All You Need to Know About Guest Posting/Blogging

So, you like writing. It is kind of your hobby, right? Your mind is occupied with lots of opinion and thoughts in your personal zone which you want to share in the realm of professionalism. Micro-blogging is an old version for sharing your opinion.  Writers like you find it convenient to share opinion into voice with the help of blogging post which gained its popularity as Guest Posting. Here is detailed information about Guest Posting and if you are interested, you are good to go to crosscheck.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a unique way to create your own content and share it on other sites. Bloggers find it interesting to drive tariff and readers to their own websites as the link is always given below the content. There are many websites which allow you to share your authentic and original subject matter which is relevant to their websites.

How does it work?

Guest Posting or blogging works in a two way

i) You can create your own content as a guest writer to appear in someone’s personal blog or website

(It may be free or paid).


ii) You can invite other guest writer to write on your website.

List of websites for Guest Posting

There are different categories of Guest Posting Website, just check it.

#1 Art Blogs which accept Guest Posting:


# 2 Travel Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 3 Photography Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 4 Fitness Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 5 Finance Blogs which accept Guest Posting


#6 Beauty Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 7 Freelancing Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 8 Entrepreneur Blogs which accept Guest Blogging


Guest Posting Software

If you want to be updated about blogs which you have submitted and want to know whether it gets approval or not, just check this out

It is awesome software which helps to keep tracking the submission of the blogs and maintain super updated blog lists to keep you on the top of Guest Post. It charges you very minimal.

How to be a great Guest Blogger/Posting

  1. Practice writing daily is most important thing to be a great Guest Blogger.
  2. You must pick your niche(s) to become the top influencer among your friend and fellow to build the network. You need to think which area of writing your are expert but if you want to just write specific niche, take time and think more before you start writing.
  3. Share your post generously to become popular.
  4. Reply to the comments of your reader is important
  5. Make sure that you have created your bio very compelling so that reader can easily connect with you.

Advantages of Guest Blogging/Posting

  1. Through blogging your own thoughts and opinion, help you to improve your writing skills.
  2. A quality blog post helps to become popular and establish your authority.
  3. You get diverse audience with whom you may share same tastes and preferences. Thus, people start looking up to you as an expert.
  4. It not only earns you money but also helps you to be on higher pages of search engines. The more you links you get from the relevant websites; there are chances to be the top list on search pages.
  5. You can build a great relation with other bloggers.
  6. You get more targeted traffic as the backlinks from different blogs will help to increase the referral blogs for your blogs.

Disadvantages of Guest Blogging/Posting

  1. Guest Posting is one of the best ways to give you great exposure and increase your traffic, but it can also call some spammers too.
  2. In many cases, the quality of Guest Post is very low and thus you may lose your readers. The only aim of the Guest posting is to promote Website so most of the time the articles or blogs are written by unprofessional writer who writes poor quality guest article.
  3. Some of the Guest posts are taken from offline sources like Newspaper, magazine and books and you cannot detect. But in future you may be penalized for reproducing content by copyright violation act. You will suffer but the guest author will not face any issues.
  4. Guest Bloggers may ask you to change the links to publish their articles in site. They keep changing their links and promoting their other sites. In this case, it will be really hard for you to work on those requests and make modifications.
  5. Write as a Guest Blogger

How to Increase Website Traffic (for FREE) To Grow 900,000 Organic Visits Per Month

Today I’m going to share strategies on how to increase website traffic. I have researched the topic to come off with the strategies to drive traffic to the website.

This blog will help you to bring reliable and qualified search traffic. If you are a beginner, it will be quite resourceful to you.

You are going to love these 15 strategies to increase website traffic; after applying and getting the awesome result out of these.

1. Write Content Which Goes Viral:

Everyone knows that creating viral content attracts the traffic. But only a few know how to successfully create viral content.

To create viral content you have to pay attention to two critical things:

  • Grab The Attention By Headlines:

It is not the new thing I’m telling you. This strategy is old but evergreen. You can make your headlines emotionally attached with your readers. So that they feel attached to it and click the link to as a curiosity.

  • Write Quality Content Backed With A Catchy Headline.

If your headlines are attractive but not the content, your visitors will leave the page in few seconds. So writing the quality content is also important.

2. Write Audience Friendly Content:

A good blogger knows his audience and he dedicates his content to them. When we write our first aim is to write about the audience not about you. If your experience is useful to readers then only they will read it else not. Make your audience your first priority; don’t try to trick them by branding yourself. The audience is smart enough to smell the right content for them.

Always write like you are talking with a reader individually. It makes the reader more engaged and connected. Use the pronoun “you” to make them feel you are talking about their problem and solution.

To know your audience you can interact with them by comments, feedback and reviews provided by them. You can get a great content idea by their comments and mentioned problems or answer the questions in your next post in detail.

3. Get Content Idea By Buzzsumo And Ubersuggest:

To make your content compatible with readers, it is necessary to find your niche. I know writing SEO article is quite boring as you have to direct your article accordingly. It is current requirement to make SEO equipped, shareable and visible content on Google; else there is no meaning of writing content without getting noticed.


Buzzsumo is the SEO tool. It gives you great content ideas to level up your content. It helps you understand the socially shareable or most performable ideas on Google. To use Buzzsumo you just have to type the keyword in the search tab and simply press search. You will get inside regarding any topic or competitor.


Ubbersuggest is also another SEO tool. Instead of searching lot, competition, content research and keyword traffic, Ubbersugges simply helps to get out of all this by a single click. It uses certain tools including Google suggestions and then portraits the 45-50 content ideas. It gives the new content ideas not available in keyword planner.

4. Write Guest Post For Bigger Website:

This is a very good tactic to gain a good traffic to your site. In the starting, it is not easy to get the audience so easily. But if you write for some bigger website and put your backlinks to your website, it will bring more of traffic to your site.

Generally, a bigger website has big traffic and you can bet to the website that you’ll write in return of backlinks to your website. In the bio section, you can mention links to your a website, so that it will bring audience automatically.

Before writing a guest post for a website, check for the subscriptions or daily traffic. The subscription must be in hundreds or thousands. You should make sure that the website you are writing a guest post is bigger than yours.

Here is the statistics how much traffic generated for guest posting:

Statistics of guest posting

5. Share The Same Post More Times:

Many writes do this frequently to get unique visitors. It is good if your some post is very good to attract big traffic. There is nothing wrong in re-post the post several times for unique people.

The mentality of many writers is they just forget the post after spreading it once all over the social media sites. You are here so I’m sure you are a step ahead of those.

Re-posting doesn’t mean you are spamming the audience, it just means the post is still fresh and matters. But the way you re-post is matters a lot. Just re-post the content in another style than before so that it can look fresh.

