All You Need to Know About Guest Posting/Blogging

So, you like writing. It is kind of your hobby, right? Your mind is occupied with lots of opinion and thoughts in your personal zone which you want to share in the realm of professionalism. Micro-blogging is an old version for sharing your opinion.  Writers like you find it convenient to share opinion into voice with the help of blogging post which gained its popularity as Guest Posting. Here is detailed information about Guest Posting and if you are interested, you are good to go to crosscheck.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a unique way to create your own content and share it on other sites. Bloggers find it interesting to drive tariff and readers to their own websites as the link is always given below the content. There are many websites which allow you to share your authentic and original subject matter which is relevant to their websites.

How does it work?

Guest Posting or blogging works in a two way

i) You can create your own content as a guest writer to appear in someone’s personal blog or website

(It may be free or paid).


ii) You can invite other guest writer to write on your website.

List of websites for Guest Posting

There are different categories of Guest Posting Website, just check it.

#1 Art Blogs which accept Guest Posting:


# 2 Travel Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 3 Photography Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 4 Fitness Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 5 Finance Blogs which accept Guest Posting


#6 Beauty Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 7 Freelancing Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 8 Entrepreneur Blogs which accept Guest Blogging


Guest Posting Software

If you want to be updated about blogs which you have submitted and want to know whether it gets approval or not, just check this out

It is awesome software which helps to keep tracking the submission of the blogs and maintain super updated blog lists to keep you on the top of Guest Post. It charges you very minimal.

How to be a great Guest Blogger/Posting

  1. Practice writing daily is most important thing to be a great Guest Blogger.
  2. You must pick your niche(s) to become the top influencer among your friend and fellow to build the network. You need to think which area of writing your are expert but if you want to just write specific niche, take time and think more before you start writing.
  3. Share your post generously to become popular.
  4. Reply to the comments of your reader is important
  5. Make sure that you have created your bio very compelling so that reader can easily connect with you.

Advantages of Guest Blogging/Posting

  1. Through blogging your own thoughts and opinion, help you to improve your writing skills.
  2. A quality blog post helps to become popular and establish your authority.
  3. You get diverse audience with whom you may share same tastes and preferences. Thus, people start looking up to you as an expert.
  4. It not only earns you money but also helps you to be on higher pages of search engines. The more you links you get from the relevant websites; there are chances to be the top list on search pages.
  5. You can build a great relation with other bloggers.
  6. You get more targeted traffic as the backlinks from different blogs will help to increase the referral blogs for your blogs.

Disadvantages of Guest Blogging/Posting

  1. Guest Posting is one of the best ways to give you great exposure and increase your traffic, but it can also call some spammers too.
  2. In many cases, the quality of Guest Post is very low and thus you may lose your readers. The only aim of the Guest posting is to promote Website so most of the time the articles or blogs are written by unprofessional writer who writes poor quality guest article.
  3. Some of the Guest posts are taken from offline sources like Newspaper, magazine and books and you cannot detect. But in future you may be penalized for reproducing content by copyright violation act. You will suffer but the guest author will not face any issues.
  4. Guest Bloggers may ask you to change the links to publish their articles in site. They keep changing their links and promoting their other sites. In this case, it will be really hard for you to work on those requests and make modifications.
  5. Write as a Guest Blogger

How to Earn Money from Work at Home with 25 Brilliant Ways

Get ready to make your passion your profession and profit from it through passive earning. Invest once, reap what you sow forever.

Do what you are good at, follow your passion, and earn a few bucks while you’re at it! Don’t know where to start?

Here are the top 25 ways you can earn money from your couch with the least investment.


A quick and popular way for students to make money is to fill out online surveys.  New members are recruited by research companies to answer surveys and test new products. For a few minutes of form filling, students can earn cash or rewards. Swagbucks rewards for surveys as well as surfing the web, watching videos, advertisements and playing games.

2. SURFING THE WEB: rewards you for searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo. Install the extension to your browser and conduct a search,  there may be a few sponsored results alongside search results.Each Qmee result has a cash reward attached – if interested, simply click on it and collect reward.


Best way to generate passive income is by creating a website. It only takes a bit of plugging on social media to get your first visitors, and there are multiple options to monetise your site.

4. REVIEW WEBSITES AND APPS: is a new platform that pays people to review different types of websites. Invest 20 minutes for each review and earn $10 via PayPal.


