Part Time Work from Home Jobs that Pays Well

Part Time Work from Home Jobs that Pays Well

Before pandemic, the “work from office” type is the normal. But after the pandemic all the dynamics go upside down and it introduced us with a new culture which is known as “work from home”. In pandemic some people lost their jobs some resigned from it and rest of them go for work from home option. Unlike Emergency services like: Rail drivers and Armies most of the private as well as government companies opt for work from home culture. The Corona virus really learned us about the benefits of going digital, in the case of payments as well as jobs. Truly pandemic is a bad thing to happen but it also created a lot of new jobs and new posts which can be operated from home.

Not only full time jobs but also part time jobs now offer us the work from home facility. The whole scenario changed after lockdown. People become more acquainted with technology. This tech-knowledge made humans more proficient in work from home jobs. The new generation who can avail everything on a finger tips tries to make internet a source of income. So, many teenagers and also college students always try to find online part time jobs which can help them sustain their needs as well as help them to study.

Today we’re going to discuss about some part time work from home jobs which can pay you well.

Before starting the exploration of the job options let’s see what does the term “work from home” mean? And the benefits of having a “work from home” job.

  • What is “Work from Home”?

“Work from home” is now a trendy culture which gets a boom after Covid-19. In “work from home” people have to work from their house, they don’t need to come at office. The company will give them projects, and PPTs to prepare and they have to do it in due time and have to submit it on time.

Now we get an idea of “work from home” jobs. Let’s have a look on the benefits of it.

  • Benefits of having a “Work from Home job”

There are many benefits of owning a job which you can do from home. It will give you a insight why everyone wants a work from home job.

1. Maintaining your Comfort Zone:

The biggest benefit of having a work from home job is that it allows you to do the work inside your comfort zone. A person’s biggest comfort zone is obviously his/her home. These jobs really allow you to enjoy the comfort and warmth of home.

2. Increase work Productivity:

Doctors always say that huge stress can damage our creativity intensely. In “work from office” culture people have to face a lot of stress during office hours and it also effect on their creativity. The “work from home” culture may give you less stress than an office-goer would face. In home he/she can work with more peace of mind than ever. But many people also argue that there is more pressure in “work from home” jobs. Yes! You are also right but think of those bachelors who cannot make anything by their own , those who don’t know
how to do chores it’s really a great opportunity for them to enjoy their sweet home and earning money at the same time. For Women there are some difficulties in “work from home” jobs, especially if they are married and have kids. We’ll discuss about these later in cons section.

3. Flexible Schedules:

Many companies allow to follow a flexible Schedule. It helps the worker and doesn’t create a lot of pressure on that person.

4. No commutation Charges:

Those who have a “work from home” job they just don’t have to pay the commutation charge every day.

These are some pros of work from home jobs. Now let’s have a look on the cons of it. Before starting the list of part time “work from home” jobs that pays well , we must have a glance over the Cons.

  • Cons of having a “Work from Home Job”:

There are many disadvantages also in “Work from Home” jobs. Let’s discuss about this.

1. Effect on Eyes:

Those who are doing a “work from home” job regardless of full time or part time, work on laptop or desktop or on cell phone. The continuous blue ray of screen affects our eyes badly. Many people have to take specs during lock-down for this cause.

2. Constant Sitting:

In most of “work from home” Jobs sitting is a big part. And these sitting habits affect our back in later life.

3. Problem for Women:

Those women who are already married or have kids, really suffers from “work from home” culture. They have to balance their work life and family life together. Sometimes babies become their cause of headache and it really affects their mood overall and hamper the office works initially.

These are some cons also of Work from home jobs.

Now after having a broad idea over “Work from home” jobs let’s know about part time “Work from home Jobs”.

  • What is Part Time Job?

Part time job means a job with less responsibilities, than a full time job. In part time job you have to work for a certain amount of time and you can do also do studies along with that. In Abroad students do a lot of part time jobs along with their studies. In India this culture is not so popular but now many GenZs opt for part time jobs.