6. Invite Influencers To Write For You:

Here, influencers are writers with a great following on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Inviting an influencer to write content on your website adds richness to your website. Make influencer to write great stuff for you and share it to get traffic by their social media followings. Obviously, you are paying the influencers for it.

Instead of paying to a general writer it is better to pay the influencers. The thing is they write for more of websites and you will get the benefit of it. So engaging your audience by influencers is a great way to make your website popular and get more traffic.

7. Use Keyword Planner To Get Ideas About Keywords:

To help you out in writing SEO friendly content Google has Keyword planner. It is a free tool.  Keyword planner gives you keywords, and phrases that are searched by the audience in Google search engine. The tool helps to improve your Google ranking and give an insight what your visitors expecting from your posts.

keyword planner

Keyword planner is very easy to use a tool. You just have to login into your Gmail account and type words, hit search, it will show you phrases and keywords related to your words. You can put these keywords and frame content around it to get good Google ranking. Try to use the keyword in nature occurring way else it will degrade the equality of content.

8. Use SEO Tactics To Increase Website Traffic:

When we are talking about traffic, SEO tool is inseparable to it. SEO tactics are necessary to be up on the Google ranking. No one is unaware about the optimization and it is necessary also to get noticed your content.

By optimizing the content we make sure that google understands the content is all about. You can use keyword planner, Ubbersuggest, Buzzsumo, etc. to research about your keyword and do keyword stuffing.

Google shows results for synonyms also. So you can spread several synonyms to your keyword in your content to get high ranking. Here are some tips to optimize your content:

  • Headline must contain the focus keyword.
  • Headline contains less than 65 characters.
  • Focus keyword must be in first paragraph and first 100 words.
  • Use active voice instead of passive voice.
  • Don’t use stop keywords in focus keyword.
  • Your some subheading must contain focus keyword.
  • Your Keyword density must be less than 5%.
  • Write Meta description about your post.
  • Use shorter paragraphs.
  • Write longer post. Your post must be of more than 1000 words.
  • Add images with tags related to your post.
  • Add featured image.
  • Write simple English and don’t use complicated and long sentences.
  • Target long tail keyword to get top SERP spot in Google.

9. Use Social Media To Share Your Content:

Social media is a great way to share your content and get more traffic. As the platform is for all, pay heed to your competitor’s social media pages to get the idea what strategies they are applying. You can join social media groups with many followers and as a member you can share your articles.

Try to share great content and build a good relationship with your followers. It can become your great source of traffic. Make a strategy and update the new posts on regular basis, repost the same with interesting description to get new visitors.

Add social media share buttons to your website, it will be easy for readers to share the content in their social media profile.

10. Install Google Analytics:

Google analytics is a great tool to find your niche. You can judge your audience and watch the websites driving more traffic. Joining the great discussion forum with a big audience and making comment when needed is also part of attracting the traffic.

You can install it for free and watch your website. The results we get from Google analytics are amazing; it gives a complete report about your posts, traffic, links, organic and non-organic traffic.

Google analytics gives you an idea of total visits, page visits, average time spent on a site, new visits, and bounce rate. By getting the report you can repeat the sources where you are succeeding.

11. Use Linked Images, Videos, And Photos:

Readers are more attracted towards the visuals than texts. Images, photos and videos give to make them understand your content and are more interactive.

When you add images in your posts, it just lightens up your post and makes it easy to understand. The added tags help visitors to reach your blog by your images. Instagram is the best way to share your images and photos on your posts.

You can create short YouTube videos and add them to your post. It also helps to improve your Google ranking because Google owns YouTube.

The social media posts with title “the 3-minute video will show you…” gets more interaction with visitors. You can modify your content post into video and share it on social media sites.

12. Involve In Social Communities:

Another great way to increase traffic is engaged yourself in social communities. There are so many popular social communities with their distinct features, rules and format. You can join Reddit, StumbleUpon, Goodreads, Ravelry, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

Be engaged in the communities by commenting, posting and sharing. Building your presence on the community is important because it will yield you big traffic.

At first, you just watch others posts how they are working and what is performing better. After that, you should start repeating the strategies which can work to gain traffic to your posts. Keep watching your own strategies which are working and which are not to get the insight.

13. Write Long Content:

A research by Buzzsumo with Moz shows that if content is of 3000-10000 words, it will give twice more shares and thrice the link response than a content of fewer than 1000 words. An another research by SerplQ says Google ranks the posts more than 2000 words better than the shorter posts of 600 words.

So, writing longer, comprehensive and in-depth articles are better than regurgitating the same topic again and again in shorter ones.

14. Invest In Advertising:

Advertising is a very important tool to generate great traffic. Advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, on Google Adwords, and PPC advertisement all are a very promotional tool to increase the traffic.

But there is no meaning of advertising if you can’t generate profit from it. So insight of your advertising strategy and showing ads into right people are also considered to convert better. To make high quality converting ads; you have to watch out the strategies your competitors are applying and you are lacking.

15. Publish More Articles And Be Regular:

The one more reason to make your audience be with you is the regularity. Building trust with your visitor is necessary and for that, you have to publish on regular basis.

It doesn’t matter if you post once, twice or thrice in the week or daily, the thing is to be consistent and publish more. By publishing more and regularly makes your audience engaged with your site.

Publishing ads on simple emotional titles, touches of humor, and messages performs well in generating more visitors. Performing and non-performing ads have some distinctions, find out the separation and try to format your ads in popular categories.


I hope you are going to apply these strategies to generate more traffic.

Tips For Asking For Time Off From Work To Go For Vacation 

It is the very common question of almost all employees that what’s the best way to ask for off from work to the boss? It is really very hard to ask to the boss for time off from your job has particular vacation or when you’re entitled to other paid or unpaid leave. But you need that right time when you can ask and it is also important how you should ask your manager for any leave when you want a break.

Always Check Your Company’s Vacation Policy

There are many organizations that have a very weak staffing plan and for that when any employee asks for any leave except from his quota they missed them. Employees are generally provided with 2 – 4 weeks of paid vacation on average. It can be more depending on the organization and there are some employers who even offer unlimited vacation as a company policy. Some employers have a system where vacation is calculated based on work time where others are providing only a certain number of weeks which depends on the years of service.

Paid and Unpaid Time Off

Organizations are not bounded to provide paid or unpaid vacation for its employees. They are legally bound to give time off from work for the purpose of family leave. If you’re not sure that what vacation time you are eligible then check with your employee manual, talk to the manager or Human Resources department of your organization.

If your company doesn’t offer any vacation pay benefit or if you have finished all your paid vacation then also you can still ask for the time off. Even if you are in new job you are also eligible to get a vacation. Here are some tips how to ask for time off to the boss.

