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Top 10 Best Windows Software You Must have in Your Laptop

Do you plan to buy a new PC? So think, as it’s a fresh opportunity, your first priority is deciding the Application software, which is very essential for new buyer. Application software is very important part for everybody to perform any task or activities in your newly laptop or PC.
There is so many application software for laptop or PC, but few of them are playing vital role in our daily life. Let’s discuss below about these top 10 best software you must have in your laptop or PC.

Top 10 Best Windows Software You Must have in Your Laptop

1. Internet Browser:

Internet Browser is a software application which is used to retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources through the World Wide Web. An information resource is recognized by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI/URL). It can be a web page, image, video or other piece of content.
There are different types of web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla. Google chrome is the best browser, which have lots of extensions, instantly searching image etc.

2. Cloud Storage:

Cloud Storage is very useful client application, where you can store data on remote server and accessed over the internet. It is mainly used share your data over the internet.
There are different types of storage like amazon cloud, One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Drop Box is very easy to use for sharing files with others. Google Drive is also providing 15GB of free space and addition 100GB of space if you upgrade for only $2 per month.
3. Office Suite:

Office Suite is a software application, which is very essential to write some article using Microsoft word, using PPT for presentations and you can use this for computation.
LibreOffice is the one of the office suite which is completely free that having features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more.There is also some other option which you can try Free Office or WPS Office, Office 365.

4. Image Editor:

Image Editor is very essential software, which you can use to draw your own picture, modified your existing picture. There are so many options available for this application like, Paint, Paint.net, GIMP and Photoshop.
Here Paint.net is more powerful than Paint as it contains lots of plugin for more extended functionally.Paint.net is basic than GIMP which is little bit advance program.

5. Security:

Security is very important application, you should install in your laptop or PC to protect from virus. There are lots of paid/free Anti-virus in market like Kaspersky, Norton, Web root Secure Anywhere, McAfee, AVG, Panda, Avior,360 Total security etc.

6. Music Streaming:

Music Streaming is also another useful software, which is used to importing and organizing collections of mp3 data.
You can use this to make your collection album in your laptop or PC.
There are different types of music streaming service available in market like Apple music which require iTunes, GooglePlayMusics ,Spottily and Sound Cloud etc.
7. Media Player:

Media Player is essential software application.
You can use this Media Player to play any video in your laptop or PC though you can play most of the video on web browser.
You can also save and play your personal video.
As of today, YouTube is very much good platform to show your potential over the world, for this you can create your own video or upload it into YouTube for your publicity.
There are different types of media player in market like Windows Media Center, ACG Player, VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, Bomi Player etc. VLC Player allows almost every format of video to play.

8. PC Cleaning:

PC Cleaning is very much useful application, which helps you keep your laptop or PC clean.
It intimates which files are taking so much space, so that you can clean useless files from your laptop or PC.
C Cleaner is one of the application to clean up messy context menu from your laptop or PC.
It also disables easily start up programs, and it create text file of all the installed programs.

9. Screenshots:

Screenshots is important application through which you capture image of any application running in your laptop or PC. There are different types of free software like Share X, Light shot, Snipaste.

10. File Compression and Extraction:

File Compression and Extraction is very import software ,which is used for some zipped files. Windows already support for zipped files for basic requirement but if you need any complex, it supports some powerful tool. There are different types of software like 7-Zip, Zip Ware, Pea Zip etc.

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