Complete offers or activities online and get rewarded by GPT sites in cash and vouchers.


Students who are good at researching and writing can publish an eBook and make money with the Amazon Kindle store.The Kindle app is available not only on Kindles but also on smartphones, laptops and iPads, thus creating a large global market.


Have a good presence on social media? have a blog or website? Start earning by promoting products and services online. Browse the merchant listings, choose something of interest and share your affiliate link. If someone buys using your link, you will get the commission.


The concept is based on ‘internet crowd-sourcing’ where companies pay in cash (via Paypal) for completing specific,  tasks. Choose from a variety of tasks, most commonly involving data entry, form filling or web research and make easy money working from home.


Great way to make money and save money as a student. Simply put, you are making money with every purchase you would have made anyway, with cashback.Cashback sites pay shoppers the commission they otherwise would have earned.


Make money by selling small services on Fiverr known as ‘gigs’. Writing and translating, voice-overs, teaching, social media posting, offer your services to global clients and get paid. The default price is $5 (hence Fiverr), but you can earn more for extra services. Fiverr deducts $1 from every order for its services.


Love music? Make your passion your profession by getting paid for reviewing unsigned artists and bands online on Slicethepie.


Convert your hand-written notes to PDF and upload them to sites where you get paid when others download your notes. For just a cut of your profits, these sites help you promote and market your notes.


A domain name is just a website address and cost very little to register yet premium domain names can fetch you good cash when sold on. Find available domain names which have some commercial value, buy them and sell them later for a much higher price, when the time is right.


With the help of online tutoring sites, you can get a global audience! Teach students around the world courses you are good at. Upload your courses online and get paid as students take them up- a great way of passive earning!


Various freelance jobs require simple skills or just time that someone else may not be able to spare. Work for clients around the world with just an internet connection from home, and flexible work hours whilst developing valuable skills. Every day thousands of website launching online and to promote your website SEO consultant required for a website. So if you pursue the SEO Skill of different SEO software and techniques, You can earn money from online,


Earn by creating and uploading videos. You will receive a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views. You can make a lot of money depending on how successful you are.


Join as a micro worker and start completing small tasks. You can earn Rs. 1 to Rs. 50 depending on the type of tasks you complete.


Sign up for a free Google Adsense Account if you have a blog or website. You will receive a unique code from Google. Google tracks your page views, traffic, and earnings on your behalf. You can earn money from Google ads.


Set up a website and generate traffic to that website, then collect leads that someone might be willing to pay for.


Get paid for viewing advertisements on various sites. All sites are free.


Read the captcha images & type the exact characters. The faster you solve, the higher your income. It is one of the easiest ways of earning money online.


Earn money by working online for someone without being physically present.

Get paid for managing websites, blogs, and accounts, research, writing & proofreading, publishing content, marketing etc.


Write different types of content and earn money.

You can write for companies, institutions or individual people. Different types of writers get paid differently.

Usually, most contents start at 500 words.


Website flipping is similar to domain trading in a way. Create a website, work on it and generate income from the website.

You can get a high price when you later put your website up for auction.

Crypto-currency like Bitcoins are on the rise, but it is always advisable to know more about the matter before investing money in it, just like in the case of share markets.

The internet has brought the world at our fingertips, and now, money is no exception. Why spend time, energy and money on travel when you can earn from home. Trust me, its addictive. Its never too late to start, so what are you waiting for? Earn now!


Top 10 SEO Softwares for Small Businesses that All SEO Experts Using in 2018

Considering the current trend, SEO is very important. Whether you are a blogger, small business owner, digital marketer, usage of SEO are prominent. For some, it is critical as well because they consider it as a make or break thing.

But, thankfully, by using different SEO tools the problem becomes less critical, this post mentions top 10 SEO software available in the market along with a variety of uses and fulfilling many common requirements as well. These all tools are quick, absolutely free and quite easy-to-use.

Why SEO Tools

SEO plays a vital role in making your website easy to understand for both search engines crawlers and users. However, search engines are quite advanced in a crawling manner but still, they are not that fast enough to compete for the human and this is the gap where SEO works the best. SEO assists the search engines to recognizes what exactly the page is about and how users will find it.

Even with the creative and extraordinary website, the SEO is important to engage the users. SEO tools basically improve the website to get desired search engine ranking. Therefore, SEO tools are valuable in rendering higher user engagement to a website.

