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Learn Content Monetization Like A Professional

Content Monetization is important whether you are running just a personal website or a blog or a professional website. The audience visiting your websites can be your source of income. If people are appreciating what you are writing, you can turn your website to earn money.
Many people think that earning money from a website is a myth but it isn’t. At least you can manage your website expenses like hosting and domain name purchases.
Monetization of the website is very easy. After reading this guide, you will be able to apply suitable strategies for your website to earn money. It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or an expert this guide will help you become zero to hero.

11 Ways to Make Money by Content Monetization:

1. Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing has three pillars the advertiser, the publisher and the consumer. To understand the concept you have to understand that all these pillars are depending on each other.
The publisher is the website’s owner who publishes and promotes ads on his website in exchange for a commission. The advertiser can be any company and e-commerce website who wants to promote his product and generate big revenue.
The publisher and advertiser agree with each-other to work. Advertiser gives links, images, ads, text ads, and banners to post on publisher’s website. Whenever the customer clicks on that link and buys products, the publisher gets his profit.

How affiliate marketing works:

Affiliate Marketing
The merchant can be any brand and company who allows you for affiliate marketing. The publisher can write content about a new product or put an ad in a banner or can offer coupon code. The manner doesn’t matter, the thing is visitors must buy the product from your affiliate links.
Affiliate marketing is different than PPC because in affiliate program you only get paid when your link generates the transactions. Whenever a visitor clicks the affiliate link and buys a product from the merchant, after the transaction merchant checks for affiliate cookies on visitor’s computer. When merchant comes to know that this transaction belongs to an affiliate link, it generates a commission to the publisher.

2. Google AdSense(PPC Ads)

What is PPC?

Google Adsense provides ads services to publishers who want to publish an advertisement in any format to their websites. This is a great way by which you can earn a lot of money. You just have to make your account for it and add ad code to your website. Google will post most relevant and matched ads to your content on where you want ads to appear on the website. You can choose the ad format and ad types (text, image or both).
PPC ads

This is a cost-per-click program which allows publishers to earn money when a visitor sees the ads and clicks on the link. The ads are relevant to the content of the website. The minimum threshold money is $100 once you reach it Google will send you either check or deposit to your account.

How Google Adsense works:

First of all, you have to make an account with Google Adsense and then place ad codes to your website. After placing ad codes, they will not be shown till Google accept to the program.
There can be many reasons for rejection like the new website, less content, duplicate content, new domain name, etc. once Google accepts to the program, ads will start to appear on your website. Google has so many ads to post.
Placing the relevant ads to content is also done by Google. Google Adsense sends crawlers to read website content and posts only most relevant ads. Visitors while reading the content get attracted towards the ads and click on the ads. The publisher gets the payment for clicks through his website.

3. Infolinks To Earn Money By Click

There are so many bloggers or online publisher using this method to earn money. Infolinks is a great source to earn money and provides high-quality ads. By infolinks, you make the brand awareness. Infolinks offers native ads in any format, style and keyword options. It gives useful links for your visitors and helps you to generate revenue by your great content.

There is a range of ads, such as:

Intag: Infolinks offers a range of keywords and provides an ad bubble on mouse hovering. Intag keeps engaging the visitors by its interesting keyword range.
Infold: This works cleverly on your search type and display. Whatever you search for it shows Infold ads relevant to your search keyword. Like you have searched for teeth’s sensitivity problem and opened a link and open the website then it will be showing some toothpaste like Colgate, Papsudent, etc. the ads appear just above the fold.
Inarticle: The Inarticle ads are considered to be highly view-able ads as they are opens as visitors read the content. The Inarticle ads can be in video or contextual format. Visitors pay more attention to Inarticle ads because they are in between the content.
Inframe: The Inframe ads utilized the unused space and show ads alongside the content. They are relevant to your content and perfectly timed.
Intext: Intext ads exist within the content. Hovering the mouse on double underlined text opens the ad bubble. The Intext ads are highly relevant to generate high CTR.
Inscreen: Inscreen ads are display ads which intermission on the screen of your content. The Inscreen ads are relevant to your search keywords. The ads are useful for user-intent. There are three kinds of trigger you will face when you open the site, when you switch one page to another page and when you are leaving the website via external links.

4. Sell Space For Ads

It doesn’t matter you have small or big traffic on your website. The matter is the conversion rates. There are many small traffic websites which are generating very good revenue by ad space. Pro-blogger can give you an idea about advertising space rate.
The best way to sell your ad space is to sell it to the right business. How can you decide the business to sell ad space? It is very simple just judge your website and visitors well. You can use analytical tools like Clicky, Piwik, Woopra, etc. to research about your website. After researching all about your website and visitors you can approach to advertisers.

