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How a Digital Marketing Trainer can train you to become a deadly businessmen

‘I am looking for a trainer’. The statement says it all, but to be very honest, to analyse this, I need to understand, what exactly is my requirement. Whether I need just a person who will make me ‘gobble’ up whatever is there in the book, remember everything and speak it like a parrot? Not really, I need a person who will just not make me just remember everything rather her will enable me to understand the subject and guide me as to how can I use it practically in real life.
Gone are those days, wherein your academics you will learn all your subjects, clear your exam and forget everything later. Today, if you want to survive, you will need to understand your subject more in detail rather than just learn it by heart.
Digital Marketing is such a subject which you definitely need to understand more than just learning about it simply because you need to apply it in your practical field in order to earn your bread and butter. Now, to understand this subject, what is the most important thing you need? A good trainer certainly. One who has all the knowledge about the subject and more hat that how he can train you and make you competent.
Let me discuss a few things to understand about what basically are the traits that make a good Digital Marketing Trainer.
First things first, a trainer needs to understand what really is the need of the candidate. I mean, the business need. If the trainee is an emerging businessman who wants to target a specific section of the audience for his business, then the trainer’s job is to make sure the person is able to identify that. In short, what I mean is a good trainer will guide a trainee to get more and more clients for his business.
There are a few things a trainer needs to have a very good knowledge about. They are namely landing pages, by what it means when a visitor clicks in the link where he is landed. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) fundamentals are the ones which a good trainer needs to have a clear understanding of. Google, Bing PPC, writing blogs of several genres, Social media that is both paid and organic, Remarketing etc.
A clear understanding of content is key feature of SEO, hence a trainer also needs to guide a trainee about the development of a content as because a content that is irrelevant to the subject matter of a website can demote the website instead of promoting its Google Ranking.
SEO copywriting is a very challenging topic in digital marketing. This requires a detailed understanding of the technical aspects of search engines. Hence a good trainer must have a very sound knowledge about it. A trainer also to know how to perform a high-quality keyword research. This can significantly help in improvement in the website’s ranking. The most important thing of all is about understanding the marketing strategies and tactics that exist in the market, about what the competitors are following etc.
If a digital marketing trainer can implement and execute all these features in his training course then definitely he/she can produce a very competent digital marketing consultant.

Written by Bidyut Bikash Dhar

Bidyut Bikash Dhar is a proficient Digital Marketing & Online Branding Strategist, Mentor, and Inbound Marketing Specialist with a focus on Reputation Management, International Healthcare Marketing, and Medical Tourism. His expertise encompasses a wide array of areas, including Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Conversion Optimization. Bidyut excels in Search Engine Marketing, leveraging his skills to enhance online visibility and drive targeted traffic. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, he crafts strategic solutions to elevate brands and amplify their online presence. Bidyut's commitment to mentorship and his extensive experience in healthcare marketing make him a valuable asset to businesses seeking to expand their reach and impact in the digital landscape.

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