When it comes to getting traffic to your website, one of the areas that I take a lot of interest in is Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO.  This creates ‘organic’ visibility for your website or business through the leading search engines.  The aim is not only to increase the ranking but to increase the ranking for relevant results that convert to actual visitors that convert into sales.

Search Engine optimisation is the most challenging digital marketing role that I take.  It has been mentioned that the algorithms behind the search engines is changing and you can see that in the way that Google displays its results.  If you type in any search term you will notice blog commentaries, social media results, You-tube videos as well as links on the first page.  That first page is becoming more crowded and more relevant to what the user is looking for.  Search terms do not rely just on back links but are now actively personalising results for each user.  If you type in a search term on your computer and compare the results to someone else using exactly the same search term, very likely you will be getting different first page results.

What SEO services do I offer?

While search engines have evolved, the knowledge and expertise needed for Search Engine Optimisation Experts has also changed.  I not only keep up to date with the latest technology and advances but also teach what is required to make your website visible from the bottom up.

Website optimisation

Your website is the heart of how the search engines rank you, so it vitally important to ensure that every page, link, title tag and meta-tag is optimally written.  I can review your site to ensure that there are no speed issues or crawling issues that will pull your ranking down.  Any broken links, incorrect redirects or site map problems are reviewed and solved so that you get a better outcome while retaining the site just the way you like it.

Social media optimisation

Social media is not only about producing links, but producing a strategy where you can improve your organic ranking through real interaction.  I can help you to increase brand awareness and increase traffic through social media hubs like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Competitive optimisation

Whatever business or website you are running, you are going to be competing against others for the top spot.  Analysis of what other websites are doing is very important in planning a strategy.  For instance, do you try and compete over a particular search term, or do you look at other possible search terms and put more attention into them?  I can take an in depth analysis into your competition so that your time and money is wisely spent for maximal results.

Link optimisation

One of the hallmarks of SEO is still building links from other sites.  I can ensure that you have a steady stream of relevant and high quality links to make your site rank highly in every search engine.


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