Top 10 Best Video Editing Software For Youtuber

Today’s digital market,YouTube is a platform, where you can share video to show your potential over the world. Video Editing Software plays vital role, at the time of  uploading your video, if you require to edit (add, delete & update) the video for better performance or if you want to edit original video for your personal use.There are lots of free, paid video editing software are available in market for editing purpose. Among those, there are below top 10 best video editing software for YouTuber.

Free/Paid Video Editing Software For Windows/Mac

  1. Wondershare Fillmora Video Editing Software:

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editing Software For YoutuberWondershare Filmora is wonderful video editing windows based program.
You have to import the clips what you want in your video, choose a  Pre programmed theme and music. It analyses clips,finally create a video automatically.
There is no water mark in the output file if you purchase a license for activating this software.
Trial version is functionally same as the paid version.


  1. Windows Movie Maker Video Editing Software:

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker allows you to create a movie that includes video, still images, background music, and narration.
Video can be shared with other people through Face book, you tube etc.
You can use several special effects at the time of  making video. It allows you to drag & drop any video or picture anywhere you want to put it.
This is best for photo slide show. It is not easy to do complex editing. There are no unlimited video & audio tracks. Video overlaying option is not possible.
You have to save your video often as it can be crash most of the time. Windows Movie maker works fantastic to create new video for beginners and it’s treat as best video editing software for YouTubers.

  1. Virtual Dub Video Editing Software:

Virtual DubVirtual Dub is used to processing the AVI files and compress video file.
It is compatible for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.
Virtual Dub is including features like linear video streams, recompression and filtering.
It uses the built-in logo filter to add a watermark to your video.

  1. iMovie Video Editing Software:

iMovie Video Editing Software:iMovie is mainly used for Mac & IOS users. It imports video & photo files from hard drives. It supports high -definitions video.
iMovie is developed by Apple Inc. You can add only 18 clips on your timelines.
This allows things from iPhoto, iTunes. You can record your voice in iMovie & use this throughout the entire video.Only Mac user can use this product.

  1. Blender Video Editing Software:

Blender Video Editing SoftwareBlender is free and open source software. It is used for creating 3D animations. This is reliable software.
It edits 2D video. Paid video editor software for windows/Mac.

  1. Pinnacle Studio 19 Video Editing Software:

Pinnacle Studio 19 Video Editing SoftwarePinnacle Studio 19 hasn’t any option to capture live screen. It has advance video editing features ,the features of Multi-cam editing, Dual preview and Audio ducking.
It is windows based paid software. Its price is approx. $59.95

  1. Corel Video Studio Pro X9.5 Video Editing Software:

Corel Video Studio Pro X9.5 Video Editing SoftwareCorel Video Studio Pro X9.5 has excellent editing features. It has effects like stop-motion and multi-cam editing.
You can be editing 4k video, if you have big disk space. Corel Video Studio Pro X9.5 offers around 2,000 effects.
It is windows based paid software. It’s price approx. $67.99. It is little bit difficult for beginners.

  1. Final Cut Pro Video Editing Software:

Final Cut Pro Video Editing SoftwareFinal Cut Pro created by Micro media Inc. and Apple Inc. you can log and transfer videos and images onto a hard drive (internal or external). It has non-linear video editing option.
You can add as many as you want to add clips on your time-line. It is difficult for user to use as it is little bit complex to use.
It takes a lot of time to fully editing process. Only Mac user uses this software. Its price approx. $299.99.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Video Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Video Editing Software
Mainly photographers use this video editing program to shoot video.
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 has compress tool for that anyone allow to create as they see fit.
It is used the features of  colour correction tool and advance audio mixture interface.
it’s price around $799.

  1. Light works Video Editing Software:

Light works Video Editing SoftwareLight works is speedy and accurate editing program. It has very nice video adjustment and fails to audio editing.
As it crashes frequently, it is difficult to use. It’s price $24.99 for monthly & $174.99 for Yearly.
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