Among many part time jobs “work from home” Part time jobs are high on demand. There are many reasons behind it but the most popular reason is that it consumes less time than a “work from office” job does. Also it allows people to work from their comfort zone. After studies a student also can goes for these job opportunities.

Here is the list of some “Work from home” part time jobs that pays well.

1. Social Media Influencer:

Now a days there is a huge market for social media influencer. With the help of Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok (Now banned in India) and many others apps people become influencer so easily. They just make a thirty second to one minute long video and if the video goes viral they become famous and many companies come to them to promote their brands. Although many people will say that influencer also have to do a hard work but the reality is that they do comparatively less hard work than others. If you have a smart phone and better internet connection you can be a social media influencer and if your luck responds than you can become famous and be a public figure. If you become that famous you will also have a chance to own a great amount of money.

Average Salary: It does not have a legit salary but it depends on your work and your popularity.

2. Digital Content Writer:

If you are interested to write on any topic, any subject you can opt. for Content writing jobs. Many private, MNC companies search for good content writer, If you love to write and have a great knowledge over writing you can write on Internet or can write for any company. If you are interested of doing freelancing you can also create your own content and post it on internet. There are many websites which offers new bloggers to write and earn money. A fresher content writer can earn a good salary. If you are interested in doing writing jobs you can do it, it can be available in part time also. And if you are planning for doing a freelancing then you can write whenever you want.

Average Salary: In India an experienced Content writer can earn 20,000 to 25,000 per month and a beginner can earn 8000 to 10,000 per month. Think about it , it is a great part time job option.

3. Social Media Manager:

In the age of technology Social Media manager is a great option. It is a part time job but can be a full time job if the company needed. “Work from home” facility is also available. A social media manager handles the company’s Social media accounts; they look for engagement data that their companies’ social media produce. They also have to look into the trends and the current favorite of people. More or less their main work is to maintain the relation between any companies’ social media account and people. They make strategies to attract more and more public. They also build various projects and campaigns to lure more and more public attention.

Average Salary:  2.88 lakh per annum (approx).

4. Online Tutoring:

If you are looking for part time jobs then tutoring will be a great option and if the teaching institute has the facility of online classes then you can be an online tutor over there. After Lockdown the demand of online classes are increased day by day. Covid-19 makes the ED-TECH a household name. There are many ED-TECH companies out there you can just enroll yourself as teacher and you will avail a part time job along with the studies.

Average Salary:  According to experience and knowledge one can make more or less 2.76 lakh per annum.

5. Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers are those who make our internet journey colorful and dreamy. They are working with pictures, visuals and lot more. They are the creators of visual concepts, they create visual information. They make posters, billboards, logos and many more. They are playing with colors and shapes. They can also make logos for many online companies and YouTube channels. There are many graphic designers who make posters for YouTube videos. If you have the knowledge of graphic designing. You can definitely try it out as a part time job. There is a huge market and demand for it. Many companies like Coral, Adobe hire people as a graphic designer.

Average Salary:  3lakh per annum (approx).

6. Blogging:

Another most popular as well as demanded part time wok is blogging. If you love to write or have passion for writing you can try this field. There are ample opportunities in this field. You can do it as a part timer at first and then become a full time blogger. You can choose one or more topics and write over it. For this job you have to have a great net connection and also have a computer or laptop. Many companies like PinkVilla, Shoutmeloud hire people to write blogs. You can earn a great salary over here.

Average Salary:  2.4 lakh per annum (approx).

7. Translator:

Translator is a great option if you want to have a part time job and earn extra money. You can do it as a work from home job. Many people in India know more than 2-3 regional languages and if you know some international language then you really have a shining career in translator jobs. French, Germany, Japanese are some current favorite option to learn and earn. Many MNC companies hire people who know many different languages. Arabic and Chinese are also on demand. In china there are lots of manufacturing companies so now Chinese language becomes a great source of earning.

Average Salary:  3 Lakhs per annum (approx).

