So if you have wandered this far, you might be wondering just how far digital marketing can take you. You might even be thinking whether it is worth your time speaking to an SEO expert, and more importantly whether it is worth speaking to me.

So what can I do for you? First of all, you get my undivided attention. Not my juniors, or my assistants, but my personal and undivided attention on your project. Talk to me for free just to see if you like me, but if your goals are to get top notch content and long lasting organic traffic then we share the same passion and I am sure that we will get along famously! Even if you don’t support Manchester United (although we might have words).

After we have talked, I can begin to implement a strategy that will suit your business. My goal is ALWAYS individual care, and no matter what changes happen in with search engines and social media I want to make your business relevant not only now, but relevant in five, ten and fifteen years, and not many people can say that.

When you talk to me, I will make SEO easy for you. A walk in the park. No more worrying at night, no more hard work slaving away implementing back-links and burning the midnight oil. If you want me for the short term implementing a publicity blitz, or you want a long term strategy I will make your life a lot easier. Even though I am becoming an old hand at the job, I am still willing to learn, and I still believe I am learning from new experiences. I am happy to teach in any search engine, or digital marketing capacity, if you want to learn or are willing to share, my door is always open!

A large portion of my time is spent teaching, because it is vitally important to keep up to date. Search engines change all the time, and the algorithms and ranking methods of Google, Yahoo, and Bing are updated every few months. I can help you keep up to date, because it is my job to do so.

I can get you real results that turn into profits. I have access to most up to date software tools and can use them in the best possible way that can guarantee you success. You might be tempted to ask why I am so sure, and you are right to ask. The reality is that many businesses go around digital marketing the wrong way. If they try and manage their own backlinks or search engine optimisation they are spending far too much time placing needless links that will not get organic traffic. If you have time, please have a glance at my portfolio for examples of how I turned a company’s online marketing around.

Of course it is not always plain sailing, but if you give me just three short months, I will make you a believer that an experienced SEO and SEM expert such as myself can really make a difference.

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