Many digital marketing experts focus on link building and increasing general awareness of their brand.  This is important for your website, and getting positive word of mouth through social media is a cornerstone of successful marketing.  However, along with the positive aspects of social media, you also inevitably get the negative. 

After all, social media is about giving people a chance to voice their opinion on products, services or people.  Anyone who has access to a keyboard or a phone has a chance to make their voice heard. 

At times, that voice can be a negative one, and having a negative link associated with your service can be extremely detrimental, especially if that ranks well.

Why is reputation management important?

If you have spent years building up a good name for yourself, you will upset to learn that all your good work can be brought down by a few negative reviews.  These negative reviews tend to get ranked highly because they are carried by the high ranking of the sites that they posted on.  Consumer generated review sites tend to rank highly, and negative and sensationalist reviews do get undue attention that can be very destructive.

How does reputation management work?

Negative reputation can wear many different outfits.  One example is that you can get negative reviews on review sites.  You can get negative comments on social media sites.  You can get negative blogs and even negative PR releases or news articles in reference to your website or business. 

Getting negative reviews removed is difficult even if statements are false and can be taken down.  The majority of negative internet postings are opinion and cannot be removed, however it is possible to move these search results down the rankings so that they have far less relevance.  Negative postings that are located several pages down in the search engines will be very unlikely to be found unless someone goes specifically looking for them.

Why Experienced Reputation Management Consultant Required for Your Business

The first hurdle in reputation management or negative suppression is to find the content that is negative.  I provide a service to find the negative reputation or to monitor search terms to ensure you are aware of any negative activity around your site.  I can also offer teaching and advice to ensure that your website can cope with negative reputation and reduce any deleterious affect it has on your profitable traffic.

There are several ways to bury negative links and postings based on search engine optimisation.  Search engine terms that point to negative links can be targeted with link building or the use of mini sites or blogs to push negative links to lower rankings.  Social media commentary that is negative can also be targeted to be buried or outnumbered by more positive reviews.  A ‘thumbs down’ is far less relevant when displayed next to a hundred ‘thumbs up’ markers.  Even if your site comes under attack from the increasing number of amateur bloggers, a disgruntled ex-employee or a malicious competitor there are ways to beat them.

I provide an expert service on reputation management that will not only reduce the effect of negative attention but prepare you to deal with any similar circumstances in the future.


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