Life Insurance: Compare & Buy Best Life Insurance Plans and Policies in India

Life Insurance Plans and Policies in India is a protection to a family against early death of the earning member and it acts like a ’safety-valve’.

Life Insurance is an agreement between two entities– the insurer and the insured.  The insurer sells products i.e. Insurance policies. The insured payees (called premium) to buy it.

Life insurance plans and policies in India.



To be or not to be—is a dilemma in human life. Man is mortal. So we have to die one day. We generally think that I will live up to the age of 70 years. After attaining age 20-25 years, it is expected that you will take charge of your family and carry the burden of your existing family members—support your aged parents, minor /enable brother or sister, wife and child/children. You love them very much. They are totally /partially dependent on you, to be more precise on your income.


If you die earlier your earning will be zero (exclude pension holder—they will be hard (4- 5) % of the total population.). But your family desperately need money for their existence. Without sufficient money they will be in a miserable state If you try to imagine their situation without money in your absence, you will be trembling and crying visualizing their miseries.

Life Insurance Plans and Policies in India
Life Insurance Plans and Policies in India

If you have taken the suitable policy and paying the premium timely both you and your family will remain safe and happy and peaceful and joyous.


If you survive the total span of the policy, you will get a lump sum amount for your future security or complete some needs or fulfill your dream.

The total money you or your family get from insurance companies is totally tax-free i.e. there will be no deduction.


Besides the premium amount is tax-free under 80C of Income Tax Rule.


The insurer is the company who is selling/offering some benefits, called plan. For example,


Endowment PlansWhole life PlanMoney Back PlansSingle Premium PlansTerm PlansPension/Annuity PlansHealth PlansChild Plan
New Endowment (814)Jeevan Umang (845)Money Back 20yr (820)Single Premium Endowment (817)Anmol Jeevan (822)Jeevan Nidhi (818)Jeevan Arogya (904)Child Money Back (832)
Jeevan Anand ( 815)Money Back 25yr (821)Jeevan Nidhi (818)Amulya Jeevan (823)Jeevan Akshaya VI (189)Cancer Cover (905) Jeevan Tarun (834)
Single Premium Endowment (817)Bima Bachat (816)Jeevan Utkarsh (846)Jeevan Nidhi Single Premium (818)Single Premium Endowment (817)
Jeevan Rakshak (827)Child Money Back (832)Pradhan Mantri Yojana (842)
Limited Premium Endowment (830)Jeevan Shiromani (847)
Jeevan Lakshya (833)Jeevan Tarun (834)
New endowment Plus (835)
Jeevan Labh (836)
Jeevan Pragati (838)
Aadhar stambh (843)
Aadhar shila  (844)


These plans are known as policies. Every policy is identified with its no., called table.

Every policy has details of the followings-

  • Product Summary- Plan name and Table no., linked/ non linked, with/without profit, single/regular premium, etc.
  • Age limit—minimum and maximum age to take the policy
  • Premium payment mode—yearly/half-yearly/quarterly/monthly
  • Term—for how many years you have to pay and when you will get the return amount i.e. maturity time/age.
  • The maximum age for maturity
  • Sum Assured— The amount of life risk. The bonus is calculated on this sum assured or S.A.
  • Maturity Amount- At the time of maturity if the policyholder survives he will get this S.A. plus total bonus accrued in this time period (less the amount he already received in case of money back policy).

/The amount a policy holder’s nominee will get at the time of the insured person’s unfortunate death along with a bonus if any. Other benefits such as Accidental Death /Disability benefit rider/term rider etc. will be written in the manual.

The insured person is the policyholder who purchases a policy of his choice/necessity and capacity. He has to pay regular premium throughout the term.

REMEMBER: You Must pay Insurance Premium for at least 3 completed years, otherwise, your hard earned money will be forfeited.


IRDA- Insurance Regulatory Development Authority controls and regulates all the insurance companies in India. IRDA is a regulatory authority of the Indian Government. So all the companies and policies are genuine. Go through the written pops and corns (terms and conditions and benefits) before taking a policy.


  Life Insurance Corporation of India(L.I.C.) holds no. 1 position who alone holds around 60% of insurance business in India. One can easily see its branches, premium-points, agent anywhere and everywhere in India. It is running since 1956

SEMrush Reviews and Pricing for YOU

Do you want to increase the visibility of your website and generate more traffic?