Guide To Ask For Time Off From Work To The Boss

What techniques you should apply to handle the situation of asking for time off from work? It can be more challenging to get the time off and remain in good position with your seniors when each worker is very important to the operations.

It can also be very tricky if you have finished your all allotted vacation and further you want to take more time, or work in such kind of job which doesn’t at all offer any vacation as an employee benefit. Here are some tips how to plan your requests before boss and to ask him in the right way.

  1. First make an effective plan when to ask. Choose the right time to plan your requests for time off when your boss will be in very good mood or in a mood of reception. Always avoid any stressful times of the day, week or month which may ruin all.
  2. While asking your boss for time off make sure that your work is under control and in well-managed condition at the time of your request. If possible, try to ask for time off after successful completion of the project or event which was entrusted to you earlier.
  3. Make a proper schedule for your time off in advance. Making a yearly plan can help to ensure that you are utilizing your allotted time and are able to integrate vacation into your project planning. If you want time off within a very short period then be sure to inform your boss that you’re already caught up.
  4. You may use it or lose it. Let your employer know that you are really in need of using a certain amount of vacation time or give them the reason that it may stand to lose as per company policy, so it can help you to make the way to approval very smooth. Employers in most of the cases can set a date within which employees have to use all vacation or they may lose all.
  5. Never ask at a peak time. Consider the ups and down of work flow of activity in your department while planning for the timing of vacation requests. Stay away from peak times when your seniors and supervisors need all employees to meet the company demand or maintain a deadline. If your annual report is due on the first week of any month then you should not request for time off in the immediately prior weeks to that deadline.
  6. Try to request time off in writing. Always make sure that you are making your request in the form of writing, so there is a proper documentation when the time comes nearby to take the time off. You can send an email to your boss which should suffice with a copy to any other senior else of that organization who can be aware of your request.
  7. You should ask, don’t tell. When you make requests for the time off, it should be just a request and not a demand. Avoid describing your vacation plans to the boss as a complete deal before getting approval from him. So, u can say that you would like to spend the last two weeks of any particular month in some vacation place and ask whether it can be workable Don’t say that you have booked a trip to somewhere and need to take vacation.
  8. Make a plan of the workflow during your absence. This will show that how your responsibilities might be handled in your absence by the assigned employees.
  9. Get finished before you go. If it is possible to work for some extra hours prior to your time off to make sure that your area of responsibility is under control.
  10. Try to share your work. Make a plan to meet with your co-workers with whom you can collaborate and discuss how overlapping responsibilities might be handled during your absence.
  11. Inform everyone about your time off who needs to know. Make sure that your bosses should not get any complaints while you are gone for the time off. Inform almost all key constituents around you especially the customers and clients that you will be absent and let them know the name of persons who will provide the service to them in your absence.
  12. Always play a fair game with your co-workers. Discuss with your co-workers the ways to enjoy the most popular periods of time while you are going for vacations so your relationships with your co-workers remain positive towards you and your boss cannot get any complaints.

So, all these are a short overview of the ways you can approach to your boss for the time off or request for leave to go for any vacation. The more you be humble and use the right technique the better it will be easy for you to get the time off shortly.

Some Very Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

There is a huge difference between a job that only able to pays the bills of you and the other one which is fulfilling your career. It is very surprising that why the distance between our regular job and our dream job is often so wide. The world has changed, so the technology has been improved time to time, but still our hiring process remain same as the way it was back in the 1970s of later. A nominal change has been found in how we are searching for any post, apply, and appear for the interview for that jobs online or offline.

Probably the first step in creating extraordinary or unusual work places is to reframe the rules of getting engaged for perusing the meaningful employment. You might be surprised by getting these suggestions for landing the dream job of yours but as transforming of the hiring process is getting so high the creation of extraordinary work places requires a few years to catch up the whole market. Here are a few of such ideas that may open up a few new pathways for you to get your dream job.

  • Learn About Yourself before applying

Take adequate time to do a self-assessment of you. Also try to find out your values, the way you like to work and what you will be compelled to do when you never got paid. Do proper research on careers and industries that match to your skills and interests. Search in the Internet, or set up any informational interviews and take relevant homework by arranging to go for a company in your chosen field.

  • Apply for those jobs which are never listed

There are certain jobs in every job portal which are generally a bit exceptional than other posted in other job sites. Search for those option which has got less view than other as in those field a better opportunity is there. Who knows that while searching in those sector you may get your dream job.

Try to become friends with people who work in those companies you’re showing your interested to be in. you should enjoy learning about them and always be supportive towards them. Don’t be surprised when they give you call and ask you for joining with them when a new vacancy opens up or may refer you to any other open position at another good company. Networking helps to open new doors almost all the time.

  • Skills always win, even over personal preferences, charisma, and charm

Develop comprehensive knowledge in your chosen profession so that you will continue to create great and unique job opportunities throughout your whole life. Companies will always prefer those people who can deliver strong outcomes. It is main criteria of many great companies to hire good people who are really willing to learn and who are not at all afraid to educate themselves by any form of learning process. There is a rich wealth of learning facilities available to you whether on or off the Internet.

  • Don’t rely very much on your resume

A résumé is really a very good and perfect step to get your first foot in the door of the recruiter and describe what you’ve skilled in your career. But showing is always better than telling. Sometimes creating a portfolio in LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook describing who you are and what you stand for can add a more strength than sending resume. Those are the mostly searched places where the hiring professionals will go to check you out.

  • Don’t focus mainly on money because if you’re really good, let it find you

Discover the work that searches you rather you search it and then start doing it. If you’re just running only for the money, title, and fame then you’ll never get complete job satisfaction or mental peace. Don’t be scared by a lack of experience, just think that how your current skills and talents can be affected your responsibilities you will be given while in the new job. Always have a realistic expectation even if you’re fortunate enough to get your dream job. There’s no such thing exist as perfect work situation. Every job you search in any job portal has its own ups and downs, and there are certain aspects which we love and aspects we don’t. “Dream job” doesn’t mean a job which gives you a lavish office room with ac and all basic requirements you need to do your job in a very cozy manner. It will be like where you feel more energetic even your boss will lode you with dozens of file.

There are much other option by searching those you can good job but a dream job is all we just desire to get always. Above all, keep yourself ready for every situation because we don’t know where our fate will take us.

Some Very Unconventional Ways To Land Your Dream Job

There is a huge difference between a job that only able to pays the bills of you and the other one which is fulfilling your career. It is very surprising that why the distance between our regular job and our dream job is often so wide. The world has changed, so the technology has been improved time to time, but still our hiring process remain same as the way it was back in the 1970s of later. A nominal change has been found in how we are searching for any post, apply, and appear for the interview for that jobs online or offline.