Impacts On SEO

  • SEO renders branding and perspective regarding a website.
  • It is easy and reasonable marketing strategy where you can directly compete with your competitor at the same level.
  • All the competitors use SEO techniques to grow their business higher in rankings
  • business gets higher ROI
  • SEO strategies are vivid and going to exists for longer.
  1. WebCEO

WebCEO is an online tool rendering social media metrics, site auditing, marketing analytics and link building tactics.

Feature Of WebCEO:

  • Internal Links Improvement
  • SEO Checklist
  • Toxic Links
  • SEO Analysis
  • Quality Checking Of Backlinks
  • Webs Analytics
  • Content Submission
  • Rank Tracking
  • Social Metrics

    Cost details

  • Free Trial: 14-days
  • Startup Plan – $99/month
  • Corporate Plan – $199/month
  • Agency Fixed Plan – $499/month

Pros And Cons

+Safe platform for the report format
+specific labels to keywords
+automatic and easy to extract keywords, title, and meta tags from a website
-No .doc or pdf format
-No URL shorting facility

2. Linkody’s Backlink Monitoring Tool

It is a backing monitoring and tracking tool in order to judge the link building campaigns successfully.


  • Multi-User Support
  • Moz data
  • PDF reports
  • Social Shares
  • E-mail notifications
  • Instant link location
  • Disavow tool
  • Landing pages
  • CSV export
  • Link analytics
  • Google Analytics

Cost details

  • Free Trial: 30 Days
  • Webmaster: $14.90 per month
  • Advanced: $24.90 per month
  • Pro: $49.90 per month
  • Agency: $104.90 per month
  • Agency XL: $147.90 per month

Pros And Cons

+Identify new links easily
+Compare backlinks of competitors
-Except for backlinks, no other features are useful

3. SEO PowerSuite

it is the best SEO tool to deliver services to small businesses and make it relevant for tracking the SEO campaign.


  • Rank Tracker
  • Backlink research and auditing
  • Link building & management
  • Site auditing & on-page optimization

Cost details

  • Free SEO PowerSuite
  • Pro: $249
  • Cons: $599

Pros And Cons

+Good link assistant to small projects
+Good functionality
-No unified dashboard
-After 6 months you need Algo updates

4. SEMRush

SEMRush is a useful tool considering SEO, video advertising, PPC, and Social media.


  • Display Advertising
  • Advertising Research
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Product Listing Ads

Cost Details – Click here to Check – SEMRush Price and Plans

  • Pro Plan: $99.95 per month or $83.28 per year
  • Guru Plan: $199.95 per month or $166.62 per year
  • Business Plan: $399.95 per month or $333.28 per year

Pros And Cons

+Great API
+Analysis Competitor activity
+estimate competitor traffic
-a limited number of projects



5. RankPay

It uses SEO practices to get rankings by following industry standards.


  • Blog management services
  • SEO services
  • Make your site secure
  • Optimize the content

Cost details

Hourly SEO rates: $75 to $150
Monthly: $1500 to $3000

Pros And Cons:

+Powerful support
+Fast result delivery

6. SEO reseller

It provides white label tools to business to get close leads and able to deliver real value to the clients.


  • Reputation management
  • white label resources
  • white label PPC dashboard
  • white label SEO dashboard
  • lead tracking

Cost details

There are four types of price packages which will be available with cost when you fill details about your name and email ID.
Platinum Plus

Pros And Cons

+A true partnership with the white label
+Free site audit tools
+proven strategies
-After sale unattentive customer support
-Content with errors

7. Traffic Travis

It fulfills the basic requirements of SEO and PPC. Traffic Travis helps in both on a page and off page SEO management.


  • Site Checking
  • Ranking For Google check
  • Showing technical mistakes
  • spot keyword of your competitor
  • Monitor the search ranking
  • build quality backlinks

Cost details

Absolutely free version
The professional program costs US$97 per year.

Pros And Cons

+Google Adwards Integration
+Free version is available
-Support only PC platform

8. SEOPressor

SEOPressor renders full insight of the WordPress site.


  • On page analysis
  • SEO Reports
  • Crawler control
  • link management
  • semantics builder

Cost details

The program starts at $9 per month.

Pros And Cons

+New Functions
+Good User experience
+Work like professional to your site
-You have to target more than 3 keywords.

