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How to be a Content Writer after 12th

Today’s generation is so competitive. They just want to establish more quickly than ever. All they want is to earn money quickly. Many college students also opt for part time jobs or freelancing. Sunita is a new college student. She wants a part time job but she can’t get it. So, she was very confused until her elder sister Tanisha come to her help.

It was a Sunday morning when Sunita’s phone rang. She picked up the phone with a sleepy voice and jumped off with surprise that the house maid became astonished. On the other side of the phone there was Tanisha who came back Kolkata from her job on vacation. Tanisha called Sunita to pick her up and she forget about that. After getting the call from her sister she gets ready for airport. On the way the two sisters are talking about a lot of things. After reaching home both of them take some rest.

It is in the evening when two sisters talking over on tea. Both of them are talking about the competitiveness of job market. Suddenly Sunita start to hesitate, Tanisha notices it and asks to tell her the problem. Sunita asks Tanisha about the job market for freshers. Tanisha is surprised, she asks her:”why are you asking that? Are you interested to do work as a fresher?” On hearing that Sunita nods her head. Then Tanisha starts:”Before I start to suggest some option, tell me what’s your preference or what are interested in?” Sunita becomes more confuse, she wants to get a job but she never thought what will be better for her? 

So, she again looks into her didi’s eyes. Tanisha immediately understands the issue and says:”so, I think you never think about it… Right? Look as a student I can suggest you a job title. I think that will be easy for you. Listen to me carefully.” Sunita becomes attentive and Tanisha starts her statement. She says:” when you were young you really liked to write stories, reports, essays and articles.

You actually have a good grip on language, whether it’s Bengali, English or Hindi. You can always produce a good content. So after relying on my past experience I can suggest you to opt. for content writing. It’s a great opportunity for freshers, and also for experienced.” Sunita says:” tell me more about that di… I don’t know anything about that.” So, again she starts: “nothing comes without a price in this world. You are aware of that very well. As a student of college you want to earn extra income that’s why you are try to get a job. But you don’t know anything about it; let me summarize it for you. SO, we will start by,

  •  Who is Content Writer? Or we may say How can one be a Content Writer?

     Let’s discuss:

“A content writer is a person who has a great command over language and also can write properly on any topic which is given to him/her.”

Sunita becomes surprised and asks “Only these two qualities are needed?” Tanisha Says:” no, they need much more quality than that let me finish first.” Here she goes again: Remember only the power of writing and command over language cannot save a content writer. He/she needs much more. A content writer should be a good researcher. So, what we get that:

A content writer is person who has a sound knowledge over everything, can write on anything and has a great researching ability, proficiency over language.

Their work is very difficult all the time they have to be patient because if they show bad temper to others no one will be ready to work with them again.”

“Now come to the second segment of our discussion.

  •  How one can be a Content Writer/ How one can be fit choice for this role?

Many people have curiosity about it. I also met many people who asked me if it needed any special degree or not. But let me tell you it’s not that much complicated at all. It is quite simple compare to other professions. All you need is to have following thing:

1. After 12th Boards:

You can start your career as a content writer after 12th . There are many companies who hire content writers who just passed out their boards.

2. After College:

You can also go for a content writing job after completing you college degree. Companies usually prefer them who have a Bachelors ‘degree on English or in Mass communication. That does not mean that a science background owned student can’t opt. for these jobs. As long as you have a good writing ability, a good sense of language and research ability you can do it. Some companies notice it some not. But that isn’t our area of discussion because you do not pass your college now as I am suggesting you it as a career option so, I will make this conversation fruit full for all 12th pass out students.

3. Doing any special course for Content Writing:

There are many institutes where you can learn about content writing. Online and offline both modes are available. You just have to enroll yourself with some money and they will teach you about the basics and advance level of writing.

4. A Proficient sense of Language:

One must have a good command over language. Because in content writing language is the soul of it and if you don’t have a proper knowledge about it you can easily ruin it. Every company will first see your writing ability. If you have a great knowledge then you can become a content writer. In internet there are many types of people present so if you want to make your content more popular among people you should have to use a lot of common and easy words. Complicated words can give you a so called “scholar” image but easy words can make you more acceptable to people.

5. A Creative Mindset:

Some people are creative, some are not but in most of the jobs do not require creativeness but there are certain fields where you need a sort of creativeness. Content writing is that kind of field where you need creativeness at the beginner level. Without your creativity one can’t be very much successful in this field.

6. Ability to Research:

Only writing skill cannot give you fame as a writer, it will important but still you need your ability of research. It’s not possible for everybody to have a sound knowledge over everything, so what is needed to do here? You must have a sound research ability which will help you to be upgraded as a content writer.

7. A Good Internet Connection is Needed:

If you want to pursue a career in content writing you must have a good internet connection because without that one cannot post anything on internet. And not only posting in your research work it is essential to have a good internet connection.

8. Tech Savvy:

In today’s first and internet age we all have to be comfortable with tech devices such as laptop and computer, phone and tab. In today’s life every company prefer typed content over hand written one, So, if you planning for take this content writing job seriously than you must have computer, or laptop and also a good knowledge over internet. Because in many cases the content writer itself has to post it online in that case you also be aware of the fact on how to post content on internet. If you are not that much aware of that you may face backlash for it.

