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WhatsApp Messenger App Review & Rating

WhatsApp is a messenger app. It allows to chat and to share images, audios, videos, GIFs, Pdfs to contacts for free. Recently, WhatsApp added new features. Previously, status is in text format only. Now, WhatsApp allows to Update Images, animated GIFs, and videos as status that automatically vanishes after 24 hours. The status will be shown to only those who are saved in phone’s contact list.
To Update “My status”
First Click on the WhatsApp, installed on the device, to open it. When it opens there are four tabs, camera, chats, status, and calls.
Whatsapp-Messenger-app-My status

Steps to update the Status:
1.Click on ‘+’ icon, at the bottom line of the screen. Click on add icon will show options to choose whether a picture, a GIF, a video to put into the status.
Choose it from sliding bar shown on the screen.  Use the camera option to take a picture or record a video and upload it instantly. The Video is trimmed up to 45 seconds By WhatsApp.
2. Edit the picture by crop, text, Emoji, and paintbrush.

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