worse Memories

The conversation may be with your Ex or with someone that haunts you. Such conversations may take you away from mental peace and harmony. For an instance, you had a breakup and suddenly you come across those old conversations that remind you of your ex. This sounds something like a nightmare.
To avoid such situations people delete Messenger conversations. Let those old memories go and make a new start.

Messages of no Value

Facebook Messenger lets you connect with millions of people from all around the world. Some might ping you for no reason. Keeping such conversations in the Messenger is a total waste. You do not know the person, therefore beginning up to talk would simply be a waste of time.

How to Delete Messages in a Facebook Messenger

Method 1- On a Smartphone
Step 1– Open the Messenger app to get started.
Step 2– Tap and hold the conversation until a menu appears on the screen, as shown in the picture below.
Messenger Delete Message
Step 3– Click the ‘Delete’ option located in the menu, confirm the deletion and you are ready to go.
Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

Method 2- On a Computer/Laptop
Step 1- To remove a message or conversation from the Messenger on the Facebook web version you need to open the Messenger Page and open the messages section.
Step 2– Click on the ‘Settings’ icon located at the top of the chat window and then select ‘Delete’.
How to Delete a Message on Facebook
Step 3– Confirm by clicking on the red ‘Delete’ button.
Delete Messages
Getting rid of messages on a Messenger app is easy. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and see off all the unwanted conversations.

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