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Semrush All-in-One SEO Suite Details, Pricing, & Features

SEMRUSH is an excellent online visibility management platform that offers over 50+ tools, and products for finding your marketing insights and improving your online visibility. Reports and tools offered by SEMRUSH can support you to work in different services such as Content Marketing, SEO, SMM, PPC, Competitive Intelligence, Local Listing Management, Digital Analytics, Keyword Research, Marketing Insights, PR, and Campaign Management. SEMRUSH works for more than 142 countries including different task management platforms. It also offers online visibility management for Google.

Some Interesting Facts about SEMRUSH:

  • SEMRUSH monitored over 800 million unique domains for more than 142 GEO Databases.
  • SEMRUSH consists of 21 Billion keywords.
  • It has more than 43 trillion back-links.
  • SEMRUSH has more than 10 million worldwide users.
  • SEMRUSH includes more than 815 Million Domains.

Purpose of SEMRUSH:

The main aim of SEMRUSH is to be a one in one solution for all entities out there who are serious about their online market presence.

Key Features of SEMRUSH:

Here are some key features of SEMRUSH you need to know about-

Site Audit Tool: This tool offered by SEMRUSH helps you to find and fix complicated technical problems on your website.

Keyword Magic Tool: SEMRUSH consist of more than 20Billion keywords which makes it the largest database for the keywords in the market. This can help you to find out your target keywords accurately. Also, this will provide you with a summary of significant keywords such as keyword difficulty score, CPC, volume and so more.

Content Marketing Toolkit: The content creation and optimization tool offered by SEMRUSH can help you to boost the level of your content and compete with the most acknowledgeable competitors on the Search Engine Results Page.

Position Tracking: You can track your own ranking as well as your competitor’s ranking for target keywords. This feature makes SEMRUSH the most trusted position tracking tool in the market.

Competitor Research Toolkit: This toolkit helps you to reverse engineer the best back-links and keywords of your competitor’s PPC and SEO campaigns.  SEMRUSH offers the best Traffic Analytic tools in the market.

SEO Reports: You can download customized PDF reports to better manage your PPC and SEO research data.

Back-link Audit Tool: This feature of SEMRUSH helps you to find out and get rid of toxic backlinks to save yourself from the Google penalty.

Apart from these key features, SEMRUSH includes Domain and Keyword Analytics tool, Competitive Analysis Tool, Advance Report Management Tools, the Best Content Marketing Platform, local SEO listing management module and so more.

SEMRUSH plans and pricing:

Don’t laugh but you will be amused to know that you can have SEMRUSH and its incredible features for yourself in just $100/ month. Yes, it’s true. You need to keep in mind that, SEMRUSH can offer you the most amazing online visibility features that help you to get the highest ROI on your investment. Though, it totally depends on the position of your business. Here is the list of plans and pricing offered by SEMRUSH.

Name of the Plan Price per month Designed for
Pro $119.95/ month Small businesses
Guru $229.95/ month Agencies and medium-sized businesses
Business $449.95/ month e-commerce operators, agencies, and large businesses
Enterprise Custom Pricing huge rapid scaling brands

These are monthly plans but you can have 17% off on your total amount of place price if you opt for the SEMRUSH yearly plan. You can also avail yourself of 7 day free trial before making any choices. Here are the optional or extra service costs of SEMRUSH-

Name Starting cost Services
Extra Users $70/ month per user N/A
Competitive Intelligence Add-on $200/ month Traffic Analytics, A Market Explorer and so more
Basic Local Listing Management $20/ month Distributing business information and more
Premium Local Listing Management $40/month Basic plan + local heat mapping

For more information please visit the official site of SEMRUSH.

Who needs SEMRUSH?

SEMRUSH is for everyone but it is important for-

  • Digital Marketer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Blogger
  • Freelancer
  • Digital Agency Owner
  • Or people running any kind of online biz

How to Register for SEMRUSH?

Here is the way you can register yourself at SEMRUSH for 7-day free trial.

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Now, you will be directed to the account creation page where you need to put your mail-id and password.
  • After that, click on “Create your Account”

Step 3:

  • Now, you will be directed to a page where you have to select your plan. You’ll be offered two basic plans from which you have to choose one. You can also see different features offered by these two plans here. I’d suggest you select the higher plan as it will cost you nothing for 7 days but you can enjoy all the amazing features out there.
  • After that, click on the “Get free trial” option.

Step 4:

  • Now, you have to fill up your card details. (Remember that SEMRUSH will charge you $1 for card verification but it is refundable)
  • Select “Place and order”

Step 5

  • Now, you are registered at SEMRUSH and you will be directed to SEMRUSH Dashboard. You are now ready to explore the different features and toolkits of SEMRUSH one by one.

Now, how to Login SEMRUSH again? It’s easy. Just go to the login page of SEMRUSH and put your registered email-id and password. You are logged in.

How to Use SEMRUSH?

