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Top 10 Best Free Online Yoga Classes

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down.
Yoga heals the soul and this is the reason why the world is adapting Yoga. The people from all over the world are doing yoga and impressed by the recovery it does physically and mentally.
Yoga is a traditional treasure of India developed by Indus-Sarasvati Civilization. Rig Veda of India mentions the value of Yoga for better life. Yoga is a combined practice of mind, body and soul.
There are so many free online yoga classes for better life. I am mentioning top 10. Read about them in this article and learn how to do yoga. It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or expert, these videos will help you learn new techniques and postures.

1. Kinoyoga

Yoga Teacher: Kino MacGregor


She is an international yoga teacher, author of three books (the power of ashtanga yoga 1 & 2 and sacred life), producer of six ashtanga yoga DVDs, writer and vlogger. She has the touch of traditional past of India’s yoga and contemporary social media channels.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by Kino MacGregor:


2. Yoga by Candace

Yoga Teacher: Candace


Candace is a full time international yoga teacher, blogger, youtube video maker and author of namaslay book. She is the founder of yoga by Candace Company. Candace believes nothing is impossible. She provides physical exercise keeping in mind to deliver a practice of soul and mind.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by Candace

official app http://yogabycandace.com/yogabycandace-official-app/

 3. Yome

It is a community of yogis, members and yoga teachers. Yome stands for Yoga plus Home .It allows connecting any yoga teacher to any student from all over the world. On YouTube, you will find a number of free yoga video in different style, posture and technique. YOME allows you to share your videos, articles, and events anywhere in the world.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by Yome:


4. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga Teacher: Adriene Mishler


She is an actress, yogi, and enthusiast. She is a co-founder of find what feels good and leads Yoga with Adriene. Adriene creates free yoga videos, her playfulness and humour encourage all sized people to connect their body and mind daily. She gives spirit to live, to enjoy, to act, to dance, to breath by saying yoga is a reminder to remember everything is connected.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by Adriene:


5. Do Yoga with Me:

Yoga teachers: David Procyshyn, Fiji McAlpine, Rachel Scott, Sarah-Jane, Noicky Jones, Tracy, Melissa, Peter Renner, Crista, Satiya, Kim Wilson, Anastasia, Ron Stewart, Dawn, Erica, Tianne, Shivani, Michelle, Sarah.

About “Do yoga with me”:

David Procyshyn is the founder of Do yoga with me. Do yoga with me provides classes for all levels. There are more of free HD videos available on YouTube.
It is hard for the community to be free. They request “pay-what -you-can” to the financially well visitors. Your subscription to the YouTube channel will be beneficial for you and for the community as well.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by DYWM:


6. Yoga House

Yoga Teachers: Lamya, Rohit Singh, Sudhir, Sneha, Diksha, Vandana, Sheetal, Ruchi

About Yoga House:

Yoga house is the team of yoga teachers providing a different style of videos. You will get beginner level to the advanced level yoga videos. Yoga House provides Ashtanga Vinyasa, Ayur Yoga, Hatha, Hatha Vinyasa, Iyengar, Prenatal Yoga, Sivananda, Vinyasa Flow style yoga techniques. Yoga House is the great source of learning variety of moves.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by Yoga House:


7. Fightmaster Yoga

Yoga Teacher: lesley fightmaster


Fightmaster yoga videos are available on youtube by Lesley fightmaster. She uploads a new video every Monday. Fightmaster provides series of yoga for beginners, ashtanga yoga, quick yoga, and total yoga body workout, yoga for flexibility and stretching, hatha yoga happiness. The modified classes are made to suit all levels.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by fightmaster yoga:


8. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga Teacher: Jaime and martin

About Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Cosmic Kids Yoga is the joint idea of married couple Jaime and Martin. They work to develop the mindfulness and yoga techniques for kids. Their way to teach the kids aged 2-12 is friendly and funny. They arranged the backgrounds and clothing to fascinate kids to do yoga at home. There are 114 yoga postures concentrating anatomical focus and teaching tips of kids.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by Cosmic Kids Yoga:


9. PsycheTruth:

Psyche Truth creates videos on different subjects. Yoga is the one subject from the other. They provide quality of videos on yoga. There are many videos on stretching, flexibility, and splits for dancers, cheerleaders, and gymnastics.
Psyche truth provides new video daily and takes care of member’s daily routines.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by psyche truth:


10. Interval Yoga

Yoga Teacher: Ali Kamenova


Ali Kamenova provides interval yoga. Interval yoga is about omitting the relaxing muscles and repetition of one pose in a fast forward mode without breaks. The classes of interval yoga are short but intense and able to provide athlete level strength.
You will get different types of videos here like prenatal yoga, workout classes, yoga for beginners, and advanced yoga classes.

Sources to Learn Free Online Yoga Classes by Interval Yoga

Deciding to practice Yoga is a good choice and it becomes best when its free. you just have to tap on the link and follow the instruction provided by Yoga teachers. isn’t it so simple? yes, it is, so go Ahead!

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