9. Backlink Beast

Backlink Beast comes with a guaranteed ranking program with a 60-day money back if the customer is not satisfied with the services.


  • Tiered link building
  • submission to the social network site and various link diversity
  • automatic account creation, content submission, anchor text diversity
  • natural link growth
  • link indexing


first 7-days program: $7
Life long program: $397

Pros And Cons

+Attractive layout
+engaging interface

– various 404 site errors
-errors in microsoft.NET

10. The HOTH

It is a well-established system for link building strategy.


  • Link building from high authority sites.
  • The natural flow of links
  • A good system with all features including keyword diversity, co-citation

Pros And Cons

+Powerful link building
+Good starting price packages
-The ranking is not that effective

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    Beginners Guide to Earn Money from Google Adsense – Secret FAQ’s

    Want to make some extra money in a hassle free way ? Google Adsense works out to be the best monetization technique after Affiliate marketing.

    What is Google Adsense?

    Google Adsense is one of the hassle-free way to make money online. It is one of the most convenient way to make additional money from your website.

    How does Google Adsense work?

    Google Adsense turns out to be one of the best monetization technique..All you have to do is copy some code into your site to display the ads, and you earn every time someone clicks. You may also earn from impressions in some cases. Google AdSense is Google’s advertising program for publishers and webmasters who can make money by showing ads on their websites/blogs. It’s a PPC (Pay Per Click) program which pays you when someone clicks the ads on you site. Each click may pay you differently depending on the payment received by Google from the advertiser.

    How to create Google Adsense account – Google Adsense sign in Process?

    The requirement you must have to start off with Google Adsense Account are : you need to have a website, You also must be above the age of 18, your Blog looks professional and has a Quality content to apply for Google adsense.You would be able to start as soon as Google adsense accepts/approves your application.

    What is Google Adsense hosted account?

    The hosted Adsense account is the Adsense account that allows publishers to serve Google ads on only Google hosted domains or Google partner platforms like on blogspot blog, YouTube etc, as against your custom domains like .com, .net, .info etc.

    What is Google Adsense Premium account?

    Premium Adsense account is a platform that can help you make money using your website and Blog with some more added advantages and features than a normal Google Adsense account. Now the question is why “Adsense Premium”. What are its benefits? Who can be a Premium Adsense Publisher? How to be a Premium Adsense account Publisher?

    What is Google Adsense Non Hosted account?

    The non-hosted Adsense account is the account that allow publisher to monetize their webpage contents with Google ads on any Adsense policy compliant platform you can think of including but not limited to your own custom domains, forum webpages etc.

    You can upgrade your hosted account to non-hosted account by submitting an upgrade and review request right from your Adsense dashboard and with the custom domain you will use the non-hosted account on. You can do that once and if approved, you will no longer have to submit another domain before going ahead to place your Google ads codes on your multiple web pages.

    How to make money with Google Adsense?

    AdSense is an ad network belonging to Google. It is the biggest ad network in the world and the main service through which Google can display ads on a lot of websites. The secret behind AdSense is its simplicity. As a website owner you just need to sign into your account, create your first ad, and insert the source code on your website.

    How much does Google Adsense pay?

    Pages per visit X Average ad units X Impression CPM = Revenue per 1000 visitors. A website serving an average of 3 pages per visit, each with 2 ad units and an impression CPM of $1 would therefore earn $6 per 1000 visits. But your impression CPM probably isn’t $1. Prices paid on AdSense are dynamic.

    How to make money from Google Adsense through blog?

    While Google AdSense was initially designed with website and blog publishers in mind, anyone who creates and maintains their own blog or website can take advantage of the incredible opportunity. Whether you have a full-time job and are building a web presence for yourself in your free time or run a web design business, for example, you can generate a great deal of revenue using this tool, if you know how to use it to your advantage.

    How to earn money with Google Adsense through Youtube?

    You have to create a YouTube account first and  consistently upload quality videos and successfully engaged your audience. Now you can start thinking of making some money with your YouTube channel. Questions like how, where, what will toggle your mind . With Google AdSense, you can actually make money on your YouTube videos without really doing much more than signing up.

    This unique free service  allows you to monetize your YouTube channel and any or all of the videos on it. With this service, Google uses its platform to match relevant advertisements with your YouTube channel.


