How to Increase Website Traffic (for FREE) To Grow 900,000 Organic Visits Per Month

How to Increase Website Traffic (for FREE) To Grow 900,000 Organic Visits Per Month

Today I’m going to share strategies on how to increase website traffic. I have researched the topic to come off with the strategies to drive traffic to the website.
This blog will help you to bring reliable and qualified search traffic. If you are a beginner, it will be quite resourceful to you.
You are going to love these 15 strategies to increase website traffic; after applying and getting the awesome result out of these.

1. Write Content Which Goes Viral:

Everyone knows that creating viral content attracts the traffic. But only a few know how to successfully create viral content.

To create viral content you have to pay attention to two critical things:

  • Grab The Attention By Headlines:

It is not the new thing I’m telling you. This strategy is old but evergreen. You can make your headlines emotionally attached with your readers. So that they feel attached to it and click the link to as a curiosity.

  • Write Quality Content Backed With A Catchy Headline.

If your headlines are attractive but not the content, your visitors will leave the page in few seconds. So writing the quality content is also important.

2. Write Audience Friendly Content:

A good blogger knows his audience and he dedicates his content to them. When we write our first aim is to write about the audience not about you. If your experience is useful to readers then only they will read it else not. Make your audience your first priority; don’t try to trick them by branding yourself. The audience is smart enough to smell the right content for them.
Always write like you are talking with a reader individually. It makes the reader more engaged and connected. Use the pronoun “you” to make them feel you are talking about their problem and solution.
To know your audience you can interact with them by comments, feedback and reviews provided by them. You can get a great content idea by their comments and mentioned problems or answer the questions in your next post in detail.

3. Get Content Idea By Buzzsumo And Ubersuggest:

To make your content compatible with readers, it is necessary to find your niche. I know writing SEO article is quite boring as you have to direct your article accordingly. It is current requirement to make SEO equipped, shareable and visible content on Google; else there is no meaning of writing content without getting noticed.
Buzzsumo is the SEO tool. It gives you great content ideas to level up your content. It helps you understand the socially shareable or most performable ideas on Google. To use Buzzsumo you just have to type the keyword in the search tab and simply press search. You will get inside regarding any topic or competitor.
Ubbersuggest is also another SEO tool. Instead of searching lot, competition, content research and keyword traffic, Ubbersugges simply helps to get out of all this by a single click. It uses certain tools including Google suggestions and then portraits the 45-50 content ideas. It gives the new content ideas not available in keyword planner.

4. Write Guest Post For Bigger Website:

This is a very good tactic to gain a good traffic to your site. In the starting, it is not easy to get the audience so easily. But if you write for some bigger website and put your backlinks to your website, it will bring more of traffic to your site.
Generally, a bigger website has big traffic and you can bet to the website that you’ll write in return of backlinks to your website. In the bio section, you can mention links to your a website, so that it will bring audience automatically.
Before writing a guest post for a website, check for the subscriptions or daily traffic. The subscription must be in hundreds or thousands. You should make sure that the website you are writing a guest post is bigger than yours.

Here is the statistics how much traffic generated for guest posting:

Statistics of guest posting

5. Share The Same Post More Times:

Many writes do this frequently to get unique visitors. It is good if your some post is very good to attract big traffic. There is nothing wrong in re-post the post several times for unique people.
The mentality of many writers is they just forget the post after spreading it once all over the social media sites. You are here so I’m sure you are a step ahead of those.
Re-posting doesn’t mean you are spamming the audience, it just means the post is still fresh and matters. But the way you re-post is matters a lot. Just re-post the content in another style than before so that it can look fresh.

6. Invite Influencers To Write For You:

Here, influencers are writers with a great following on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Inviting an influencer to write content on your website adds richness to your website. Make influencer to write great stuff for you and share it to get traffic by their social media followings. Obviously, you are paying the influencers for it.
Instead of paying to a general writer it is better to pay the influencers. The thing is they write for more of websites and you will get the benefit of it. So engaging your audience by influencers is a great way to make your website popular and get more traffic.

7. Use Keyword Planner To Get Ideas About Keywords:

To help you out in writing SEO friendly content Google has Keyword planner. It is a free tool.  Keyword planner gives you keywords, and phrases that are searched by the audience in Google search engine. The tool helps to improve your Google ranking and give an insight what your visitors expecting from your posts.
keyword planner
Keyword planner is very easy to use a tool. You just have to login into your Gmail account and type words, hit search, it will show you phrases and keywords related to your words. You can put these keywords and frame content around it to get good Google ranking. Try to use the keyword in nature occurring way else it will degrade the equality of content.

