One of the first goals for any digital marketing campaign is to ensure that you rank as highly as possible in the major search engines.  With easy access to the high speed information, the major search engines are always going to the first port of call for any potential customers.  If you want to ensure that someone looking for your type of business, service or product finds you then you need to be on the first page.

Why search engine marketing important for your website?

Since the inception of search engines the search criteria that determine who is ranked where has been changed, updated and refined from year to year.  Methods that were successful in ranking websites a year ago no longer rank highly and even big corporations used to sitting at the top, have found themselves slipping from the top page.  The reason for this is because search engines have attempted to move away from solely keyword focused links and steadily moved towards ranking sites that have relevant content.

The definition of this relevant content has changed over time, and Google, currently the leading search engine has attempted to focus ranking on human generated links.  The concept of this was to ensure that as someone using the search engine, you would want to find a page that others found relevant rather than simply matching a word.  But of course what people find relevant has changed, and as the internet has developed this has moved from keywords to organic banklinks and to social media.  If you want your search engine marketing to be successful  then you have to remain up to date with the ever changing and evolving developments.

How I can help you to get more search engine marketing visibility?

When I develop search engine marketing for your site I am ensuring that our time is spent on only the most relevant and up to date methods to boost your ranking.  I want to make your site relevant for the future so that you get ranking results that really last.

Another important component of search engine marketing is choosing the right terms and words that connect your business with your audience.  I use my expertise to ensure that the marketing focus is on those search terms that really matter whether it is with Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Search Engine Marketing actually requires a very in depth knowledge of what terms are looked for when searching for particular businesses.  Some search terms will return far better traffic than others, and you can save time and money on focusing on the searches that work.  Equally you do not want to concentrate on focusing on an audience that is not interested in your website.  Focusing on the right search terms is an art that relies on the most sophisticated algorithmic software to make it work.

I specialise in helping you generate more business and qualified traffic.  Even if you have tried an SEO company in the past, or tried to build your own backlinks, you will benefit from a fresh approach.   Search engine marketing can come in both the form of search engine optimisation or by using pay per click listings.  Both have their uses, and I can help you use them more efficiently and incorporate them into your overall strategy to maximise valued traffic to your site.

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