    How to earn money online as a freelancer being a student?

    Making money is a hobby that complements any other hobbies you have, beautifully. We all love to earn passive income. Making money online is becoming a motivation everyday because it is the immediate resource of surviving.

    But are confused how to begin as a student in freelance and choose your suitable one? If yes, this article will help you to starting your career and earning money online as a freelancer through choosing your appropriate freelancing jobs without any investment.

    The internet, as you may know is a most powerful communication and incredible marketing tool in modern life. It gives us the opportunity to generate our passive income through online with our own aptitude, knowledge and technique.

    Internet has perfectly revolutionized all spheres of life and field of freelance-market is not exceptional. There are endless possibilities to make money online as a freelancer. You just have to find the right one and grab it. From today stop wishing and start doing.

    So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to find out the best freelancing jobs for you? Without any further inauguration let’s start the details.

    When it is the topic about earning money online as a student and has no idea on how to proceed obviously my recommendation to begin with freelance job. It is proved that it is one of the best ways of decent income in every month.

    A freelancer can be anyone who works full or part time to sell his services to make money. To become a successful freelancer you first need to be good at one specific field. It may be designing, writing or creating anything that adds value to your clients. One weapon of being freelancer is that you can choose your working hours, your clients or amount of stuffs you’ve prepared.


    Here are some freelancing jobs you can try:


    Web Development:   Become a freelance web developer is not just to knowing how to code. It’s about being a sales person or a project manager also. Working as a freelance web developer can be your chance to start making money for yourself with freedom rather than making money for some boss who is controlling you.


    Logo Design:   A logo is a symbol, emblem, sign or trademark of a company or any sites. It is a tool that makes an identity to generate individual thoughts about the company. A logo design one of the most challenging areas of graphic designs. An original and unique logo is always irreplaceable. Your fascination of creating new logo will influence you making money online.


     Article Writing:  You may be wondering is it really possible making money as a freelance writer in beginning. Yes it is surely possible. There have thousands of beginner started career as a freelance writer.

    While you are hoping to keep a perfect balance between work and life, there have a lot of other sides associated with it. You are fortunate if you find some good and professional clients at the beginning of your writing career because that anyways leads you to work with flow and making money.  This is sometimes a massive challenge for new coming writers or those who are yet at the entry level.

    Making money through article writing depends on your writing skills you have. The better your writing portfolio is the best income you will get from your clients. However you agree it or not, article writing as a freelancer is one of the most satisfactory online job to start making decent money.

    You don’t have to be an expert writer but you need to be creative, innovative about what you are writing. Make sure to improve your marketing skills you have to attract better clients who will pay you a huge amount for every article you write. In this way you will be able to make more money.


    Blog Writing:   If you are passionate enough, blogging is a proven way to make money. Blogging is not only the way of making money but to boost your online influence. Most of the bloggers start their journey through blogging with lots of dedication, hard working.

    But soon they gave up as they don’t have the patience that we need first to become successful. Success is not an event. It is a thought process. You have to know this process to become successful. Now let’s move on how you can make money online through blogging.

    Making money from blogging depends on some common factors like content, branding, promotion, tactics etc. To make money from blogging you must be know the process of sell your stuff. There have a lots of blogging platform in internet which you can use to make your money.

    But the most preferable choice for creating blog is Word Press as it is one of the most popular platforms in the blogging world. Just make sure to have some unique content, there have many ways open to you to make money online as a blogger.


    There is some international and domestic freelancing sites are available for you that you can try:



    People Per Hour






    It is no doubt that freelancing is really an independent way to manage your time, client and work. But it utterly depends on your experience. Having experience of 2 or 3 years, you can ask for high paid amount, whereas if you are just starting out, start with $10 to $20 per hour.

    Once you will start to get projects, you need to deliver them within the deadline. Another you will lose a lot of important clients who are truly interested in getting your stuff.  So always over deliver to focus on getting success to make money online as a student by using freelancing sites.

    Top 10 Highest Google AdSense Earners Who Earn in Millions

    Technology is reaching its new horizons. Internet advertising is the buzzword in today’s marketing arena. These days more often than not the youth and the business class both are glued to their laptops and gadgets .Companies are using this trend to their advantage and have made internet advertising their route to reach up to their potential customers. The best thing for us bloggers is that it has opened up new avenues of earning for us.


