Fast Gallery for Visual Composer v2.0 WordPress Plugins – Free Download Fast Gallery for Visual Composer v2.0

Download Free Fast Gallery for Visual Composer v2.0 is a wordpress plugins what we sharing here for free download links to practice and check the features.

Introduction –
One of the best WordPress tools, this plugin helps you to create your gallery very quickly and easily, using visual composer in your website. There are more than 200 premium effects, which are very helpful for WordPress users and webmasters. This plugin has two addons – Fast Gallery Classic and Fast Gallery Mosaic.
Features –
The features of Fast Gallery Classic are:
1. It has addon for Visual Composer
2. It has 8 types of Gallery – Prettyphoto, Photobox, Magnificer Popup, Fotorama Slideshow, Light Gallery, Photoswipe, Custom URL, Only Image – No Lightbox.
3. It has an optional One thumbs for Gallery.
4. It has 12 different styles + No Style.
5. It has new Pagination and LazyLoad effect.
6. It has animation options with more than 200 effects.
7. It allows custom colour with each gallery, including the main colour with opacity and the secondary colour.
8. It uses masonry, grid with responsive or fluid layout.
9. It has options for thumbnails.
10. It provides custom space between images.
11. It is Translation Ready (including .mo/.po files)
12. It can support up to 9 columns.
13. It provides video tutorial.
The new additional features of Fast Gallery Mosaic are:
1. It has 5 types of Gallery – Prettyphoto, Photobox, Magnific Popup, Light gallery, Custom URL.
2. It has 10 different styles.
3. It has a Mosaic Layout.
4. It supports Pagination, custom space between images, and custom value for image height.
Benefits –
It was created in 2014, and was last updated in March, 2017. It supports high resolution, and is compatible with browsers like, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. It has an average rating of 4.83, and the latest software version is WordPress 4.8.x.
Download Fast Gallery for Visual Composer v2.0 WordPress Plugins Links Below:
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