SEMrush Reviews and Pricing for YOU

Do you want to increase the visibility of your website and generate more traffic?

Switch to SEMrush!!

Yes, SEMrush is here to help you out with the optimization of your account. Overall mostly SEMRush Results Showing accurate results through most advanced analytics tools.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO toolkit that helps you with a mixture of tasks. It has aided digital marketers to collect appropriate statistics and boost the visibility of websites as per their requirement.

How can SEMrush assist you?

SEMrush can help you with a wide range of tasks and can foster the ranking of your website in a short span of time.

Let us, quickly take a look at the features of SEMrush that will assist you to enhance the awareness of your website.

Here, we go!

  • Domain evaluation
  • Run your Website SEO, PPC, SMM and content projects – 7 days FREE Trial 
  • Research appropriate keywords
  • Track Social Media
  • Brand assessment
  • Organize posts on social media
  • Check SEO online regularly
  • Assess the information of source and flow of traffic
  • Watchful feature to inform regarding the necessary modifications
  • Evaluate the advert and keywords of your competitors and more
  • Download Free Ebooks for broaden your knowledge and improve your skill always with SEMRush

Its features are endless!

I can assure you that you will not repent your decision. SEMrush is the best toolkit that can help you to generate more revenue.

Moreover, it will also assist you to add more information by linking your accounts in Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

SEMrush is familiar with the suitable presentation of your data.

Thus, it will organize and arrange the raw data in a presentable structure and report.

Still not satisfied?

Let us look into the scheme of your rival with the support of reports on analytics provided by the toolkit.

Keyword investigation: It will help you to figure out the exact and the optimized keyword for your promotions on SEO as well as PPC. This will help you to improve your digital marketing techniques.

Advert investigation: This will assist you to find out the resources and strategies used by your rivals. Not only this, but SEMrush will also aid you to promote your advertising techniques by evaluating the keywords used by your competitors for advertisement.

Organic investigation: SEMrush stresses on the keywords that will be the best for the effective promotion of your website. It will also aid you the analyze the change in the rankings of your website and figure out your rivals in the worldwide web.

Display promotion: It will help you to figure out professional digital marketers and observe the displays using various promotional devices.

Backlinks: This aids the digital marketer to have a thorough investigation of the backlinks and its types thereby assisting them to figure out the geographical location of domains and IPs.

You must be worried about the price, don’t you?

SEMrush gives you a wide range of features and characteristics at an affordable range. When it comes to marketers, they are very choosy and prefer to select the best option at the cheapest price therefore, SEMrush is what they choose!

SEMrush delivers you the best quality services at a reasonable rate. Click here to Check all Plan and Prices.

I assure you will not be dissatisfied with the services that SEMrush offers you at a reasonable rate.


Don’t think too much, SEMrush is the best weapon you can use to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. No other SEO toolkit and Content Marketing Toolkit will provide you with these many features, that too at a feasible rate.

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Top 10 SEO Softwares for Small Businesses that All SEO Experts Using in 2018

Considering the current trend, SEO is very important. Whether you are a blogger, small business owner, digital marketer, usage of SEO are prominent. For some, it is critical as well because they consider it as a make or break thing.

But, thankfully, by using different SEO tools the problem becomes less critical, this post mentions top 10 SEO software available in the market along with a variety of uses and fulfilling many common requirements as well. These all tools are quick, absolutely free and quite easy-to-use.

Why SEO Tools

SEO plays a vital role in making your website easy to understand for both search engines crawlers and users. However, search engines are quite advanced in a crawling manner but still, they are not that fast enough to compete for the human and this is the gap where SEO works the best. SEO assists the search engines to recognizes what exactly the page is about and how users will find it.

Even with the creative and extraordinary website, the SEO is important to engage the users. SEO tools basically improve the website to get desired search engine ranking. Therefore, SEO tools are valuable in rendering higher user engagement to a website.

Impacts On SEO

  • SEO renders branding and perspective regarding a website.
  • It is easy and reasonable marketing strategy where you can directly compete with your competitor at the same level.
  • All the competitors use SEO techniques to grow their business higher in rankings
  • business gets higher ROI
  • SEO strategies are vivid and going to exists for longer.
  1. WebCEO

WebCEO is an online tool rendering social media metrics, site auditing, marketing analytics and link building tactics.