    AdSense is one of the highest paying programs designed by google through which companies can publish their advertisements .There are more than 30 million sites that are using AdSense and the count is increasing with every passing day.


    So if you are a blogger and have the passion and dedication then sky is the limit. I know that when you tread a new path you are sceptical about things. You want to be acquainted to people from whom you can draw strength and confidence. Believe me, there are many such bloggers who top the list of highly successful AdSense earners. They have become veterans in their field and their stories will not only motivate you but also inspire you to climb up the success ladder.

    Here is a list of the top ten global AdSense earners.



    1.  Pankaj Agarwal from Click India

    The founder of Click India info media Pvt ltd, Mr Pankaj Agarwal is an IIM passout. Click India is a user friendly, easy to use classifieds website launched in the year 2007.It is a point where buyers and sellers meet and can find their potential client without incurring high marketing cost. The advertisements vary from property to travel to personal items sale etc. Click India primarily caters to Indian market and has over 5 million users.Its daily viewership is around 5 lakhs with a bounce rate of 32%.


    Estimated Yearly Earning -$880,982 USD

    Pagerank – 5/10

    Alexa Rank-6547


    1. Shawn Hogan from Digital Point

    Shawn Hogan launched this website in 1999 and is the CEO of Digital Point. He too is one of the highest AdSense earners. His website basically talks about SEO, designing, internet marketing, development etc.It has six lakhs + daily visitors to its site with a bounce rate of approximately 61.50%.Being a blogger there is a lot you can learn from this site as it teaches you a lot about the nitty gritty of the internet world,so do visit it in your spare time.

    Type- Blogging,marketing

    Estimated Yearly Earning- $1,060,120 USD

    Page rank -5/10

    Alexa Rank- 6240



    Perez Hilton’s real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr.He started blogging as a hobby and with time it became his full time occupation. Perez was always attracted towards movies and also tried his hands in acting.Today he is a television personality and his website is mostly known for the juicy celebrity gossips .It has an average viewership of around 2 lakh per day with a bounce rate of 42%.


    Type-celebrity news and activities

    Estimated Yearly Earning -$3,844,773 USD

    Page rank -7/10

    Alexa Rank- 2525


    7.Kevin Rose fromDigg

    Kevin Rose is the founder of and is an immensely talented person. Along with Digg,he is also the cofounder of revision3,milk and pownce. Rose started his career as a production assistant.In the year 2004 Rose along with his partners started and ever since there’s been no looking back. Its daily page visits are around a million and it has a bounce rate of 53 %.


    Type- content sharing

    Estimated Yearly Earning – $22,055,201 USD

    Page rank -7/10

    Alexa Rank- 1154


    1. Courtney Rosen from ehow

    One of the top AdSense earners, Ms. Rosen is an inspiration for women. She is the founder and CEO of ehow which is pro in providing a step by step guide to end number of day to day activities. This is one website which has the potential of guiding you through myriad endeavoursand helps you accomplish them.Rosen is a MBA from Anderson school and is the designer of this website which was launched in 1999 .It is one of the top viewed website in the world with a viewership of more than 1 million and its bounce rate is a whopping 80% which proves the popularity of the website.


    Type- tutorials

    Estimated Yearly Earning-$23,710,707 USD

    Page rank – 6/10

    Alexa global Rank-992


    5.Markus Frind from –

    When you think out of the box then miracles happen.Markus Frind is the CEO and founder of plenty of fish commonly known as is a popular dating website primarily use by people in UK, Australia and Brazil.Frind started POF in the year2004 and had independently managed it till 2008.In 2010 Frind launched the mobile app for POF and since then almost 80% of the traffic is generated through the app. The daily viewership of the site is above 1.2 million with a bounce rate of 7%.

    Type- online dating

    Estimated Yearly Earning-$30,217,228 USD

    Page rank -5/10

    Alexa Rank-657


    1. Michael Arrington from tech crunch

    J. Michael Arrington is one of the most powerful personalities in the virtual world and had been recognized by Forbes for his talent.He is the founder and co-editor of J. Michael Arrington has many more entrepreneurial ventures and has been acknowledged by Times magazine as one of the powerful businessmen in the world. The daily viewership of the website is around 1.3 million and the bounce rate is a decent 65%.