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Yes, SEMrush is here to help you out with the optimization of your account. Overall mostly SEMRush Results Showing accurate results through most advanced analytics tools.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an SEO toolkit that helps you with a mixture of tasks. It has aided digital marketers to collect appropriate statistics and boost the visibility of websites as per their requirement.

How can SEMrush assist you?

SEMrush can help you with a wide range of tasks and can foster the ranking of your website in a short span of time.

Let us, quickly take a look at the features of SEMrush that will assist you to enhance the awareness of your website.

Here, we go!

  • Domain evaluation
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Still not satisfied?

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Keyword investigation: It will help you to figure out the exact and the optimized keyword for your promotions on SEO as well as PPC. This will help you to improve your digital marketing techniques.

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Organic investigation: SEMrush stresses on the keywords that will be the best for the effective promotion of your website. It will also aid you the analyze the change in the rankings of your website and figure out your rivals in the worldwide web.

Display promotion: It will help you to figure out professional digital marketers and observe the displays using various promotional devices.

Backlinks: This aids the digital marketer to have a thorough investigation of the backlinks and its types thereby assisting them to figure out the geographical location of domains and IPs.

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All You Need to Know About Guest Posting/Blogging

So, you like writing. It is kind of your hobby, right? Your mind is occupied with lots of opinion and thoughts in your personal zone which you want to share in the realm of professionalism. Micro-blogging is an old version for sharing your opinion.  Writers like you find it convenient to share opinion into voice with the help of blogging post which gained its popularity as Guest Posting. Here is detailed information about Guest Posting and if you are interested, you are good to go to crosscheck.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is a unique way to create your own content and share it on other sites. Bloggers find it interesting to drive tariff and readers to their own websites as the link is always given below the content. There are many websites which allow you to share your authentic and original subject matter which is relevant to their websites.

How does it work?

Guest Posting or blogging works in a two way

i) You can create your own content as a guest writer to appear in someone’s personal blog or website

(It may be free or paid).


ii) You can invite other guest writer to write on your website.

List of websites for Guest Posting

There are different categories of Guest Posting Website, just check it.

#1 Art Blogs which accept Guest Posting:


# 2 Travel Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 3 Photography Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 4 Fitness Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 5 Finance Blogs which accept Guest Posting


#6 Beauty Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 7 Freelancing Blogs which accept Guest Posting


# 8 Entrepreneur Blogs which accept Guest Blogging


Guest Posting Software

If you want to be updated about blogs which you have submitted and want to know whether it gets approval or not, just check this out

It is awesome software which helps to keep tracking the submission of the blogs and maintain super updated blog lists to keep you on the top of Guest Post. It charges you very minimal.

How to be a great Guest Blogger/Posting

  1. Practice writing daily is most important thing to be a great Guest Blogger.
  2. You must pick your niche(s) to become the top influencer among your friend and fellow to build the network. You need to think which area of writing your are expert but if you want to just write specific niche, take time and think more before you start writing.
  3. Share your post generously to become popular.
  4. Reply to the comments of your reader is important
  5. Make sure that you have created your bio very compelling so that reader can easily connect with you.

Advantages of Guest Blogging/Posting

  1. Through blogging your own thoughts and opinion, help you to improve your writing skills.
  2. A quality blog post helps to become popular and establish your authority.
  3. You get diverse audience with whom you may share same tastes and preferences. Thus, people start looking up to you as an expert.
  4. It not only earns you money but also helps you to be on higher pages of search engines. The more you links you get from the relevant websites; there are chances to be the top list on search pages.
  5. You can build a great relation with other bloggers.
  6. You get more targeted traffic as the backlinks from different blogs will help to increase the referral blogs for your blogs.

Disadvantages of Guest Blogging/Posting

  1. Guest Posting is one of the best ways to give you great exposure and increase your traffic, but it can also call some spammers too.
  2. In many cases, the quality of Guest Post is very low and thus you may lose your readers. The only aim of the Guest posting is to promote Website so most of the time the articles or blogs are written by unprofessional writer who writes poor quality guest article.
  3. Some of the Guest posts are taken from offline sources like Newspaper, magazine and books and you cannot detect. But in future you may be penalized for reproducing content by copyright violation act. You will suffer but the guest author will not face any issues.
  4. Guest Bloggers may ask you to change the links to publish their articles in site. They keep changing their links and promoting their other sites. In this case, it will be really hard for you to work on those requests and make modifications.
  5. Write as a Guest Blogger

Top 10 SEO Softwares for Small Businesses that All SEO Experts Using in 2018

Considering the current trend, SEO is very important. Whether you are a blogger, small business owner, digital marketer, usage of SEO are prominent. For some, it is critical as well because they consider it as a make or break thing.