Probably the first step in creating extraordinary or unusual work places is to reframe the rules of getting engaged for perusing the meaningful employment. You might be surprised by getting these suggestions for landing the dream job of yours but as transforming of the hiring process is getting so high the creation of extraordinary work places requires a few years to catch up the whole market. Here are a few of such ideas that may open up a few new pathways for you to get your dream job.

  • Learn About Yourself before applying

Take adequate time to do a self-assessment of you. Also try to find out your values, the way you like to work and what you will be compelled to do when you never got paid. Do proper research on careers and industries that match to your skills and interests. Search in the Internet, or set up any informational interviews and take relevant homework by arranging to go for a company in your chosen field.

  • Apply for those jobs which are never listed

There are certain jobs in every job portal which are generally a bit exceptional than other posted in other job sites. Search for those option which has got less view than other as in those field a better opportunity is there. Who knows that while searching in those sector you may get your dream job.

Try to become friends with people who work in those companies you’re showing your interested to be in. you should enjoy learning about them and always be supportive towards them. Don’t be surprised when they give you call and ask you for joining with them when a new vacancy opens up or may refer you to any other open position at another good company. Networking helps to open new doors almost all the time.

  • Skills always win, even over personal preferences, charisma, and charm

Develop comprehensive knowledge in your chosen profession so that you will continue to create great and unique job opportunities throughout your whole life. Companies will always prefer those people who can deliver strong outcomes. It is main criteria of many great companies to hire good people who are really willing to learn and who are not at all afraid to educate themselves by any form of learning process. There is a rich wealth of learning facilities available to you whether on or off the Internet.

  • Don’t rely very much on your résumé

A résumé is really a very good and perfect step to get your first foot in the door of the recruiter and describe what you’ve skilled in your career. But showing is always better than telling. Sometimes creating a portfolio in LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook describing who you are and what you stand for can add a more strength than sending resume. Those are the mostly searched places where the hiring professionals will go to check you out.

  • Don’t focus mainly on money because if you’re really good, let it find you

Discover the work that searches you rather you search it and then start doing it. If you’re just running only for the money, title, and fame then you’ll never get complete job satisfaction or mental peace. Don’t be scared by a lack of experience, just think that how your current skills and talents can be affected your responsibilities you will be given while in the new job. Always have a realistic expectation even if you’re fortunate enough to get your dream job. There’s no such thing exist as perfect work situation. Every job you search in any job portal has its own ups and downs, and there are certain aspects which we love and aspects we don’t. “Dream job” doesn’t mean a job which gives you a lavish office room with ac and all basic requirements you need to do your job in a very cozy manner. It will be like where you feel more energetic even your boss will lode you with dozens of file.

There are much other option by searching those you can good job but a dream job is all we just desire to get always. Above all, keep yourself ready for every situation because we don’t know where our fate will take us.

Buyer Persona and the Importance of Real-Time Relevance

Real-time relevance is current in a series of trends. Intelligent strategies are brought on by companies adopting big data and analytics to discover deeper insight about buyer persona. As companies have gotten better at utilizing their analytic tools, their ability to accurately target buyer persona has also improved. Consequently, consumers expect marketing messages to be relevant.

What is Real-Time Relevance in the Marketing World?


Real-time relevance is about placing your brand and its message in front of the right customer at the right time. Digital marketed companies are gravitating away from the pop-up and sidebar. On the contrary, they are working towards hyper-accurate messaging that anticipates the need of the buyer persona.

The timing of messages is critical in relevant marketing. If you placed an ad based on someone’s previous search, it’s just that — previous. There’s a likelihood that the potential buyer already chose another brand.

Real-time ensures relevancy because as soon as your message is relevant to the buyer persona, you’re immediately present. 

What does Real-Time Relevance Look Like?

Real-time relevant marketing includes the use of push notifications. Push notifications target the buyer persona immediately. In addition to push notifications are location services. Knowing where your buyer persona is, helps you get to know your buyer persona more.

Leveraging relevant and trending topics on social media is also a form of real-time relevance. The infamous power outage during Super Bowl XLVIII is a great example. Oreo tweeted “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.” Their immediate, real-time and hyper-relevant response to the blackout created tens of thousands engagements on the Internet.

Current events stir up engagement. After all, we do it several times a year on major holidays. Real-time relevance, however, makes it possible to target smaller, trending events just seconds after they occur. You don’t want to target trending topics that don’t resonate with your buyer persona template. And you especially don’t want to leverage topics that are too serious and tragic.  For example, the real time relevant flop of Epicurious’s attempt to get Bostonians to try their cranberry scone recipe soon after the Boston marathon tragedy.

Lastly, real-time relevance can be used in response to a customer action. Marketers have been doing this for awhile. A thank you message is sent when a person buys or subscribes. Moreover, it’s no longer just about thanking customers. Real-time relevance makes it possible to greatly enhance the customer journey with messaging to facilitate their trip through the marketing funnel.

Microseconds: How Fast is Real-Time?

The smartphone is the main driver behind the increasing need for faster messaging. Almost everyone has a smartphone, and they spend a lot of time using it. On average, a person checks their phone 150x a day and spends just under three hours a day on their device. With a little bit of math, the average smartphone session lasts about a minute.

Some of these short bursts of mobile activity are used to shoot a quick text or email. Other times, users are utilizing the search engine. Most users spend time researching the top results from the search. As a result, the decision-making process is splintered into quick moments.

These micro-moments require brands to be swift to the sudden burst of curiosity from the buyer persona. Oreo had no idea that there would be a power outage. What made their tweet so effective was that it came so quickly. Oreo knew that everyone who had their eyes glued to the TV would be looking at their phones and visiting Twitter to talk about the power outage. Thus, the cookie brand capitalized on the moment.

Your ability to connect customers needs to be fast. There shouldn’t be any friction that slows the process down. The relevant information should be easy to find, if not immediately front and center. If your buyer persona is looking for a product, the search process should be quick and painless.

Examples of Real-Time Relevance in Marketing

Oreo is arguably the most famous case of a brand nailing real-time relevance marketing. With that said, many other brands have also helped pave the way. Here are a few examples:

Red Roof Inn saw a need for affordable hotel rooms by travelers that had become stranded by flight cancellations. There are thousands of people every day that find themselves marooned and in need of a place to stay. Thus, they tracked flight delays and cancellations and targeted search ads for their hotels that were near airports experiencing a lot of grounded flights. The result was a 60% increase in bookings for non-brand specific search campaigns.

Gorilla Glue seized a significant opportunity in their first national ad campaign after Bruno Mars, released his Gorilla music video. It took Gorilla Glue only two days to create and approve a spoof of Mars’ music video. Gorilla Glue managed to get a ton of views, mentions, and engagements on their parody. Today, the video has over 375K views.