    Estimated Yearly Earning- $30,948,731 USD

    Page rank – 8/10

    Alexa Rank-636

    1. Pete Cash More from Mashable

    This 30 year old young man has made it to the top in a very short span of time. He is the founder of Mashable and started it in the year 2005 at a very tender age of 19.When he started his blog he was a complete newbie. All he knew was to write quality content and that diligence paid off. Today his blog earns millions through AdSense .The daily viewership of his blog is around 1 million with a bounce rate of 65%.


    Estimated Yearly Earning-$77,620,014 USD

    Pagerank – 8/10

    Alexa global rank-338

    2.Jack Herrick from Wiki how

    This man is known for his hardwork and serial entrepreneurial escapades. He did his entrepreneurial debut in the year 2005 with wikihow which is a blog in a step by step activity manual layout.Herrick says that good quality content is what will drive your audiences towards you,so never compromise on that. He is also one of the directors of StatusNet and has been recognised for co-developing the universal edit button.

    Type- blogging,tutorials

    Estimated Yearly Earning-$108,617,084 USD

    Alexa global rank-225

    Page rank – 7/10

    1. Business Insider
    2. This is a celebrity and technology news based website founded by Mr Kevin P Ryan,the CEO in the year 2007.This website writes powerful content based on current affairs and national and international happenings.This is what makes it one of the top AdSense earners with a viewership of 46,253,110 and a bounce rate of 68% which is incredible.


    Type- News,business,technology

    Estimated Yearly Earning -$108,891,394 USD

    Alexa Global Rank- 224

    Page rank – 7/10

    Remember, building up a blog requires patience and consistent hard work. You blog is your baby. Give it time. Nurture it with all your attention and care and I assure you it will sow you benefits.

    Note: – The statistics provided are estimated and are subject to changes.

    Beginners Guide to Earn Money Online


    Every one of us wants to start earning because it’s the ultimate resources we can have. We love to earn a passive income and making money online is becoming viral every day. So, you must be thinking about the ways of earning money but are confused of how to begin. If you don’t know the steps to make money online then don’t worry this detailed guide to earn a good amount online is exclusively for you.

    You tried out various online jobs but did not get success? Then don’t worry! There are ways which can help you out. You don’t have to invest money but you just have to invest your time into it to earn money Online!

    There are different types of methods to earn money online. Various methods like Blogging, YouTube and many more. But it takes time to earn a good amount. So, I am here to guide you through the various steps how you can earn money online with no charges and you can start it right now.


    The best method of earning online is Content Writing. There are numerous websites on the internet where the website owners (clients) are searching for great Contents to post on their website. These contents boost up their websites ROI which helps their business. If you can write, then you can earn a good amount.


    There are a few steps which you need to follow:

    1. Choose a Content topic given by the client.
    2. Search the net about the topic.
    3. Read as many articles/content about the topic you’ve chosen.
    4. Understand the topic and create your own ideas about the topic.
    5. Write a completely new article based on your ideas. DONT COPY from other articles.
    6. Send your work to the preferred clients.
    7. If your article gets approved then you start Earning.



    It’s not mandatory you need to know about everything the clients wants. The easy way is to read & read as many contents you can. It will boost up your ideas and you will write better with time. As a newbie you can’t expect high payouts. Once you become an expertise in writing then your income per article/content will double with time.


    Skills to be a content writer:

    You don’t have to get a Ph.D. in English Language to become a Content Writer. The most important thing needed to be a writer is clarity. The more clear your words the better your writing gets. You just need to write your thoughts very clearly so that the people reading it easily understand your point of view.


    Time span of writing Contents:

    Some people write articles within 2hours while others write within 1-hour max.

    You writing will depend upon the time of your research about the topic and your writing skills. I bet once you have tried you can go a long way.


    List of Sites where you can earn money:


    1. A job place where different types of jobs are available. If you have writing skill then will help you get your client.


    1. This site gives you the different writing jobs and clients post a huge number of requirements.


    1. is one of the most mature communities in writing where you can get a good pay from the clients once your work is approved.


    1. This place provides a great amount of work for writing where you can bid on the projects given by clients and you can accomplish the jobs easily.


    Payment procedure:

    Many Content Writing sites pay through PayPal. So, you need to create a PayPal account before you start writing. The sites send the money to your PayPal account which can be easily transferred to your bank account.


