Content Marketing is one of the most popular methods of marketing among consumers and advertisers because it is a less intrusive method of getting traffic.  Information that readers want is always valuable, and content marketing can positively influence your audience without pushing sales or a call to action.

What is the importance of content marketing?

Content marketing is getting more of the headlines as mobile traffic begins to eclipse traffic from desktops.  Whether it is giving commuters something to read on their way home, or information that someone badly needs on the move, content marketing appeals strongly to the mobile market.  Of course, content marketing does not come without its own issues.  Setting up good content that gives a good impression takes time and expertise to get right.  Setting up poor content will equally backfire and give rise to a poor impression of your business.

How can I use content marketing techniques?

There are many ways to present content marketing including through Youtube videos, e-books, question and answers, and even music and photographs.  The idea is to give your audience something of value, and in return your audience develops a positive impression of your business or company.  This makes sales and positive word of mouth more likely in the future.  Another advantage of content marketing is that it is particularly low cost.  Content marketing used to be monopolised by big corporations because they were the only companies that could afford to produce informative content.  Nowadays, this has changed and even an individual can produce videos and media to educate and offer consumers something that they want.

However building great content is not enough on its own if no-one reads it.  There are thousands of great e-books and blogs on the internet that are languishing because they have not marketed it correctly.  I can teach you to get the attention of key people who can put your content into circulation and get it noticed.  You will learn how to improve your marketing research and how to build relationships that are mutually profitable.

Ultimately the best way to gain a favorable impression with your target audience is not to be on the first page of Google, or have the greatest amount of likes.  You want to build the content that will make those clicks turn into real life interaction and sales.

Who can benefit from content marketing training?

Every website needs to have content marketing training.  If you are offering a product or a service, you will need to know exactly how to reach out and appeal – having the right approach can give you the best lead in marketing.  If you think that you will benefit from being able to develop customer loyalty and the know how to gain a positive audience impression then you should invest in content marketing training.  I have the tools and experience to teach you the best practices to establish you as a market leader.


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