5. Sponsored Posts With No Follow Tag

Sponsored posts are promotional native advertising you just put reviews and content about the brand to promote it. In return to your sponsored posts, you get paid. Sponsored posts just look like articles to the visitors. It works like traditional advertising. The sponsored posts are in educational tone than promoting tone like buy it, purchase it, etc.
Sponsored post
If you have a website regarding mobile phones, you can approach the mobile companies to review their new features and products. If you are engaging very good traffic to your website, the company can approach you to sponsor his products.

6. Sell Your Own Digital Product

You can create your own digital products like eBooks and earn money by it. It is very straightforward as there is no one between you and the buyer. You don’t need to worry about the commission and all. You will get pure money by selling your own product.
To sell your product you will need a team to maintain the landing page, payment gateway, shipping, and taxes. So it is not that simple as it sounds. You have to work on to increase your traffic so that it can generate that much of conversion rate.

7. Use Gate Premium Content Strategy:

You are running a good website with lots of traffic and if you want to gate your content, it can give you visitors information, emails, and money as well. If your fans like your content o much then there is no risk in gating your content. Your visitors will love to provide their information and get newsletter if they like your content.

Should we gate or not Gate premium content strategy?

The chances of risk are also equal by gating the content. Maybe your readers don’t want to provide their information and they leave the page before reading the full content.
At the same time, you may get less number of readers but what you will get the valuable readers who really want to get engaged with your content forever.
So apply correct strategies and what matter for you is also important while gating your content.

8. Create An E-Commerce Site:

Creating an e-commerce website is obviously not an easy task, it requires great hard work. There are so many online stores are available at present. But your site must be different in your niche to get benefits from it.
You can either sell services or products. To sell anything you need to setup a business website or e-commerce website.

How to create an e-commerce site:

WordPress + WooCommerce:

Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress. You have to install and activate this plugin. After that, you can set up and configure the plugin. It is very easy and totally free. Nobody will come to ask you for money at this point.
You can sell software, downloads, ebooks, services, subscriptions, and physical products by this platform.


You can create an online store by Shopify’s provided designs. It is a subscription based tool which means the time you stay subscribed you are having the online store. Shopify limits the website designs and modifications. The hosting service is free in Shopify.

9. Get Money By Selling Your Website

If you are comfortable in flipping the website, then you can also earn good amount of money by selling your websites. There are many people who just want the ready made websites and visitors. You can sell your websites to them and earn money by it.
It will turn out very profitable if you calculate your profit smartly and then sell out the website. So before selling just calculate the profit you are making monthly through ad space. You can just increase your price by 10 times or more of your monthly income and sell it. By analysing the correct price of your website, you will be in a profit and will get paid for your patience and hard work.
You can sell your ready made websites on Flippa, We Buy Websites and Feinternational. These sites are ready to purchase your website.

10. Start A Private Session Or Coaching:

If you write a great content and have a deep understanding of the subject, you can start your online paid sessions. There are so many websites who are providing paid online classes on various subjects.
You can start classes on digital marketing, entrepreneurship skills, social media marketing, content writing and SEO. The freelancing and selling services like wedding planner and home decorator ideas are also other options to earn money. The choice is yours.
The best way to sell your product or coaching is just creating a scheduled plan like an 8week plan or 4week plan to master in particular topic. You can spread the message and notify your readers of the new course by e-mails.
Writer Gina Horkey earned $1,000 after launching her freelance writing e-Course on Horkey Handbook website. There are so many writers who are creating good bucks by private online session and coaching.

11. Create An E-Mail List:

Creating an email list so that you can turn a stranger into your passionate reader is the best traffic generating strategy. It is important to maintain the email list as you can notify about your new product, services, courses, and new posts. The list helps people to get engaged with you for a long time.
Although it takes a long time to make a list of passionate readers. But it works magically. It will turn your website into a money making an instrument.
Making your readers engaged and interested by free valuable content and information will help you grow longer. If you will spam your readers with invalid offers, you will end up losing the trust of your readers. So pay heed to what you are providing to your readers by emails.
I’m sure after reading these tactics; you are going to apply these strategies to make more money by your website.

Written by Bidyut Bikash Dhar

Bidyut Bikash Dhar is a proficient Digital Marketing & Online Branding Strategist, Mentor, and Inbound Marketing Specialist with a focus on Reputation Management, International Healthcare Marketing, and Medical Tourism. His expertise encompasses a wide array of areas, including Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Conversion Optimization. Bidyut excels in Search Engine Marketing, leveraging his skills to enhance online visibility and drive targeted traffic. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, he crafts strategic solutions to elevate brands and amplify their online presence. Bidyut's commitment to mentorship and his extensive experience in healthcare marketing make him a valuable asset to businesses seeking to expand their reach and impact in the digital landscape.

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