You will be glad to know that SEMRUSH offers you a free guiding course to teach you how to use SEMRUSH for SEO. Initially, you just have to insert a phrase or a keyword into the search bar in SEMRUSH and click on the “Search” button. Then, you will be provided with related terms for searching. These terms will be broken down into particular topics in table form that will be divided into subgroups from over a 16Billion keyword databases. 

How to use SEMRUSH to improve SEO?

Want to level up your SEO? Then, SEMRUSH is the one-stop solution for you. It is the most trusted SEO tool around the world.  Here are some ways how SEMRUSH can help you to improve your SEO-

  • Better keyword research
  • Tracking the keyword strategy employed by your competitors
  • SEMRUSH runs an SEO audit tool in your blog
  • It looks for back-linking opportunities and so more

How to use SEMRUSH for Content Marketing?

SEMRUSH Content Marketing Platform can help you to level up your content marketing in the following ways-

  • SEMRUSH content marketing toolkit can help you in auditing your previous content.
  • It can build an optimized brief for your content.
  • This toolkit will find new ideas for your future content by searching trending topics, common FAQs, popular articles and so more.
  • It will help you to find public opportunities and also support you in sharing your content.
  • SEMRUSH can enhance the competence of your content planning.
  • It will help you to keep a track of your content performance.

Now, let’s compare SEMRUSH with other alternatives.


There are plenty of alternatives available in the market if you are searching for a better SEO tool than SEMRUSH. Each and every SEO tool has its own pros and cons. But, the toughest competitors of SEMRUSH in the market are AHREFS, MOZ, SPYFU, YOAST, and SISTRIX. Let’s compare them all with SEMRUSH-

Name of SEO Tool Free Trial Availability Starting Price
SEMRUSH Yes $199/ month
AHREFS No $93/ month
MOZ Yes $87/ month
SPYFU No $82/ month
SISTRIX Yes $99/ month
YOAST Yes $99/ year

Here. You can see SEMRUSH is a bit more costly than other SEO tools available in the market. This is understandable because SEMRUSH will provide you with more advanced tools and products with higher security and it is considered the best in the market. So, here we take the best features of these SEO tools and compare them with SEMRUSH-

SEMRUSH only supplies information  from Google AHREFS supplies data from over 10 search engines
SEMRUSH intersect tool can only search up to 4 other websites MOZ Pro has the best intersect tool. Because it helps you to differentiate your site from 5 other sites.
SEMRUSH is an all-purpose SEO tool SPYFU only focused on Competitive Analysis
SEMRUSH will provide you with related information about your domain in every 24 hrs. Sometimes, it can be 8 to 9 hrs. SISTRIX will give related information about the visibility of your website on weekly basis.
SEMRUSH is the best platform to monitor and analyze your performance YOAST is best for on-page optimization and generating the site’s XML map

As you can see, every SEO tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, comparing them would not be the best option. But, if you ask for the best SEO tool in the market then I would definitely suggest you go with SEMRUSH because it is a one-stop solution for your every requirement. Now, let’s discuss the most common FAQs related to SEMRUSH-


What is ‘KD’ in SEMRUSH?

KD stands for Key-word Difficulty. It is a metric that shows you how much SEO effort you need to make in order to rank your page organically in the top 10 Google search results. KD in SEMRUSH helps you to set your priorities and SEO campaigns. You should look for keywords that have low KD%. That will help you to discover long-tail keywords for your campaigns.

What is SEMRUSH Trend?

SEMRUSH Trends is a Competitive Intelligence tool that includes Market Explorer, Traffic Analytics, and Eye-On. Generally, SEMRUSH Trends is available at a price of $200/month.

What is SEMRUSH Keyword Tool?

SEMRUSH Keyword Tool is the best keyword searching tool in the world. It offers you results from an international database that consists of over 20 Billion keywords. It is known for its robust filtering system that can help you to analyze keywords by topic, question type, search intent, and SERP features.

What is SEMRUSH Dashboard?

SEMRUSH SEO Dashboard provides the fastest insights into your competitor’s website with small scale analysis report. SEO Dashboard includes On-Page SEO Checker, Organic Research, Traffic Analytics, Position Tracking, Backlink Analytics, Site AuditAdvertising Research, Integrations, and Organic Traffic Insights.

What is SEMRUSH Website Audit?

SEMRUSH Site Audit is a website crawler that helps you to monitor the health of your website. It will tell you issues related to your website and also help you to fix them.

What is SEMRUSH Data Studio?

SEMRUSH Data Studio is a technique by which SEMRUSH collects and analyzes results collected from SERPs. It works by using proprietary algorithms.

What is SEMRUSH SEO Audit?

With SEMRUSH SEO Audit, you can analyze your site’s overview after opening your project. It will point out all issues related to your project and tell you the ways in which you can fix them. It will show you robots.txt of your site, HTTPS implementation, crawl ability, International SEO and so more.

What are SEMRUSH Reports?

SEMRUSH Reporting Tools help you to create your customized PDF reports easily. This PDF includes a website audit, competitive analysis, and development after a market campaign. The report will automatically be delivered to the registered e-mail ID.

