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Do you know what’s Rubik’s Cube? How to solve it??

First of all, we have to know what Rubik’s cube is. And then how to solve it. Rubik’s cube is a puzzle game. The inventor is Erno Rubik. It has some other names also like speed cube, puzzle cube, and magic cube. It is a bestselling puzzle. Let’s discuss the model of a cube. It has 6 centerpieces 12 edge pieces where you will find 2 different colors and 8 corner pieces where you will find 3 different colors that mix up the cube. It has 3 layers. It has six colors red blue orange yellow green and white. There are so many ways to solve the Rubik’s cube. If you are determined to know the method then you have come to the right place. At first, you need to know some notation that is R denotes right side, R’ denotes anticlockwise. L denotes left side L’ denotes anticlockwise. U – up clockwise u’-anticlockwise. D-down clockwise D’ -down anticlockwise. B-back side clockwise B’-anticlockwise. First of all, choose a color the color to start the game. Here we are with the white first. The first step is not so hard to start as you do not need to remember other cubelets. Keep the first edge to the right place then the second one. This will not mislead you. And your previously solved step will not be messed up. There are some difficult situations too. When the three edges are done and then when the three edges are done and then when the three edges are done and the last one is wrong to try the formula FU’RU. Another situation is when the east edge is on the front but it cannot be moved to the top as it causes wrong. Then you will use F’R’D’RF2’.Like this when you see the last edge of the second layer is wrong then you use R’D’RF2’. Now the white corners. here are some problems which you might be facing due to rotation when white sticker facing the right you will use R’D’R, when it facing the front face apply FDF’ and when it facing at the bottom of the cube then just apply R’D2RDR’D’R while solving the puzzle is in wrong place you just need to take it out to the bottom layer and do one of the above moves. Now here we are with the steps about how to solve the second layer of the cube. Players get generally harassed as there are so many moves to complete this step. All you have to know two algorithms to end up with the second layer. One is right which denotes URU’R’U’F’UF. Other is left which denotes U’L’ULUFU’F’ when the edge piece is on the right place but oriented wrong then we will use right algorithm twice. The fourth step is to keep the yellow cross on the top of the cube. There is a short equation we have to use FRUR’U’F’.WE HAVE TO FORM A YELLOW CROSS ON THE TOP OF THE CUBE. Apart from this, we can have three other possible positions a dot L shape or a line. To solve the dot you have to use algorithm three times. In case of L shape, it will be twice. Here is the easiest way to meet the expectation that is to finish the yellow cross is FURU’R’F’. Now keep yellow edges in the top layer. Pertaining to the previous step now we have to fill the colors of the side centerpieces. The basic algorithm we are about to use is RUR’URU2R’U.sometimes it may appear that you cannot find two pieces to swap nest with each other then you have to execute the equation twice. Now positioning the yellow corner that means we are almost in the last section to solve a cube. look at a yellow corner which is on the right place then hold the cube with one in the front right top and apply the algorithm URU’L’UR’U’L. If there is any difficulty then apply this to twice. Now we are in the last phase you just have to set the last layer which is now on the top of the puzzle .just holds the cube so the upper piece you want to organize is on the front right top corner. After that do HOW TO SOLVE RUBIK’S CUBE R’D’RD algorithm twice or four times to meet the goal. While doing this it might seem that you are doing mistake but no need to worry. It will be all set when all the corner pieces are oriented. Do algorithm R’D’RD again until this get mana

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