But, thankfully, by using different SEO tools the problem becomes less critical, this post mentions top 10 SEO software available in the market along with a variety of uses and fulfilling many common requirements as well. These all tools are quick, absolutely free and quite easy-to-use.

Why SEO Tools

SEO plays a vital role in making your website easy to understand for both search engines crawlers and users. However, search engines are quite advanced in a crawling manner but still, they are not that fast enough to compete for the human and this is the gap where SEO works the best. SEO assists the search engines to recognizes what exactly the page is about and how users will find it.

Even with the creative and extraordinary website, the SEO is important to engage the users. SEO tools basically improve the website to get desired search engine ranking. Therefore, SEO tools are valuable in rendering higher user engagement to a website.

Impacts On SEO

  • SEO renders branding and perspective regarding a website.
  • It is easy and reasonable marketing strategy where you can directly compete with your competitor at the same level.
  • All the competitors use SEO techniques to grow their business higher in rankings
  • business gets higher ROI
  • SEO strategies are vivid and going to exists for longer.
  1. WebCEO

WebCEO is an online tool rendering social media metrics, site auditing, marketing analytics and link building tactics.

Feature Of WebCEO:

  • Internal Links Improvement
  • SEO Checklist
  • Toxic Links
  • SEO Analysis
  • Quality Checking Of Backlinks
  • Webs Analytics
  • Content Submission
  • Rank Tracking
  • Social Metrics

    Cost details

  • Free Trial: 14-days
  • Startup Plan – $99/month
  • Corporate Plan – $199/month
  • Agency Fixed Plan – $499/month

Pros And Cons

+Safe platform for the report format
+specific labels to keywords
+automatic and easy to extract keywords, title, and meta tags from a website
-No .doc or pdf format
-No URL shorting facility

2. Linkody’s Backlink Monitoring Tool

It is a backing monitoring and tracking tool in order to judge the link building campaigns successfully.


  • Multi-User Support
  • Moz data
  • PDF reports
  • Social Shares
  • E-mail notifications
  • Instant link location
  • Disavow tool
  • Landing pages
  • CSV export
  • Link analytics
  • Google Analytics

Cost details

  • Free Trial: 30 Days
  • Webmaster: $14.90 per month
  • Advanced: $24.90 per month
  • Pro: $49.90 per month
  • Agency: $104.90 per month
  • Agency XL: $147.90 per month

Pros And Cons

+Identify new links easily
+Compare backlinks of competitors
-Except for backlinks, no other features are useful

3. SEO PowerSuite

it is the best SEO tool to deliver services to small businesses and make it relevant for tracking the SEO campaign.


  • Rank Tracker
  • Backlink research and auditing
  • Link building & management
  • Site auditing & on-page optimization

Cost details

  • Free SEO PowerSuite
  • Pro: $249
  • Cons: $599

Pros And Cons

+Good link assistant to small projects
+Good functionality
-No unified dashboard
-After 6 months you need Algo updates

4. SEMRush

SEMRush is a useful tool considering SEO, video advertising, PPC, and Social media.


  • Display Advertising
  • Advertising Research
  • Backlinks Analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Product Listing Ads

Cost Details – Click here to Check – SEMRush Price and Plans

  • Pro Plan: $99.95 per month or $83.28 per year
  • Guru Plan: $199.95 per month or $166.62 per year
  • Business Plan: $399.95 per month or $333.28 per year

Pros And Cons

+Great API
+Analysis Competitor activity
+estimate competitor traffic
-a limited number of projects



5. RankPay

It uses SEO practices to get rankings by following industry standards.


  • Blog management services
  • SEO services
  • Make your site secure
  • Optimize the content

Cost details

Hourly SEO rates: $75 to $150
Monthly: $1500 to $3000

Pros And Cons:

+Powerful support
+Fast result delivery

6. SEO reseller

It provides white label tools to business to get close leads and able to deliver real value to the clients.


  • Reputation management
  • white label resources
  • white label PPC dashboard
  • white label SEO dashboard
  • lead tracking

Cost details

There are four types of price packages which will be available with cost when you fill details about your name and email ID.
Platinum Plus

Pros And Cons

+A true partnership with the white label
+Free site audit tools
+proven strategies
-After sale unattentive customer support
-Content with errors

7. Traffic Travis

It fulfills the basic requirements of SEO and PPC. Traffic Travis helps in both on a page and off page SEO management.