Where SEMRUSH does get its Data?

SEMRUSH gathers its data from Google, and different Social Media Websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so more. The SEO tool uses public APIs (SEMRUSH never uses or collects personal data).

What is SEMRUSH Google Data Studio?

SEMRUSH Google Data Studio is the connection of your Google Account with your SEMRUSH account. In order to do that, you have to visit Google Data Studio. Then, you have to create a new Data Source and select a required connector. Then, click on Authorize and Allow.

What is SEMRUSH Website Ranking?

SEMRUSH Rank helps you to see the domains with the highest organic visibility ranking based on calculated monthly traffic records on the internet. It is totally based on SEMRUSH monthly database and other regional databases.

What is SEMRUSH Enterprise?

SEMRUSH Enterprise SEO is for much larger sites used by big entities. SEMRUSH Enterprise SEO is responsible for traffic scales, hosting shareholders, preparing conversations, solving more potential issues and so more. This means the SEMRUSH Enterprise SEO works with only higher-level business or enterprise-level sites with more advanced processes, tactics, and overall mentality.

WordPress and SEMRUSH:

In a normal WordPress site, you can miss out on a lot of traffic opportunities and conversion as it is not SEO friendly. SEO is highly important to improve your content performance. Actually, if you are a beginner, then WordPress can be good for you but for professionals, SEMRUSH is the ultimate destination available on the internet. Though, with WordPress Plugins you can discover a range of SEO plugins.

SEMRUSH for Students:

There is no such thing in SEMRUSH officially dedicated to students but still, a student can use SEMRUSH by purchasing any of their plans. Otherwise, the student can also use a share account if he or she wants to try SEMRUSH.

What is SEMRUSH Affiliate Program?

SEMRUSH Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs for webmasters, marketing geniuses, and bloggers. It will help you to earn about 40% Recurring Commissions on every sale of SEMRUSH Subscription. That means if you follow the appropriate market strategies you can earn dollars by only promoting SEMRUSH.

What is SEMRUSH Academy?

SEMRUSH Academy is the set of 28 different courses offered by SEMRUSH for learning more about SEO tools. Here are short overview of the courses offered by SEMRUSH Academy-

Name of the Course No. Sub Courses
SEO Courses 1 Seo Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford
2 Keyword Research Course with Greg Gifford
3 Backlink Management Course with Greg Gifford
4 Mobile SEO Course with Greg Gifford
5 Local SEO Course with Greg Gifford
6 Growing Your SEO Agency with SEMRUSH with Greg Gifford
7 Audit Your Online Visibility with SEMRUSH
8 SEMRUSH SEO Toolkit Course
9 Role Of Content Course with Eric Enge
10 Content Marketing And SEO Fundamentals with Eric Enge
Learn How to Get SEO Done with SEMRUSH Tools Learning Series 11 SEMRUSH Overview Course
12 Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Course


13 On-page And Technical SEO Course
14 Link Building Course
15 Rank Tracking Course
16 Mobile, International, Local SEO Course
17 Management, Reporting, And Collaboration Course
Technical SEO Learning Path by SEMRUSH Academy Experts 18 SEMRUSH Site Audit Course
19 Technical SEO Course with Bastian Grimm
Content Marketing 20 SEMRUSH Content Marketing Toolkit Course
21 Content Marketing Fundamentals Course with Ashley
PPC [Pay-Per-Click] 22 PPC Fundamental Course with Joel Bondorowsky
23 SEMRUSH Advertising Tool-Kit Course
24 PPC Automation Course with Navah Hopkins
SMM [ Social Media Marketing] 25 SEMRUSH Social Media Toolkit Course
26 SMM Fundamentals Course with Neal Schaffer
27 Competitor analysis with SEMRUSH
28 Advanced Competitive Research Practices with SEMRUSH

So these are the courses offered by SEMRUSH Academy. The main attraction of it is you can have them totally free of cost.

So, after evaluating all the points of SEMRUSH we can conclude that SEMRUSH is the best SEO tool available in the market. SEMRUSH is the all-in-one solution where you can improve your keyword search rankings. It will give your business a power boost. In conclusion, I just want to say that, SEMRUSH is worth every penny. Just give it a try a found it yourself. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your experience after exploring this great SEO tool.

Written by Bidyut Bikash Dhar

Bidyut Bikash Dhar is a proficient Digital Marketing & Online Branding Strategist, Mentor, and Inbound Marketing Specialist with a focus on Reputation Management, International Healthcare Marketing, and Medical Tourism. His expertise encompasses a wide array of areas, including Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Conversion Optimization. Bidyut excels in Search Engine Marketing, leveraging his skills to enhance online visibility and drive targeted traffic. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, he crafts strategic solutions to elevate brands and amplify their online presence. Bidyut's commitment to mentorship and his extensive experience in healthcare marketing make him a valuable asset to businesses seeking to expand their reach and impact in the digital landscape.

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