Feature Of WebCEO:

  • Internal Links Improvement
  • SEO Checklist
  • Toxic Links
  • SEO Analysis
  • Quality Checking Of Backlinks
  • Webs Analytics
  • Content Submission
  • Rank Tracking
  • Social Metrics

    Cost details

  • Free Trial: 14-days
  • Startup Plan – $99/month
  • Corporate Plan – $199/month
  • Agency Fixed Plan – $499/month

Pros And Cons

+Safe platform for the report format
+specific labels to keywords
+automatic and easy to extract keywords, title, and meta tags from a website
-No .doc or pdf format
-No URL shorting facility

2. Linkody’s Backlink Monitoring Tool

It is a backing monitoring and tracking tool in order to judge the link building campaigns successfully.


  • Multi-User Support
  • Moz data
  • PDF reports
  • Social Shares
  • E-mail notifications
  • Instant link location
  • Disavow tool
  • Landing pages
  • CSV export
  • Link analytics
  • Google Analytics

Cost details

  • Free Trial: 30 Days
  • Webmaster: $14.90 per month
  • Advanced: $24.90 per month
  • Pro: $49.90 per month
  • Agency: $104.90 per month
  • Agency XL: $147.90 per month

Pros And Cons

+Identify new links easily
+Compare backlinks of competitors
-Except for backlinks, no other features are useful

3. SEO PowerSuite

it is the best SEO tool to deliver services to small businesses and make it relevant for tracking the SEO campaign.


  • Rank Tracker
  • Backlink research and auditing
  • Link building & management
  • Site auditing & on-page optimization

Cost details

  • Free SEO PowerSuite
  • Pro: $249
  • Cons: $599

Pros And Cons

+Good link assistant to small projects
+Good functionality
-No unified dashboard
-After 6 months you need Algo updates

4. SEMRush

SEMRush is a useful tool considering SEO, video advertising, PPC, and Social media.


  • Display Advertising
  • Advertising Research
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Product Listing Ads

Cost Details – Click here to Check – SEMRush Price and Plans

  • Pro Plan: $99.95 per month or $83.28 per year
  • Guru Plan: $199.95 per month or $166.62 per year
  • Business Plan: $399.95 per month or $333.28 per year

Pros And Cons

+Great API
+Analysis Competitor activity
+estimate competitor traffic
-a limited number of projects



5. RankPay

It uses SEO practices to get rankings by following industry standards.


  • Blog management services
  • SEO services
  • Make your site secure
  • Optimize the content

Cost details

Hourly SEO rates: $75 to $150
Monthly: $1500 to $3000

Pros And Cons:

+Powerful support
+Fast result delivery

6. SEO reseller

It provides white label tools to business to get close leads and able to deliver real value to the clients.


  • Reputation management
  • white label resources
  • white label PPC dashboard
  • white label SEO dashboard
  • lead tracking

Cost details

There are four types of price packages which will be available with cost when you fill details about your name and email ID.
Platinum Plus

Pros And Cons

+A true partnership with the white label
+Free site audit tools
+proven strategies
-After sale unattentive customer support
-Content with errors

7. Traffic Travis

It fulfills the basic requirements of SEO and PPC. Traffic Travis helps in both on a page and off page SEO management.


  • Site Checking
  • Ranking For Google check
  • Showing technical mistakes
  • spot keyword of your competitor
  • Monitor the search ranking
  • build quality backlinks

Cost details

Absolutely free version
The professional program costs US$97 per year.

Pros And Cons

+Google Adwards Integration
+Free version is available
-Support only PC platform

8. SEOPressor

SEOPressor renders full insight of the WordPress site.


  • On page analysis
  • SEO Reports
  • Crawler control
  • link management
  • semantics builder

Cost details

The program starts at $9 per month.

Pros And Cons

+New Functions
+Good User experience
+Work like professional to your site
-You have to target more than 3 keywords.

9. Backlink Beast

Backlink Beast comes with a guaranteed ranking program with a 60-day money back if the customer is not satisfied with the services.


  • Tiered link building
  • submission to the social network site and various link diversity
  • automatic account creation, content submission, anchor text diversity
  • natural link growth
  • link indexing


first 7-days program: $7
Life long program: $397

Pros And Cons

+Attractive layout
+engaging interface

– various 404 site errors
-errors in microsoft.NET

10. The HOTH

It is a well-established system for link building strategy.


  • Link building from high authority sites.
  • The natural flow of links
  • A good system with all features including keyword diversity, co-citation

Pros And Cons

+Powerful link building
+Good starting price packages
-The ranking is not that effective