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Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps For Android

Hike:- Hike is one of messaging App for Smartphones, ioS, and Windows Phones. Hike was launched in India on 12th December 2012.
Hike is one of the popular messaging applications for Indian users. Hike App available in the Play store, it doesn’t charge any cost from the users for installation. The hike is applicable all over the world
Some of the Features of Hike Messaging App are as follows:-
News:- Hike provides the news feature to their users. Just by spending only 5- 10 minutes on the news section of the hike, users will be able to get knowledge/ information of all over the world. News
Stickers:-. Stickers, Emojis, Emoticons, and Images are the best ways to express what you are feeling. The hike is one of the first messaging apps which have 5000 plus collections of stickers are available for users.
Free Hike to Non- Hike Messaging Facility- Hike also provides free messaging facility to the users.  If your friends are not available on hike app still you can send the message to them. Free hike to other messaging facility is available only for the Indian users.
Hike Daily Quotes: – Hike Team send daily quotes to all users of the hike. Hike Daily consist inspiring quotes and facts written by famous personalities/ authority. Hike Daily Quotes helps to build the confidence level of users
Wishes on Special Occasions:- Hike team send warm wishes to their users on special occasions like Republic Day,  Independence Day and Diwali to reminds users of the occasion or celebration.
Hide Personal Chat: – Hidden Chat is one of the best features available on Hike. Users can hide personal chat from parents or family members by locking or entering pin number of the particular contact.
Hike Direct, Just For Laughs, Hike Games, Variety of Chat Themes, Voice Call, Video Call, Sharing Documents directly from Google Drive in Pdf, Word, Excel, APK, MP3 Files. Users also share photos, images, contacts, video and audio files, location with friends, families or in a group.
2.Google Hangouts:– Hangouts is another instant messaging app for android, windows or iOS phones. Hangouts were introduced by Google on May 2015.
Hangouts Instant Messaging App comprises three features in one app that are Video Call, Audio Call, and Instant Messaging. Hangouts replaced Google Talk, Google + Messenger.
Features of Hangouts are as follows:-
Through Hangouts App, Smartphone, Android, and iOS users can receive, send SMS and MMS.
Users can make Video and Voice Call with friends, groups and family members anywhere in the world.
Hangouts save money. It doesn’t charge any money from the users for Video Call, Voice Call, and Messaging.
For using hangout app, users must have Gmail/ Google account and synchronized with all devices. Through Hangouts, Gmail users can chat easily with colleagues or boss for office work instead of responding to emails.
No need to worry about which device your friends are using. Users can access hangouts in any of the devices, be it a laptop, desktop, iPad, iOS, Android Phones.
3. Viber:– Viber.  Viber was launched by the Israel Company i.e Viber Media on 2nd December 2015.
Android, Windows, and iOs users can access Viber anywhere in the world.
Viber Messaging app provides Free Text Messaging, Free Voice Call, Free Video call facility to users all over the world.
Viber is easy to install and operate. It requires mobile number at the time of installation. You will get one OTP in your mobile number for verification. After Mobile Number Verification, users are able to access Viber on their mobile phones.
Viber automatically syncs all your phonebook contacts and show your friends contact number those are available on Viber.
Internet Connection or WiFi should be required at the time of using Viber App.
Some Features of Viber App are as follows:-
Viber Games:- Viber users play the game of their choice which is available in the game list of Viber App.
Free Voice Call:- Users can make the free call to friends, family members anywhere in the world. Viber doesn’t charge any price of voice calls.
Recorded Voice Messages:- Users can send recorded voice messages to friends, family members and in a group. On other hand, users also share photos, location, contact with anyone.
Free Message:- Through Viber, users can send the message to anyone across the world. Users represent their mood by sending emojis, animated gif and several varieties of stickers that are available on Viber.
Viber out Call:- Viber out call same like Skype credit. For using Viber out call, the user must have to buy credit and then call to the particular person.
Public Accounts:- In Viber, users can follow any of the Public Accounts of their choice.  Public Accounts like BBC, Washington Post, Narendra Modi and much more. Through Viber App, users follow the chat and get answers to their questions by following public account feature.
4. Facebook Messenger: – Facebook Messenger is one of the popular messaging apps for Android, iOs and Windows users. Users can login messenger via through Facebook Account.
Facebook friends automatically sync and users can chat via through messenger.
Features of Facebook Messenger are as follows:-
Voice and Video Call Across the World:- Hd quality, clear and good quality of the picture in voice and video calls.
Through video calls, users can make face to face conversations with friends, family members or group chat anywhere in the world.
No charges deduct from your balance for voice and video calls. To make video and voice calls you must require the strong internet connection.
Share Map Location: – Users can share Map Location with their friends, family members and in a group. If you want to conduct an interview, employers can share venue of the interview with job seekers.
Voice Clips:- When you have no time to type a message, users can send voice clippings/ messaging to friends, family member or in a group.
Share Photos and Videos Instantly: – Through inbuilt camera option, messenger allows users to share their instant photos and videos in a group, with family members and friends.
Turn Off Notifications:- When you don’t want that anyone disturbed you or message you. Users can Turn off / Mute Notification for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours or 24 hours according to their feasibility.
5. What’s App: – What’s App is one of the best messaging Apps for Android, iPhone, and windows phone users.
Features of What’s App Messaging are as follows:
Anywhere in the World:- Users can operate what’s app anywhere in the world. What’s app doesn’t charges any price of installation?
Easy t install:- What’s App is easy to install and operate. At the time of installation, it requires a mobile number. OTP send by what’s app team for the verification of mobile number. After verification, users can access what’s on their mobile phones.
Photos/ Images:-Users can share photos/ images, audio/ voice messages, contact, location with friends, family members or in a group.
Low Internet Connection:- What’s App works in low internet connectivity (2g) is one of the major benefits of what’s app.
Stickers:- Users represent their mood by sending emojis, stickers which are inbuilt available in what’s app.
Voice Calls:- Users can make voice calls anywhere in the world. Voice call feature What’s App save time and money of users. When users have no time to type a text, they can make the voice call. Voice calls don’t charge any money of calls.
Video Call:- Recently What’s App has launched a video calling feature for their users. Users can make the video call across the globe with friends, family members or in a group. People who live far from family and friends video calling is one of the best options for them
Users can operate what’s app in their desktop, iPad or PC.

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