Sexual Harassment on Women in Our Society is Now Common

We recently came to know about the incident happened with Zaira Wasim on public transport and we all must have felt sorry after hearing the story and that brings food for thought for us to ponder over the matter that how long we have been tolerating this nonsense and how far it can get down to!
Had it been any common person, would we have got the news in any form of media?!!   That the question we should ask ourselves and 99 out of 100 times we would get the answer “no”!  That brings the real scenario of our society and where we are standing on the world map today.  Common people’s voice not heard all the time as we all are busy gossiping about the big tycoon’s or celebrity’s personal story or rather what is going on in politics but most of us unaware of the difficulties the “Aam Admi” faces in day to day life, especially girls when they commute particularly or in the workplace. There may be a case of young girls get exploited in their own home by relatives but we don’t want to hear about that and we would reprimand the girl in that case even though she is innocent in that case!
The moral of the story is we need to introspect and listen to our conscience rather than listening to other’s opinion on these sensitive issues.  And this has to be done collectively as it’s not possible to change the psyche of the people alone overnight.  It has to start within the family itself first to generate it in the public domain on larger aspect otherwise these incidents will happen again and again and we will let it just pass away by gossiping within a small friend circle and not letting it heard publicly in the media!
God bless our deaf and dumb society…

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