The importance of social media cannot be under emphasised.  Whether you are looking at search engines, looking at content, or favourable impressions, this all comes from social media.  Sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become the primary gateways where people interact with businesses.  There is still a lot to be said for email, print media and other marketing methods, but there is no other medium to compare to social media.

The reason why search engines such as Google now concentrate on Social Media is because sites such as Facebook and Twitter represent actual people as opposed to a link or a click.  Marketing in general is changing to become more relevant to the individual – you can see this on a personal basis when you check your email or do a search.  What is advertised to you relates directly to your personal preferences.

Although many people have dismissed certain social media outlets as a fad, it cannot be denied that social media as a general concept is here to stay.  If you want to be successful in business, and especially if you are in marketing, it appears that you need to have the social media background to make it.

What does social media marketing involve?

From the very basics, social media is just the websites that allow people to interact with other people, businesses, services and products.  However, looking deeper it allows you to influence your online reputation and the building of a relationship with your customers.  Building a reputation with social media does not only mean that you promote a positive relation, but you will also be able to defend yourself against negative publicity.

What can I lean from social media training?

Social media is a vast, ever growing field.  The popularity and influence of social media hubs changes on a regular basis and you will need to be able to monitor and adapt to make the most of it.  I can teach you:

  • How to use social media to your maximal benefit


  • How to create viral social media campaigns to influence your audience
  • How to increase audience participation
  • How to effectively use social media for engaging with your customers and keeping their brand loyalty


Who is social media training suitable for?

If you are looking to learn about social media, or have the responsibility to run your business’s social media you should think about learning.  There are many potential pitfalls in using social media, and this can be the undoing of many marketing campaigns.  If you are running a Twitter, Facebook or a blog simply because other businesses are doing it then you should seek to undertake social media training as quickly as possible. If you want to seek the best practices and make the most of your time without making costly errors, I can offer you that teaching.  Whether you have prior knowledge or you have particular gaps in your education that you want to fill I will be happy to help you out.

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