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Top 10 Best Emergency Data Recovery Software Reviews

No matter how much experienced you are in operating the PC, one mistake can let you in hurdle after wrongly deleting the data. If mistakenly it happens with you or you have deleted the files knowing unused and later they become most import. What to do in this situation?
The recovery of the files, images, documents is possible. There is much software available to assist you in this situation. I have mentioned top 10 best emergency Data recovery software.

DMDE Software

DMDE Software
DMDE is an award winning and most appreciated software by magazines. It helps out when no software can help you to recover that’s why it is number 1 in my ranking list.
DMDE works with NTFS, FAT32, FAT 12/16, Ext 2/3/4, HFS+/HFSX (beta), exFAT.  It goes well with windows, DOS (console), Linux (Terminal).
Partition manager, disk editor, RAID constructor, disk clone, NTFS utilities, the algorithm of through research are the features help the DMDE software to recover the lost data.

Pandora Recovery:

pandora recovery

Pandora works great to recover your deleted data. It scans the hard disk and extracts the existing data, mark deleted data for recovery, and bring back fragmented files to existence. Pandora works on the concept that when we delete the files it’s originally not deleted, only the name is affected by this action and disk space shows available for other data. The file is only deleted when the data is overwritten on the previous file.
Pandora’s new edition is the free disk drill. The new edition is equipped with modern functionality and inherited file recovery efficiency.


Recuva recovery software
Recuva is an important tool for your computer when it comes to recovering the lost data from your computer. Developed by piriform and it takes 6MB disk space. It works with windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The reasons of data lose can be any like hard disk failure, data is destroyed by the virus, you have deleted the data mistakenly, and your email is deleted, etc. Recuva will help you to get out of this.
It works on the concept that file was saved in hard disk and as soon as you ask Recuva to recover there is no new file overwritten on that space and Recuva will recover the data.


Photorec works for Digital Camera’s Memory, Hard Disks, CD-ROMs, CompactFlash, Memory, Stick, Smart Media and Secure Digital. It is free open source software. Testdisk and photoRec complement each other. It is advisable not to save another files to the same drive you have deleted the images, the new file can overwrite on the previous files and recoverability can become critical. Photorec works whether the drive is damaged or not. It does secure visit to your recoverable partition by read only mode.

Stellar Data Recovery:

Stellar data recovery
With Stellar, it is possible to recover severely damaged data, after the formatting and accidentally occurred deletion. Stellar works with windows and supports FAT, NTFS, and exFAT drives.
If the particular partition is missing, you can search it under “can’t find drive” option. It does a Quick scan to list the file. All the found partition is listed under partition option. The deep scan is the resort when the particular partition is not listed.

Minitool Partition Recovery

MiniTool has two editions the free edition and the professional edition. The basic edition is for homeowners who do basic disks and partition tasks. For advanced features, you have to switch to professional edition. For commercial environment they have server edition, technician edition and enterprise edition.
With MIniTool you can change the partition, upgrade hard disk, merge/split partition, copy partition, disk conversion, recover deleted messages, recover lost phones, recover deleted videos, and recover lost contacts. miniTool is operable with windows, android, Mac and digital camera.

Free Undelete

Free undelete operates with windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 server and 2008 server. It is free personal use software. It requires 10 MB free space on the hard disk for installation.  Free undelete recovers file systems NTFS1.0, 2.0, FAT12, 16, and 32.
It recovers the lost files and saves them to a new location so that other data is escaped by overwriting.

Paragon Rescue Kit

paragon rescue kit
Paragon rescue kit is the strong rescue wizard kit to recover you from critical situations. The essentials tools of paragon rescue kit are Boot corrector, file transfer wizards, registry editor, password cleaner, log saver, network configurator and others.
It recovers the data from any location. You can recover the data based on your need like from an entire disk, separate partition, and specific files. Paragon has super compatibility, user-friendly interface and handy rescue media.

Glary Undelete

Glary undelete
Glary is the free and user-friendly solution for data recovery. It does not only recover the deleted data but also recover crashed data, bugged data, and damaged data. It recovers the data from the internal hard drive (NTFS+EFS, FAT, NTFS) and removable media (USB key, flash drive, memory card, external hard disk).
Glory works by sorting the file based on their name, size and date. Glary undelete is 100% virus free. It keeps your disk clean with 30 antivirus engines.

Prosoft Engineering, Inc. (Data Rescue PC4 )

Parasoft rescue
Data rescue PC4 works with windows. It suits with SSD and RAID. You can ensure the recoverability of data rescue by using demo version. Demo version scans your hard drive and recovers the deleted data to give you assurance. The paid version costs standard for $99, standard with additional storage for $144 and professional for $299.
Data rescue does a quick scan, deep scan, cloning, RAID support and scanning of deleted files.  Data Rescue recovers documents, images, audio, videos, archive, FAT and NTFS.
I have covered the best top 10 software such as Pandora Recovery, DMDE Software, Glary Undelete, Paragon Rescue Kit, Free Undelete, Minitool, Photorec, Recuva and Data Rescue Software. There are much more available you may find more comfortable with others it depends on your choice.

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