Lids spends a lot on ads and marketing during the March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament. In 2015, they realized, to make the most out of their campaigns during the tournament, they had to target teams that were still relevant in the tournament. Now, Lids uses an algorithm to adjust their ad placements in real-time based on the outcomes of the games. They even place extra ads for fans of a team that wins in an upset.

In conclusion, the marketing game is centered around the buyer persona. Marketers have many tactics under their sleeves and those who want to target their buyer persona need to make sure their content is relevant.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Reporting Tools Every Digital Marketer Must Have

I consider digital marketing as a fashion trend and everybody knows its importance. I am here only to reveal top 10 digital marketing reporting tools every digital marketer must have to know their customer and track your business. One thing every digital marketer keep in mind is a customer is the king of marketing. To make the customer the hero of your story, you have to think like your customer and place their priorities first.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Reporting Tools

  1. IWebchk 

Iwebcheck is a free tool to check the operability of your website. It shows the improvement areas by mentioning the points what is the reason for the low ranking. To increase your web’s performance just go to its website and type your web’s URL and press review. You will get the report of your website’s performance and improvement areas.

You can give it a try. Of course, it is all free. Only For advance features, you have to sign up for membership $19.99/month plan.

  1. Free SEO Reports: 

Free SEO reports are essential for your website’s performance check. It generates the report mentioning each issue which is making your ranking down. Report consist SEO score (out of 100), URL check, title check,   to-do tasks, speed check, page rank check (out of 10), images check, description check and more.

It has two plans agency plan ($25/month) and personal plan ($9/month) with 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied with the report.

  1. Moz 

Moz helps in building high-quality inbound link profile by researching back-links, find link building opportunities, and discover damaging links with the open site explorer. It has the Moz Pro to improve the SEO ranking and visibility of your site and the Moz Bar to see metrics of every page.

Moz is the complete toolset with Moz pro and Moz Bar. It offers 30-day free trial after that you have to buy it for $149/month.

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also one of the top Digital marketing reporting tools. You can Start analyzing In 3 steps: basic info about the site you want to analyze > paste tracking code provided by Google analytics to your site> you will get info about who visited your site.

In addition, Google Analytics 360 is the Google’s new addition to gain a better understanding about your website. GA watches your insights and makes better results. GA 360 covers enterprise analytics, tagging, site optimization, data visualization, market research, attribution, and audience management. All size business finds solutions to their problems here.

  1. Bitly

Bitly is the lucid and user-friendly platform to share, save, shorten and optimize links through the web. It also analyzes your campaigns and improve them for better understanding and enhance your business.

A fully functional account is available on Bitly and if you want additional features you can upgrade your account.

  1. Clicky

Clicky helps your business to grow by tracking your audience, their interest, their dislike, what they want and how people take your website as, what they are looking for on your website.  All information is real-time and no spam links are there.

It offers you endless features like powerful and flexible API, twitter analytics, Google search ranking, video ranking, big screen mode, HTTP tracking and bounce rate in the bitz.

  1. SEMrush

Semrush is a complete business for businesses as it not only track your SEO but also position tracking, site audit, social media tool, brand monitoring, back-link audit tool, organic traffic insights, and PPC keyword tool.

It offers pricing and plan according to your business and convenience. It offers pro analytics $99.95/ monthly, Guru Analytics plan $199.95/monthly, business analytics plan $399.95/month and custom plan and enterprise plan according to business size and services you want.

  1. Google Search Console

Google search console helps business owners, SEO specialist, site administrator, Web developer, app developer to get information about your domain. To get data have to sign in to Google analytics account and verify you own the website.

GSC is a reliable source to generate reports about your website. It makes webmasters check indexing status and enhance the visibility of their websites. You don’t have to sign in to make your website in search engine results but making it happens helps you know how Google see your website.

  1. Open Web Analytics

Open Web analytics, an open source web analytics, is created by peter Adams. OWA supports tracking and monitoring with two frameworks; WordPress and MediaWiki. It is server software anyone can install on their host like Google analytics. OWA also helps in comparing your data with competitors and better understanding about your site.

  1. Similar Web 

similar web helps you in tracking your traffic and make a decision basis on generated insights. Just signup for free and win your market by reliable insights. It not only helps to track, rank, estimate and record but also reveal your agitators’ online strategy.

Similar web works amazingly in four steps: Collect raw data from sources, Clean and categories data each day, Computer algorithm process the data, and the information is fingertips away from your website.


So, this article is for those who want to grow their business or want to rate high their website in Google search engine. I have covered the best I feel, you can vary on other software according to your objectives and requirements.


Top 10 Best Automated SEO Report Software Must Have For Any SEO Consultant

Websites are an investment for the business and SEO report software is designed to provide strategies to improve your websites’ decision making. For owners and business men it is vital to know whether their strategies working or not or where they are lacking or how to improve your sites’ ranking or conversion ratio. Check out top 10 best-automated SEO report software must have for any SEO consultant here:

1. Raven

Raven is an online marketing tool to generate automated SEO reports. It creates widely acceptable and complete SEO, Social and PPC marketing reports in minutes. Site editor automatically finds and fix the SEO problems on the pages. You can access more than 20 data connectors from FaceBook ads, twitter, Bing ads and more.

It offers 14-day free trial and paid version of Raven. Pre version costs $99/month and perfect for marketing consultants and small agencies. Agency version is perfect for mid-sized and large agencies, costs $249/month.

2. Google analytics

Google analytics is the most widely used, freemium web analytics service, offered by Google. You can able to generate any sort of in-depth analytics when you are at Google analytics.  It’s complex to use because you have to Google the answers if you have any. But it pays off your efforts. It is an amazing and rewarding tool but others.

Google analytics help you in reviewing online campaign, identifying the poorly performing page, customizing visual segmentation, generating site’s transaction, revenue and many.

GA has two pricing tiers: free and 360. GA 360 costs $12,500/month and generates reports using angelfish software.

3. Woorank 

It is reliable, time-saving, easy to use and a complete web-based online seo analysis tool. Woorank helps to grow your business and to increase your audience by providing automated SEO report. Information provided by Woorank is important and given documentation helps to know how to use the services. Users have the advantage to use it in multiple language and currencies.

Woorank makes you affluent by its stunning features like backline tools, on-page analysis, site audits, local marketing, keyword analysis, SERP rank tracking, brand alerts, website integration analysis and more.

It has three plans: free, premium and pro. Premium plan, for agencies, costs $149/month. Pro plan, for webmasters, costs $49/month.

4. SE ranking

SE ranking is a cloud-based solution for agencies and webmasters. It checks the global and local ranking of the websites. It is sophisticated in multi-user and manual editing. You can check your ranking at a different interval. SE ranking saves your lot of time by creating reports easily. It is global and available in different languages.

