How to Delete Messages on a WhatsApp Messenger Permanently

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications. The need for deleting messages on a WhatsApp Messenger can arise anytime and anywhere. It may be your wife has caught you cheating on her or there are some secret conversations that you cannot keep in the inbox.
Whatever, the reason may be we are here to help you through the message deletion process. There are a lot of incredible features on the new version of the WhatsApp. You can delete your message not only from your device but also from the device of the recipient. This sounds something interesting. Isn’t it?
Read the article below to find what can cause you to delete messages on a WhatsApp messenger. Also, find steps to remove unwanted messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Delete for Everyone Feature

Finally, the most awaited feature of social media is here! It is a celebration time as now one can take back their messages in a much easier way. If you have sent a message and now wish to undo it you can use the ‘Delete for everyone’ feature of WhatsApp.
Whats App delete message
What does the Delete for everyone feature do? There are plenty of questions regarding this feature. This can help you correct mistakes before the message has been read by the other party. For an instance, if you have sent a message to your friend and the other moment you realize that you shouldn’t have sent this. Now, what to do? Tap and hold the message until a menu appears. Click on the Delete for everyone feature.

Reasons for Deleting a Message on WhatsApp

Everyone has their own reasons for removing a conversation or a message. I have listed some of the common reasons that might leave you searching for steps to delete a message on WhatsApp.

It is a Secret

WhatsApp can be used for discussing secret plans or something that has to be kept proxy. In such a situation the user might wish to delete the message or the entire conversation. You can delete the message from your phone or from both the devices. In case you have an obsolete version of the WhatsApp you will be only enabled to delete the messages from your device.

Bad Memories

Some conversations might haunt you. Suppose, you had a breakup and one day you come across the messages that remind you of all the pain. This is something annoying. For such reasons, people remove the message from their WhatsApp messenger.

You want your Chat History Clean

It goes without a question that everyone loves to keep their chats tidy. If there are spam messages in your WhatsApp inbox, then you may be wishing to delete those.

How to Delete

Step 1– For deleting messages the user is required to open the WhatsApp messenger application on their device. If you are using WhatsApp on your computer/laptop open the web version.
Step 2– Tap-hold the message you want to delete and select the ‘Delete’ option from the menu that appears on the screen.
WhatsApp Delete for Everyone

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