Guerrilla marketing is an advertising campaign with a difference.  At one end of the spectrum you have your pay per click advertisements where it is advertising in a traditional sense.   At the other end, you have Guerrilla Marketing which relies on innovation that I can provide.  Normally most advertising campaigns rely on a steady stream of links from blogs, articles, websites and social networks, with Guerrilla Marketing I am to put you on the map through more unconventional means.  So what do I mean by unconventional means?  I can create engaging and thought provoking campaign to generate buzz around your brand.


What is the advantage of Guerrilla Marketing?


The reality is that our society has become saturated with advertising everywhere.  If you drive a car you will go past billboards with adverts.  When you read a newspaper, there is an advertisement on every page.  Even when you watch a film, you will notice advertisements within the scenes as well as in the advertisement breaks.  The danger with these adverts is that they do not make you stand up and take notice.  How many advertisements do see when you check your email or view the internet.  You probably see hundreds of adverts without one making you stand up and take notice.  Guerrilla marketing is aimed to make you notice.  Even though the amount of advertising you do may be less than in a standard campaign, the effect will be considerably more noticeable.


How you make Guerrilla marketing work for me?


The first note to make is that Guerrilla Marketing does not have to be expensive or time consuming.  Unconventional marketing does not have to mean more money or more time.  In many ways, the expenditure in time is considerably less.  You do not have to pay to set up blogs, or produce content and you do not have to pay for clicks.  Instead the effort is put into making a campaign that is memorable and makes people talk.  If you think that it has to cost money, think again.  With the proliferation of the internet, marketing can be viral and reach out to millions if done correctly.


I am an expert in Guerrilla marketing and can offer you all the innovation and management of your campaign without you lifting a finger.  If you want creative input into the campaign I will be happy to listen and incorporate your ideas so that you get a custom made solution that works.  Not only in increased gossip and chat, but actual traffic, real life sales and profits.  Alternatively, if you want to sit back and relax while I manage the campaign, I am equally happy to dazzle you with the results.


I have successfully utilised unconventional marketing campaigns that have increased the profit line for my clients.  If you just want to incorporate Guerrilla marketing into your overall strategy, or you want your customers to get talking, get in touch and I can provide you with a plan that will excite you.


Do You Want Guerrilla Marketing Consultation for Your Business?


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