It is complete SEO software tool as it provides all the features like keyword grouping tool, website audit, keyword rank tracking, on-page SEO audit and more.

SE ranking has 4 pricing plans: personal plan costs $84/year, optimum plan costs $39/month, plus plan costs $89/month and enterprise plan costs $ 189/month.

5. Web CEO

Web CEO is a well equipped and powerful internet marketing platform for SEO/SMM jobs and branded reports. It’s reports have 15 marketing tools to provide branded report. Its’ reports are customizable, clear and easy to understand.

It has many tools to increase your business ranking like SEO analysis, technical audit, web analytics, social analytics, competitor backlink spy and more.

Web CEO’s pricing covers from freelancers to an SEO expert. It has a Startup plan costing $99/month, a corporate plan costing $199/month, an agency fixed plan costing $499/month and an agency unlimited plan according to your industry growth costing $99/month +scanning fee.

6. DashThis

DashThis suits for business environment managing pages particularly social media pages. It generates automatic reports for a variety of pages. It saves so much of your time which you spend on manual report making. DashThis’ vision is KISS principle: Keep It Simple and Straightforward.

DashThis has features like intuitive and clean designs, all data at one place, multi-users, customize your templates, custom design, URL and development.

Dash this offers 30% discount for non-profit organization applicable to all plans. It has different plans costing $599, $399, $249, $129, and $39 per month. Choose the plan which suits your business.

7. Rank Watch

Rank Watch provides features for your sites and notifies you of any change if occurs. It relieves you by instant notification about ranking fluctuations, unlimited daily email addresses of recipients, and notification when your keywords leave or top the 1/10/100 ranking. You can set your keyword to track the ranking locally or globally.

There are many marvellous features are waiting for you in Rank Watch like SEO management, 100% white label solution, keyword archive, CEO dashboard, advanced reporting city based rank tracking, email alerts, website analyser, backlinks, keyword suggestions, etc.

It has M, L, XL and custom tailored plans costing$29, $ 99, $449, and $58 to $5987 respectively.

8. AuthorityLabs

AuthorityLabs provides daily automated, reliable and accurate SEO tracking reports. It is the solution to your hurdles and problems while searching for keyword results. This is user-friendly and easy to navigate tool to increase your ranking.

Authority Labs, Awesome SEO software, works for your need by providing daily data ranking check, accurate client reporting, multi-user access, global tracking and more.

It offers different pricing $99.99 for general users, $225 for consultants and $450 for agencies.


SEOSAMBA saves your time, money, and aggravation. This is automatic SEO and social marketing report tool. It is user-friendly and easy to use software. It provides real-time SEO, assets, social media networking, PR, voice and SMS all at one dashboard.

SEOSAMBA re-deploy your websites, manage pay per click campaigns, build a smarter website to yield results and optimize virtual private cloud.

10. Report Garden

It is a powerful report generating tool which reduced your days’ efforts to hours and minutes. ReportGarden believes in updating the software according to trends time to time and generates a number of reports.

ReportGarden offers different dashboards such as Adwords reporting dashboard, PPC dashboard, SEO dashboard, Social media dashboard, analytics dashboards, facebook dashboards and twitter dashboard.

Basic program for ReportGarden costs $41/month, pro costs $74/month, agency costs $141/month and enterprise costs $324/month. There is also a custom option which offers unlimited user access, dashboards, and more advanced features than others.


I have covered the best 10 best seo report software what I found online. There are many you may find  more comfortable with, its your choice but choose the tools wisely. Before using any tool you can check the reviews, features and pricing here G2 Crowd

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Top 10 Best Marketing Analytics Tools that increase Your Profit by 300%

Online marketing has started new trends, umpteen of people get acknowledged online. So measuring the traffic and what your customer wants or prediction about competition is important. To promote your business it is immense to know the customer’s behavior towards your product or website. If you want an efficient and well-organized marketing analytics tools, check out these top 10 best marketing analytics tools here.

1. Cyfe:

What is Cyfe:

It is All-in-one online business software. Cyfe is the time-saving solution; it collects, monitors, and analyzes the data. The Cyfe provides cloud-based services, allow you to monitor and share your data in real time at one place. You come up with more time to invest in your business rather than wasting in data collecting, analyzing and monitoring. You can watch a free demo of Cyfe to see how it works. Watch demo here.

Features of Cyfe:

  • Monitor multiple websites, departments by the dashboard.
  • Pull data from sites like Facebook, Google, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, PayPal, etc.
  • Display your dashboards data securely.
  • Share reports and analysis with management, customers and employees.
  • Save the Past data in the archive to access in future.
  • Schedule and download the data in different formats.
  • Customize your dashboard with Cyfe.
  • TV mode to rotate one or more dashboard on your big screen.
  • Track, See, and Analyze the social media demographics.

Limitations of Cyfe:

  • There is not an option for multiuser authentications.
  • It is slow, take the time to load.
  • Some reports are not customisable.

2. Affinio

What is Affinio

Affinio is a marketing platform to judge the visitors to your site and reveals the hidden insights. Affinio understands the power of your customer and revenue of the company. It connects the company with its customer by tracking their interests. It empowers your marketing strategies.

Features of Affino

  • Uncover hidden audience segments
  • Gain competitive intelligence about audience
  • Monitor audience dynamics and trends
  • Create data-driven buyer personas
  • Identify relevant influencers and partnership
  • Uncovers insights faster

Limitations of Affino

  • No real trial or error process
  • Unfriendly in dealing
  • Platform is for high-growth start-up

3. Mixpanel

What is Mixpanel

Mixpanel is web based tool; use to measure visitors’ view, share, comment and movement to your profile. Beyond this, it analyses in deep and able to answer your specific questions about the visitors in real-time. Intended users of mixpanel are digital marketers, freelancers, small and mid-sized businesses, business administrators and large enterprises.

Features of Mixpanel

  • Send the push notifications, text message, and email to your targeted customers’ specific time zone.
  • You can see your customers’ profile who they are and what they do in your profile.
  • Provide easy solutions to escape you from the complex math of hidden data.
  • Shows your weakness where you are behind and why are you lacking customers.
  • The tracking system is automatic.
  • Do A/B testing to find your users optimal experience.
  • Retention report provides how often customer return and engage with your website.
  • Groups people of similar profiles automatically.
  • Do mobile surveys and message scheduling.

Limitations of Mixpanel

  • Take time to learn about complex things
  • The analysis is difficult and unpredictable.
  • No API available.

4. BrightFunnel

What is BrightFunnel

Brightfunnel is a team of marketing analysts track the layer of revenue stack. Nadim Hossain, Nisheeth Ranjan and Ranjan Bagchi have started the company. The purpose is to solve a problem as a marketing executive and to see full marketing visibility for a company. Brightfunnel has revenue intelligence suite to arrange all marketing decisions.