8. Use SEO Tactics To Increase Website Traffic:

When we are talking about traffic, SEO tool is inseparable to it. SEO tactics are necessary to be up on the Google ranking. No one is unaware about the optimization and it is necessary also to get noticed your content.
By optimizing the content we make sure that google understands the content is all about. You can use keyword planner, Ubbersuggest, Buzzsumo, etc. to research about your keyword and do keyword stuffing.

Google shows results for synonyms also. So you can spread several synonyms to your keyword in your content to get high ranking. Here are some tips to optimize your content:

  • Headline must contain the focus keyword.
  • Headline contains less than 65 characters.
  • Focus keyword must be in first paragraph and first 100 words.
  • Use active voice instead of passive voice.
  • Don’t use stop keywords in focus keyword.
  • Your some subheading must contain focus keyword.
  • Your Keyword density must be less than 5%.
  • Write Meta description about your post.
  • Use shorter paragraphs.
  • Write longer post. Your post must be of more than 1000 words.
  • Add images with tags related to your post.
  • Add featured image.
  • Write simple English and don’t use complicated and long sentences.
  • Target long tail keyword to get top SERP spot in Google.

9. Use Social Media To Share Your Content:

Social media is a great way to share your content and get more traffic. As the platform is for all, pay heed to your competitor’s social media pages to get the idea what strategies they are applying. You can join social media groups with many followers and as a member you can share your articles.
Try to share great content and build a good relationship with your followers. It can become your great source of traffic. Make a strategy and update the new posts on regular basis, repost the same with interesting description to get new visitors.
Add social media share buttons to your website, it will be easy for readers to share the content in their social media profile.

10. Install Google Analytics:

Google analytics is a great tool to find your niche. You can judge your audience and watch the websites driving more traffic. Joining the great discussion forum with a big audience and making comment when needed is also part of attracting the traffic.
You can install it for free and watch your website. The results we get from Google analytics are amazing; it gives a complete report about your posts, traffic, links, organic and non-organic traffic.
Google analytics gives you an idea of total visits, page visits, average time spent on a site, new visits, and bounce rate. By getting the report you can repeat the sources where you are succeeding.

11. Use Linked Images, Videos, And Photos:

Readers are more attracted towards the visuals than texts. Images, photos and videos give to make them understand your content and are more interactive.
When you add images in your posts, it just lightens up your post and makes it easy to understand. The added tags help visitors to reach your blog by your images. Instagram is the best way to share your images and photos on your posts.
You can create short YouTube videos and add them to your post. It also helps to improve your Google ranking because Google owns YouTube.
The social media posts with title “the 3-minute video will show you…” gets more interaction with visitors. You can modify your content post into video and share it on social media sites.

12. Involve In Social Communities:

Another great way to increase traffic is engaged yourself in social communities. There are so many popular social communities with their distinct features, rules and format. You can join Reddit, StumbleUpon, Goodreads, Ravelry, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.
Be engaged in the communities by commenting, posting and sharing. Building your presence on the community is important because it will yield you big traffic.
At first, you just watch others posts how they are working and what is performing better. After that, you should start repeating the strategies which can work to gain traffic to your posts. Keep watching your own strategies which are working and which are not to get the insight.

13. Write Long Content:

A research by Buzzsumo with Moz shows that if content is of 3000-10000 words, it will give twice more shares and thrice the link response than a content of fewer than 1000 words. An another research by SerplQ says Google ranks the posts more than 2000 words better than the shorter posts of 600 words.
So, writing longer, comprehensive and in-depth articles are better than regurgitating the same topic again and again in shorter ones.

14. Invest In Advertising:

Advertising is a very important tool to generate great traffic. Advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, on Google Adwords, and PPC advertisement all are a very promotional tool to increase the traffic.
But there is no meaning of advertising if you can’t generate profit from it. So insight of your advertising strategy and showing ads into right people are also considered to convert better. To make high quality converting ads; you have to watch out the strategies your competitors are applying and you are lacking.

15. Publish More Articles And Be Regular:

The one more reason to make your audience be with you is the regularity. Building trust with your visitor is necessary and for that, you have to publish on regular basis.
It doesn’t matter if you post once, twice or thrice in the week or daily, the thing is to be consistent and publish more. By publishing more and regularly makes your audience engaged with your site.
Publishing ads on simple emotional titles, touches of humor, and messages performs well in generating more visitors. Performing and non-performing ads have some distinctions, find out the separation and try to format your ads in popular categories.
I hope you are going to apply these strategies to generate more traffic.

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