    Note: Different sites have different criteria’s for the minimum amount to be earned to transfer money. So, you need not worry about it. Just know the details of each site.


    Final suggestions for you

    You have been given a brief idea on how you can earn money online by writing Contents/Articles, provided four different places to find your suitable place for writing online. So, if you want to make money then start right now and work your way up.

    Make sure you look professional while you put up your profile on these sites.




    Google AdSense Training to Earn Money Online Without Investment

    Who doesn’t want some extra bucks and that too if it’s without any investment. Yes, you read it right. If you have a blog or a website and have the enthusiasm of earning moreyou are at the ideal place.

    Being a blogger and an internet savvy person you must have come across the term ‘google AdSense’ quite often.If not then this is what you need to read and if done effectively I can assure you an extra flow of income.

    You must be amazed to know that there are bloggers who earn as much as $200 to $300 per day through google AdSense and you can also be one among them. But yes,you need to be focussed and passionate about your work because ultimately this is what will lead you to make it or break it.

    Your blog is a medium to reach your visitors but did you know that it is these visitors who can help you earn through google AdSense. Want to know how then read this out.This post talks all about google AdSense and how to earn from it.

    What is Google AdSense?

    As the name suggests it is an advertising service provided by google though which bloggers and website owners can display ads through videos, text or images in their website and earn money through clicks or impressions as per the rules.

    So the more visitors you have the more are the chances of click which leads to more earning. Therefore I would suggest that before you apply for AdSense make sure that your website is at its optimum best in terms of its content, look and quality which can get you more and more viewership.

    Now, before we go deeper lets discuss a few terms which are used in context of  google AdSense.In other words you can also say that these are the ways in which AdSense earning are calculated.

    1. CPR– (Click through rate) it is the number of clicks you receive for every 100 ad impressions. There is a formulathrough which it’s calculated. i.e. no. of clicks/ad impressions x100.
    2. CPC–(Cost per click) as the name suggests it’s the number of times the visitors click on the ad’s. It’s the advertiser whosets the rate (CPC) and thus your income varies according to the rate of each advertisement.
    3. CPM-(Cost Per thousand impressions) it is the amount the publisher pays for per 1000 impressions clicked by the visitors. This is the most commonly used payment method so far.

    Criteria’s to match for opening an AdSense account

    Google is very strict with its norms and policies and if somebody tries to breach them they may have to suffer the consequences.So please be sure that you match the criteria’s which are really simple before signing in to it.

    1. Own your website- You need to own your website where there should be quality content to attract visitors and advertisers.
    2. You need to be at least 18 years old.
    3. Your website should comply with Google’s policies and conditions. Please note that they keep updating their policies and terms from time to time. So keep yourself abreast of the latest changes so that you can prepare yourself to fit into it.

    How to open an AdSense account?

    STEP 1.

    Go to the signup page of google AdSense and login with your email address. If you have a domain specific email address I would suggest you to login with it as it is more effective.Fill in the name of your website and select the language.

    I have put in some snapshots for your better understanding.

    STEP 2.

    Once you click on the continue button it will take you to another page where you need to fill up your contact information. Please be extra cautious while filling up your name and give the exact spelling, address and contact number to avoid discrepancies later on.


    Tick the check box and Click on accept. You will receive a google AdSense mail for verification and your account will be active only after it’s verified. Next you need to put the AdSense codes in your website and this is where your work completes for the time being.

    STEP 4.

    The google AdSense team will now review your website which takes approximately 1-2 months depending on a lot of factors like the kind of website, viewership, geographical location etc. Once your application is approved and it reaches a $10 mark you will receive an AdSense pin. You can start receiving payments when your website reaches $100 dollars mark.

    STEP 5.

    Please note that in order to start receiving your payment two things are mandatory. Firstly, the AdSense pin to which I have already referred and secondly your tax information.

    How will Google AdSense give you ads?

    Once you have successfully created your AdSense account you will start receiving advertisements suitable to your website.

    1. Content based-It is always said content is the king. Here also based on your content your website is analysed by google. Your content, viewers, keyword usage etc. are used to determine what kind of ads best suit your website.
    2. Placement Based– Here the advertiser gets the opportunity to choose a website to place its ads. Once he finds your website suitable he chooses how and where he would post his ad.

    AdSense is one of the most reliable advertising network .So do get it on your website, keep exploring and reinventing your website and start earning more.