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Top 10 Best Automated SEO Report Software Must Have For Any SEO Consultant

Websites are an investment for the business and SEO report software is designed to provide strategies to improve your websites’ decision making. For owners and business men it is vital to know whether their strategies working or not or where they are lacking or how to improve your sites’ ranking or conversion ratio. Check out top 10 best-automated SEO report software must have for any SEO consultant here:

1. Raven

Raven is an online marketing tool to generate automated SEO reports. It creates widely acceptable and complete SEO, Social and PPC marketing reports in minutes. Site editor automatically finds and fix the SEO problems on the pages. You can access more than 20 data connectors from FaceBook ads, twitter, Bing ads and more.
It offers 14-day free trial and paid version of Raven. Pre version costs $99/month and perfect for marketing consultants and small agencies. Agency version is perfect for mid-sized and large agencies, costs $249/month.

2. Google analytics

Google analytics is the most widely used, freemium web analytics service, offered by Google. You can able to generate any sort of in-depth analytics when you are at Google analytics.  It’s complex to use because you have to Google the answers if you have any. But it pays off your efforts. It is an amazing and rewarding tool but others.
Google analytics help you in reviewing online campaign, identifying the poorly performing page, customizing visual segmentation, generating site’s transaction, revenue and many.
GA has two pricing tiers: free and 360. GA 360 costs $12,500/month and generates reports using angelfish software.

3. Woorank 

It is reliable, time-saving, easy to use and a complete web-based online seo analysis tool. Woorank helps to grow your business and to increase your audience by providing automated SEO report. Information provided by Woorank is important and given documentation helps to know how to use the services. Users have the advantage to use it in multiple language and currencies.
Woorank makes you affluent by its stunning features like backline tools, on-page analysis, site audits, local marketing, keyword analysis, SERP rank tracking, brand alerts, website integration analysis and more.
It has three plans: free, premium and pro. Premium plan, for agencies, costs $149/month. Pro plan, for webmasters, costs $49/month.

4. SE ranking

SE ranking is a cloud-based solution for agencies and webmasters. It checks the global and local ranking of the websites. It is sophisticated in multi-user and manual editing. You can check your ranking at a different interval. SE ranking saves your lot of time by creating reports easily. It is global and available in different languages.
It is complete SEO software tool as it provides all the features like keyword grouping tool, website audit, keyword rank tracking, on-page SEO audit and more.
SE ranking has 4 pricing plans: personal plan costs $84/year, optimum plan costs $39/month, plus plan costs $89/month and enterprise plan costs $ 189/month.

5. Web CEO

Web CEO is a well equipped and powerful internet marketing platform for SEO/SMM jobs and branded reports. It’s reports have 15 marketing tools to provide branded report. Its’ reports are customizable, clear and easy to understand.
It has many tools to increase your business ranking like SEO analysis, technical audit, web analytics, social analytics, competitor backlink spy and more.
Web CEO’s pricing covers from freelancers to an SEO expert. It has a Startup plan costing $99/month, a corporate plan costing $199/month, an agency fixed plan costing $499/month and an agency unlimited plan according to your industry growth costing $99/month +scanning fee.

6. DashThis

DashThis suits for business environment managing pages particularly social media pages. It generates automatic reports for a variety of pages. It saves so much of your time which you spend on manual report making. DashThis’ vision is KISS principle: Keep It Simple and Straightforward.
DashThis has features like intuitive and clean designs, all data at one place, multi-users, customize your templates, custom design, URL and development.
Dash this offers 30% discount for non-profit organization applicable to all plans. It has different plans costing $599, $399, $249, $129, and $39 per month. Choose the plan which suits your business.

7. Rank Watch

Rank Watch provides features for your sites and notifies you of any change if occurs. It relieves you by instant notification about ranking fluctuations, unlimited daily email addresses of recipients, and notification when your keywords leave or top the 1/10/100 ranking. You can set your keyword to track the ranking locally or globally.
There are many marvellous features are waiting for you in Rank Watch like SEO management, 100% white label solution, keyword archive, CEO dashboard, advanced reporting city based rank tracking, email alerts, website analyser, backlinks, keyword suggestions, etc.
It has M, L, XL and custom tailored plans costing$29, $ 99, $449, and $58 to $5987 respectively.

8. AuthorityLabs

AuthorityLabs provides daily automated, reliable and accurate SEO tracking reports. It is the solution to your hurdles and problems while searching for keyword results. This is user-friendly and easy to navigate tool to increase your ranking.
Authority Labs, Awesome SEO software, works for your need by providing daily data ranking check, accurate client reporting, multi-user access, global tracking and more.
It offers different pricing $99.99 for general users, $225 for consultants and $450 for agencies.


SEOSAMBA saves your time, money, and aggravation. This is automatic SEO and social marketing report tool. It is user-friendly and easy to use software. It provides real-time SEO, assets, social media networking, PR, voice and SMS all at one dashboard.
SEOSAMBA re-deploy your websites, manage pay per click campaigns, build a smarter website to yield results and optimize virtual private cloud.

10. Report Garden

It is a powerful report generating tool which reduced your days’ efforts to hours and minutes. ReportGarden believes in updating the software according to trends time to time and generates a number of reports.
ReportGarden offers different dashboards such as Adwords reporting dashboard, PPC dashboard, SEO dashboard, Social media dashboard, analytics dashboards, facebook dashboards and twitter dashboard.
Basic program for ReportGarden costs $41/month, pro costs $74/month, agency costs $141/month and enterprise costs $324/month. There is also a custom option which offers unlimited user access, dashboards, and more advanced features than others.
I have covered the best 10 best seo report software what I found online. There are many you may find  more comfortable with, its your choice but choose the tools wisely. Before using any tool you can check the reviews, features and pricing here G2 Crowd
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