9. Make a Portfolio:

If you want to shine as a content writer you have to build a portfolio with 50 to 100 contents which you have written on your own, that will help you when you apply for jobs.

Here are some tips on how one can be a content writer. Its few points that I know it can be useful if you are ready to build a career on it.

Now come to another point:

  • Job opportunities/Scopes:

There are many job opportunities on that field. You just have to find it and make a good decision.

i. In MNC Companies:

Many multinational companies hire people for Content Writing. There are some vacancies for content writers. Some companies prefer Bachelors’ degree but there are some companies who prefer 12th pass out students. They will take an interview and also they ask you to write some content over a particular topic. If you passed both of them they will readily hire you. Some companies also give training after selection. If you are a experienced writer 20,000-30,000 you can easily make.

ii. In Private Companies:

There are some private National companies who hire content writes on 12th pass out level you can also apply there. The process will be same as the MNC companies. Salary would be count based on words.

iii. Freelancing:

There is another great option as a content writer which is freelancing. If you don’ want to work under any company or people, you simply opt. for freelancing. Here you can write on any topic you like. You can also work on your own and do experiment. A freelancer can make 1000-10,000 based on his/her experience and writing skill. It also based on words.

iv. In Magazine:

There are many magazine companies where you can apply for content writing jobs. They hire you as a content writer and give you a good salary based on your experienced and words.

v. For Youtube Content:

You tubers make videos on various types. Some make comedy videos, some make political videos. Whatever they make they first need a content on which they will make videos. Some can write content for their videos on their own and some can’t so they hire content writers who can fulfill their needs. So content writers have a good future in you tube also.

There are many other options may be but these mentioned options are much popular and well known.

Now we will move to our other segment where we will discuss about another point:

  • Pros and Cons to be a Content Writer?

Before starting this let me tell you everything has a bad and good side. Content writing also has that First we will talk about Pros.

Pros of Content Writing: 

There are many pros about content writings.

i. Make You Upgrade:

In the case of content writing you have to research a lot so it will make you updated with the current situation.

ii. Work From Home Facility:

It is a job where you can work from your home. You just do not need to come out from your comfort zone. Many Companies prefer Work from office but most of the cases you will get the “work from home” Option in this job which is a beneficial for lots of people like newlywed women whose in-laws do not allow her to work outside can do content writing.

iii. Beneficial for Students:

I will not say that it is a easy job but college students who just completed their 12 th can opt. for content writing as a side job to earn extra money because it will offer you a decent salary and also give you work from home benefit.

iv. Upgrading Your Writing Skill:

Content writing is depended on good writing skill. But it also can make your writing skill good. When you become too much habituated with writings it will be a piece of cake to create a great and useful content.

Cons of Content Writing: 

There is some kind of cones on Content Writing jobs.

i. Effecting Your Eyes:

A content writer is facing the computer or laptop all the time because it is the part of job, but it is at the same time very much effecting their eyes. Constant staring to computer/laptop may damage eyes which is not a great thing to happen.

ii. Constant Sitting:

Content writers have to sit on a same spot for hours. This desk job later in life gives them back pain, diabetes, fatigue.

iii. Content Piracy Problem:

A content writer if he or she is a beginner there is a chance that they don’t know about this. Many people are there who are try to snatch other person’s content and make them look as their own. It is a serious problem to face; you will face it when you become experienced.

So, there are many pros and cons about the job, but i suggest if you like this job then do it without fearing the consequences because in every job you have to cons and pros. But if you are skilled nothing can stop you.

Now let’s discuss about another point:

  • What a Content Writer have to be Careful about?

Everyone wants to be successful in their jobs but they always forget about the skills which can make them successful. In the job of content writing they have to very care full about one thing that is Plagiarism free content. A content writer who is a beginner or experienced always careful about that because internet needs 100% plagiarism free content. If you say that you do research from Google and while researching you just copied two to three sentences that will not work because there are many free plagiarism checking apps which will check your content for free and rate your authenticity. Remember internet is hungry for original contents not for copied ones. So, a content writer has to write 100% real content.

Now come to last point:

  • How to apply as a Content Writer?

There are many scopes in this line; you just have to be aware of that fact. You can apply in many online job uploading platforms like Linkedin, Indeed, Naukri.com etc. You will find these apps on play store. You can also apply in private and MNC companies for jobs as I said before. You can also write blogs every day and upload on your blogging sites. Such as blogging sites are: Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, WordPress, Linkedin, Weebly etc.

You can also do freelancing as I said you before.

  • Content Writing as a Business Opportunity:

Now a days Indians are become passionate about business. As an experienced content writer you can hire people under you and make a team of ten to twenty efficient content writers.

And you can provide the service to hire content writers from your team which will be profitable on each side.”

After giving a long lecture on content writing Tanisha feel thirsty she asks for some water to Sunita , but she is also in state of attention where she just attentively listen to her di. She quickly gets some water for her di and pays thanks to her for informing her about this golden job.

Written by Riya Talukder

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