Features of BrightFunnel

  • Measures marketing revenues
  • Do account based marketing analysis
  • Web integration to track from where the traffic is coming from.
  • Track the conversion rate of your customer
  • Predict your traffic journey by analysis
  • Validate and optimize the data for sales activity analysis

Limitations of BrightFunnel

  • Exporting and customizing the date has some limitations.
  • Global filter sometimes don’t work
  • Some features for some users are extraordinary.

5. Moz pro

What is Moz pro

Moz pro is an SEO toolset which improves ranking and search engine optimization of your site. It gives you confidence by measuring the track of your audience. Moz believes in giving quality to its users. It is the solution to website errors, competitive research and SEO opportunities. You can start with 30 days free trial period.

Features of Moz pro

  • Track keywords for Google, Bing, and yahoo; segment them by campaign, label, and location.
  • Represent search visibility score
  • Track competitors ranking and compare with yours
  • Compare mobile vs desktop ranking of your site
  • Track ranking based on city and country
  • Advanced online marketing guide

Limitations of Moz pro

  • Reporting is a not decent feature
  • Moz’s insights is premature
  • Expensive and slow

6. Looker

What is Looker

Looker uses LookML, data modelling language, to write the right SQL to answer any explorer’s question.  Looker generates reports and data models to reflect your company’s business logic. It gives you excellent service and support. It is easy to use and transparent tool to use with the data warehouse.

Features of Looker

  • LookML is looker’s simple yet effective data modelling language.
  • Create beautiful reports and dashboards for easy to use
  • Extract and explore data from your data warehouse
  • Build a data culture

Limitations of Looker

  • Support team is not able to give creative solution to unique problem
  • LookML adds complexity and maintenance cost to Looker
  • Parameters in visualization are not up to the mark

7. Kissmetrics

What is Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a simple and informative tool to drive your business’s marketing strategy. The aim of Kissmetrics is to get, keep and grow more customers. kissmetrics tracks the visitors by what they are doing and how much time they are spending on your website. It simplifies customer-product relation for you by measuring what customer wants and what’s working.

Features of Kissmetrics

  • Lead class tool to get the transparency and answers to succeed
  • Expert setup to help you through each step
  • Uses customized approach to run experiments that will drive growth
  • Help to make an informed decision based on reports, graphs and data.

Limitations of Kissmetrics

  • Lack of automatically event tracking
  • Lack of graphical output

8. Hotjar

What is Hotjar

Hotjar amazingly sees what your visitors doing on your site or how they are using it. Hotjar tracks your customer’ click, scroll and visits. Simply I can say All-in-one analytics & feedback tool to understand your web. The basic version of Hotjar is free forever.

Features of Hotjar

  • Heatmaps to track your site’s visitor
  • Record the movement of your visitor
  • Find where and on which page your visitors leave the page
  • Take feedbacks by questioning
  • Respond visitor quickly to collect deeper insights before they leave

Limitations of Hotjar

  • Only captures 30% of data
  • Lack integrations
  • Push their referral program more

9. ThriveHive

What is ThriveHive

ThriveHive gives guided marketing platform to manage and grow your business.  It provides you with a search-optimized website, marketing software platform, a customized marketing plan, real-time analytics, and expert guidance. ThriveHive measures traffic both in online and offline mode.

Features of ThriveHive

  • Get a professional website or create your own
  • Customization of marketing plan is possible
  • Marketing platform to track, view leads, access, update website, schedule and post on social media.
  • Notify you when someone fills your contact form.
  • Suggest where to spend on Google AdWords for promotion.

Limitations of ThriveHive

  • No reference guide available to answer your question.
  • For the minor complaint, you have to reach the support department, no intermediatory solution.

10. Semrush

What is Semrush

Semrush provides a simple solution to complex online marketing. Besides the online tracking strategies, there are much more interesting about Semrush such as back line audit, position tracking, brand monitoring, content tool, projects tool, etc. You can request a demo by filling the form on its website

Features of Semrush

  • Competition analysis
  • Ad keywords and creative research
  • Discover the best performance of your social media
  • Choose trending topics
  • Analytics reports
  • Display advertising
  • Video advertising research

Limitations of Semrush

  • There is no connection with Google analytics and Ad-words
  • Site audit often trouble with problem

Now, you know top 10 best marketing analytics tools to promote your business. Waiting for what? Choose the one suit to your company and let it to the level you dreamed.

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software For Youtuber

Today’s digital market,YouTube is a platform, where you can share video to show your potential over the world. Video Editing Software plays vital role, at the time of  uploading your video, if you require to edit (add, delete & update) the video for better performance or if you want to edit original video for your personal use.There are lots of free, paid video editing software are available in market for editing purpose. Among those, there are below top 10 best video editing software for YouTuber.

Free/Paid Video Editing Software For Windows/Mac

  1. Wondershare Fillmora Video Editing Software:

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editing Software For YoutuberWondershare Filmora is wonderful video editing windows based program.

You have to import the clips what you want in your video, choose a  Pre programmed theme and music. It analyses clips,finally create a video automatically.

There is no water mark in the output file if you purchase a license for activating this software.

Trial version is functionally same as the paid version.


  1. Windows Movie Maker Video Editing Software:

Windows Movie MakerWindows Movie Maker allows you to create a movie that includes video, still images, background music, and narration.

Video can be shared with other people through Face book, you tube etc.

You can use several special effects at the time of  making video. It allows you to drag & drop any video or picture anywhere you want to put it.

This is best for photo slide show. It is not easy to do complex editing. There are no unlimited video & audio tracks. Video overlaying option is not possible.

You have to save your video often as it can be crash most of the time. Windows Movie maker works fantastic to create new video for beginners and it’s treat as best video editing software for YouTubers.

  1. Virtual Dub Video Editing Software:

Virtual DubVirtual Dub is used to processing the AVI files and compress video file.
It is compatible for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms.

Virtual Dub is including features like linear video streams, recompression and filtering.

It uses the built-in logo filter to add a watermark to your video.

  1. iMovie Video Editing Software:

iMovie Video Editing Software:iMovie is mainly used for Mac & IOS users. It imports video & photo files from hard drives. It supports high -definitions video.

iMovie is developed by Apple Inc. You can add only 18 clips on your timelines.

This allows things from iPhoto, iTunes. You can record your voice in iMovie & use this throughout the entire video.Only Mac user can use this product.

  1. Blender Video Editing Software:

Blender Video Editing SoftwareBlender is free and open source software. It is used for creating 3D animations. This is reliable software.

It edits 2D video. Paid video editor software for windows/Mac.


