Online Marketing gets a New lease of Life through Bidyut Bikash Dhar

Do you own a business? Are you sick and tired of the traditional marketing ways ? Do you think that offline advertising has become very inefficient? If the answers to all the above questions are yes , then let me tell you that it is time for you to think about an alternative strategy.

It has been seen that when entrepreneurs change their strategy, usually they get a positive result. However there is no guarantee .It’s something speculative. In order to guarantee that people know about you and your business , the right strategy is required.
online marketing strategy
So it is always imperative to create a proper marketing strategy .First of all market analysis is required, according to the needs of prospects, the right marketing policy is formulated.Then that policy is implemented. I can site a real life example which will show, how important strategic marketing is.It was a proprietorship firm, dealing with IT Hardware.
It used to repair and sale computers and peripherals. With increasing competition the firm was forced to sale at ever decreasing margins.This situation called for newer strategies to increase sales. The proprietor kept on pressurising his sales team to push hard for the products , however nothing worked. The owner was about to close down the firm, when he accidentally met one of his friends who told him to do a market survey and secretly know , what his competitors were doing. He even volunteered to do that , which our proprietor happily accepted.
Before doing anything he did an extensive market survey so as to find out , what people wanted in lower middle class areas as opposed to areas which were wealthier.After creating a comprehensive and detailed report which took around a month to complete, the sales team was trained and they started a fresh sales campaign, with a few additions and alterations in the product side.There was a dramatic change in sales volume and the monthly revenue. The sales increased manifold, after three months it was all smiles for the proprietor and his sales team.
This story reaffirms the fact that strategic marketing is very important for the success of any organization .Bidyut bikash dhar is an internet marketing consultant ,who has a track record of strategically guiding businesses to increase their revenue , by the help of internet.He has helped diverse businesses ranging from real estates to highly competitive businesses such as gambling.
He is an internet marketing expert who can optimize your web presence and make your web site more prominent.
He owns a firm called Compete InfoTech which provides Search engine marketing , brand marketing and strategic marketing services. Strategies are always long term , so businesses need to have patience .They must wait till their website gets prominence on the internet. The strategies that are applied to improve the rankings of a web site are , effective web design and development strategy, proper implementation of search engine optimization techniques, publish articles, publish press release online, and blog posting. So what are you waiting for? Logon to the website and get all the relevant details.

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