8. Medical Transcriptionist:

I know it’s a quite new profession, but believe me it is a great part time option. A medical transcriptor listens to medical notes of great medical doctors and transcribe it in their own words. If you have medical background then you should definitely try this out and I believe it will be a great part time job for medical students. If you have interest in medicines and have an ample knowledge over it you can be a medical transcriptor easily..

Average Salary:  2.64 lakh per annum (approx).

9. Web Developer:

A web developer is a great option if you want to earn extra money as a student. For being a Web developer first you have to have a degree or course certificate on web developing. A web developer is a person who can develop World Wide Web. They work with generally Html and JavaScript etc.

Average Salary:  2.4 lakh per annum (approx).

10. Consultant:

If you want to earn extra money you can opt. for consultancy. Consultants are now high on demand. You can opt. for part time consultant. If you are a student of psychology you can be a consultant. You can treat them with verbal therapy. If you are a Law graduate you can also be a consultant. If you are a student of accountancy you can help people with taxes and be a consultant. IN the field of consultancy people have ample chances to grow if they are interested on it . There are many companies who can hire you as a consultant and pay you a handsome salary.

Average Salary:  Based on high experience you can earn 11.1 lakh per annum (approx).

11. Animator:

If you love cartoons, in your childhood, surely you have a love for animation. Because the animation literally makes our childhood remarkable. It is the cartoons that make our childhood special. If you want to be an animator you have to have an Animation degree. After 12 th you can go for a certificate course on animation. It can be a great source of your part time job. Many companies hire animators.

Average Salary:  3.72 lakh per annum (approx).

12. E-commerce Manger:

In the age of online shopping many companies need E-commerce manger, who manages their E-commerce stores. Just like Flipkart, Amazon, Ajio hire people to work under them and provide better service and experience to people. If you looking for part time job that pay you well you can apply for it.

Average Salary:  7.95 lakh per annum (approx).

13. Product Reviewer:

Many people in social media are now opt. for a career like Product reviewer. You can have it as a part time job. Your income will depend on how many products you reviewed per day. If you have a lot of followers in your social media account that you have a great chance to have a career as a product viewer. You just have to use and demonstrate a product that will be given to you and you have share how you feel it after using it or your experience and ways to use it.

Average Salary:  5.49 lakh per annum (approx).

13. Stylist:

If you have a great sense in style and you have a degree in fashion technology you can opt. for stylist as a part time job. In America many celebrities hire people who have an experience on style people or cloths. Since normal people cannot afford stylist you always have to target rich people. In India it may be a less known profession but in abroad you have a great chance on it. If you have a You Tube channel you can share your Styling sense with your followers and If your video goes viral then a celebrity can hire you.

Average Salary:  3.48 lakhs per annum (approx)

15. Voice Artist:

We all love to listen to podcasts and audio stories and everyone has their favorite voice artist. So, a student who has a great voice and soothing voice and can mimic different voices can opt. for voice artist. Many You Tube channels can hire you if you have great voice. Even if your luck is fortunate enough you can also become a part time RJ on radio station. There is an ample scope in voice artist field. Many cartoon channels can hire you as a voice dubbing artist and pay you well. You can opt. for this opportunity as a student.

Average Salary:  3 lakh per annum (approx)

16. Data Entry:

Now a day’s Data Entry is a great part time job . Here and there almost everywhere you can find the advertisement of hiring Data entry people. It needs nothing more than a ample knowledge over Microsoft office. It actually is the most demanded job for freshers or students who want to earn extra money along with their studies. You just need to have a computer or laptop and a good internet connection.

Average Salary:  1 lakh per annum (approx).

So, I gave you 16 options you can choice one or more among it.

now finally you may ask how you should apply for these jobs. I have a solution for this also.

  • How one can apply for these Jobs:

There are many platforms who offer jobs like Indeed,, LinkedIn and many more where you can post your CV and apply for as many jobs as you can.

In Facebook and Instragram you can find many people give advertisement of hiring people you can apply from there also. SO, good luck with your part time work from home jobs. I hope I can help you with my list. Apply for these kinds of jobs and make a decent salary.

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