  1. Pinnacle Studio 19 Video Editing Software:

Pinnacle Studio 19 Video Editing SoftwarePinnacle Studio 19 hasn’t any option to capture live screen. It has advance video editing features ,the features of Multi-cam editing, Dual preview and Audio ducking.

It is windows based paid software. Its price is approx. $59.95


  1. Corel Video Studio Pro X9.5 Video Editing Software:

Corel Video Studio Pro X9.5 Video Editing SoftwareCorel Video Studio Pro X9.5 has excellent editing features. It has effects like stop-motion and multi-cam editing.

You can be editing 4k video, if you have big disk space. Corel Video Studio Pro X9.5 offers around 2,000 effects.

It is windows based paid software. It’s price approx. $67.99. It is little bit difficult for beginners.

  1. Final Cut Pro Video Editing Software:

Final Cut Pro Video Editing SoftwareFinal Cut Pro created by Micro media Inc. and Apple Inc. you can log and transfer videos and images onto a hard drive (internal or external). It has non-linear video editing option.

You can add as many as you want to add clips on your time-line. It is difficult for user to use as it is little bit complex to use.

It takes a lot of time to fully editing process. Only Mac user uses this software. Its price approx. $299.99.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Video Editing Software:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Video Editing Software

Mainly photographers use this video editing program to shoot video.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 has compress tool for that anyone allow to create as they see fit.

It is used the features of  colour correction tool and advance audio mixture interface.

it’s price around $799.

  1. Light works Video Editing Software:

Light works Video Editing SoftwareLight works is speedy and accurate editing program. It has very nice video adjustment and fails to audio editing.

As it crashes frequently, it is difficult to use. It’s price $24.99 for monthly & $174.99 for Yearly.
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Top 10 Best Emergency Data Recovery Software Reviews

No matter how much experienced you are in operating the PC, one mistake can let you in hurdle after wrongly deleting the data. If mistakenly it happens with you or you have deleted the files knowing unused and later they become most import. What to do in this situation?

The recovery of the files, images, documents is possible. There is much software available to assist you in this situation. I have mentioned top 10 best emergency Data recovery software.

DMDE Software

DMDE Software

DMDE is an award winning and most appreciated software by magazines. It helps out when no software can help you to recover that’s why it is number 1 in my ranking list.

DMDE works with NTFS, FAT32, FAT 12/16, Ext 2/3/4, HFS+/HFSX (beta), exFAT.  It goes well with windows, DOS (console), Linux (Terminal).

Partition manager, disk editor, RAID constructor, disk clone, NTFS utilities, the algorithm of through research are the features help the DMDE software to recover the lost data.

Pandora Recovery:

pandora recovery

Pandora works great to recover your deleted data. It scans the hard disk and extracts the existing data, mark deleted data for recovery, and bring back fragmented files to existence. Pandora works on the concept that when we delete the files it’s originally not deleted, only the name is affected by this action and disk space shows available for other data. The file is only deleted when the data is overwritten on the previous file.

Pandora’s new edition is the free disk drill. The new edition is equipped with modern functionality and inherited file recovery efficiency.


Recuva recovery software

Recuva is an important tool for your computer when it comes to recovering the lost data from your computer. Developed by piriform and it takes 6MB disk space. It works with windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The reasons of data lose can be any like hard disk failure, data is destroyed by the virus, you have deleted the data mistakenly, and your email is deleted, etc. Recuva will help you to get out of this.

It works on the concept that file was saved in hard disk and as soon as you ask Recuva to recover there is no new file overwritten on that space and Recuva will recover the data.



Photorec works for Digital Camera’s Memory, Hard Disks, CD-ROMs, CompactFlash, Memory, Stick, Smart Media and Secure Digital. It is free open source software. Testdisk and photoRec complement each other. It is advisable not to save another files to the same drive you have deleted the images, the new file can overwrite on the previous files and recoverability can become critical. Photorec works whether the drive is damaged or not. It does secure visit to your recoverable partition by read only mode.

Stellar Data Recovery:

Stellar data recovery

With Stellar, it is possible to recover severely damaged data, after the formatting and accidentally occurred deletion. Stellar works with windows and supports FAT, NTFS, and exFAT drives.

If the particular partition is missing, you can search it under “can’t find drive” option. It does a Quick scan to list the file. All the found partition is listed under partition option. The deep scan is the resort when the particular partition is not listed.

Minitool Partition Recovery


MiniTool has two editions the free edition and the professional edition. The basic edition is for homeowners who do basic disks and partition tasks. For advanced features, you have to switch to professional edition. For commercial environment they have server edition, technician edition and enterprise edition.

With MIniTool you can change the partition, upgrade hard disk, merge/split partition, copy partition, disk conversion, recover deleted messages, recover lost phones, recover deleted videos, and recover lost contacts. miniTool is operable with windows, android, Mac and digital camera.

Free Undelete


Free undelete operates with windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 server and 2008 server. It is free personal use software. It requires 10 MB free space on the hard disk for installation.  Free undelete recovers file systems NTFS1.0, 2.0, FAT12, 16, and 32.

It recovers the lost files and saves them to a new location so that other data is escaped by overwriting.

Paragon Rescue Kit

paragon rescue kit

Paragon rescue kit is the strong rescue wizard kit to recover you from critical situations. The essentials tools of paragon rescue kit are Boot corrector, file transfer wizards, registry editor, password cleaner, log saver, network configurator and others.

It recovers the data from any location. You can recover the data based on your need like from an entire disk, separate partition, and specific files. Paragon has super compatibility, user-friendly interface and handy rescue media.

Glary Undelete

Glary undelete

Glary is the free and user-friendly solution for data recovery. It does not only recover the deleted data but also recover crashed data, bugged data, and damaged data. It recovers the data from the internal hard drive (NTFS+EFS, FAT, NTFS) and removable media (USB key, flash drive, memory card, external hard disk).

Glory works by sorting the file based on their name, size and date. Glary undelete is 100% virus free. It keeps your disk clean with 30 antivirus engines.

Prosoft Engineering, Inc. (Data Rescue PC4 )

Parasoft rescue

Data rescue PC4 works with windows. It suits with SSD and RAID. You can ensure the recoverability of data rescue by using demo version. Demo version scans your hard drive and recovers the deleted data to give you assurance. The paid version costs standard for $99, standard with additional storage for $144 and professional for $299.

Data rescue does a quick scan, deep scan, cloning, RAID support and scanning of deleted files.  Data Rescue recovers documents, images, audio, videos, archive, FAT and NTFS.

I have covered the best top 10 software such as Pandora Recovery, DMDE Software, Glary Undelete, Paragon Rescue Kit, Free Undelete, Minitool, Photorec, Recuva and Data Rescue Software. There are much more available you may find more comfortable with others it depends on your choice.