How to Delete Messages from Messenger

You do not want to keep those messages on your Facebook Messenger. Old messages just occupy a place in your messaging history, as there is no need to keep a digital history of these chats. Generally, people keep their old messages as a part of their memories. If you are here then perhaps, you know that you can remove old messages in a Messenger. Pushing unwanted chats at the bottom of your chat history is easy. But why not delete these messages forever.
Deleting messages would just remove your copy of the chat. It is easy to delete messages from your Messenger, you just need to open the app and navigate to the conversation section. Read on and find a detailed information on how to delete messages from Messenger.
Why is it Important to Delete Messages?
Search Speed
Users often open their messages section in order to chat with a person with whom they had a recent chat. Now if your chat history is full of spam messages and messages from sources which are not required then you would have a hard time finding the chat record of the desired person.
You won’t be reminded of those Unfortunate Memories
Sometimes chats cause you a nightmare. It is better to forget some conversations as they may make you feel awkward. They may include a dating memory, a violent conversation or something like that. Moreover, too much use of emoji and media make your browser or messenger application slow.
Valuable Messages Must Stay in the Message History
Some people believe that they must only keep the valuable messages in their account. If you think like this, then you might consider deleting the old messages.
Keep it Secret
There are chats that are meant to be kept secret. You may have spied over somebody or discussed a gambling deal through the messenger. These conversations need to be deleted. If anybody gets hold of your mobile phone they would not be able to get any track of your messaging data.

How to Delete Messages

You can remove messages from Facebook using the web version of Facebook or on the Messenger application. Here one can find detailed steps for deleting messages.
Step 1– To begin with the procedure the user is required to open the messenger application on their Android device.
Step 2– Tap and hold the message you wish to delete until a menu is displayed on the screen.
Delete Messages on Messenger
Step 3– Now you need to click on the ‘Delete’ button and you are ready to go.
How to Delete Facebook Messages

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