  • Site Checking
  • Ranking For Google check
  • Showing technical mistakes
  • spot keyword of your competitor
  • Monitor the search ranking
  • build quality backlinks

Cost details

Absolutely free version
The professional program costs US$97 per year.

Pros And Cons

+Google Adwards Integration
+Free version is available
-Support only PC platform

8. SEOPressor

SEOPressor renders full insight of the WordPress site.


  • On page analysis
  • SEO Reports
  • Crawler control
  • link management
  • semantics builder

Cost details

The program starts at $9 per month.

Pros And Cons

+New Functions
+Good User experience
+Work like professional to your site
-You have to target more than 3 keywords.

9. Backlink Beast

Backlink Beast comes with a guaranteed ranking program with a 60-day money back if the customer is not satisfied with the services.


  • Tiered link building
  • submission to the social network site and various link diversity
  • automatic account creation, content submission, anchor text diversity
  • natural link growth
  • link indexing


first 7-days program: $7
Life long program: $397

Pros And Cons

+Attractive layout
+engaging interface

– various 404 site errors
-errors in microsoft.NET

10. The HOTH

It is a well-established system for link building strategy.


  • Link building from high authority sites.
  • The natural flow of links
  • A good system with all features including keyword diversity, co-citation

Pros And Cons

+Powerful link building
+Good starting price packages
-The ranking is not that effective

How to Delete Apps on iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is an incredible device loaded with plenty of features. This is quite common that iOS users always want their device to function well all the time. Apple has provided a lot of applications on the iPhone 8 that may be games, utility apps, and productivity apps. Some apps are less used or not used. These just eat up space on your device. Such applications occupy your iTunes library and kill your device memory.

It is always a good idea to remove apps that are not being used. This can keep your app collection managed and optimized. The iPhone packs an easy to use interface. Deleting apps is simple and easy. Just follow the tutorial below and get rid of unwanted apps on your device.

When does the need for app deletion arise?

It has been studied that only 10% of the pre-installed iOS apps are kept by the users. Moreover, apps installed from the App Store also do not last too long. Sometimes the user feels that he has used too much of the app or wish to keep off the distraction sources. In such a scenario there may arise the need for app deletion.

Whatever the reason may be, we are here to provide you with an easy tutorial on how to delete apps on iPhone 8. Here are some of the main reasons that cause you to see off those apps.

Poor Performance

Some iOS apps do not function well. It would also hinder your device performance. Moreover, if the app does not pack a user-friendly interface this would annoy the user. Of course, no one would like a blank screen that reads ‘loading’. Therefore, users wish to delete such apps.

Fake Descriptions    

The app description on the App store promises big deals, but when you install the app on your iPhone you find the app is not worth. This would be enough reason for the user to seek for app deletion steps.

Mandatory Social Login

Users do not wish to link their social media accounts with third-party apps. Now you have installed an app on your iPhone 8 and it requires a social media login to start. Sometimes the users have put an app on their device but later discover that it needs to access their social media data. Now they wish to delete it.

Power Consumers

There are a lot of apps in the App store that simply eats up your battery. Once you discover that some apps are causing battery drain you would surely desire to get rid of them.

Your iPhone may be having a lot of apps that are less used by still consume power. Thus reducing your phone’s performance.

How to Delete Apps

 Step 1– In order to delete the apps from your iPhone 8 you can simply tap and hold the app until an ‘X’ icon appears next to the apps.

Delete Apps on iPhone 8

Step 2– Once you click on the icon you will be shown a deletion menu. Click on ‘Confirm’ and the app will be removed.

iPhone 8 Delete App

Gradually the interest of the user falls over time or the apps may be causing the device to function slow. Before you remove the app check the battery usage and amount of space it consumes. If the app is useful you can consider keeping it on your iPhone 8.

How to Delete an App on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 is showered with a lot of apps, but they sometimes cause your device to be overloaded or hinder its performance. If you wish that your phone should have a well-optimized interface, then it is important to remove all the unwanted apps. Apple has made it easy for the users to manage the applications. The iOS ecosystem created is easy to operate and works well. The iPhone 7 is far better than its predecessor the iPhone 6.

But as an old saying, you must remember that with the great performance, there increases the responsibility to manage your device. If you are here then you might have been using the device for a considerable period of time. Till now you must be aware of its features and app usages. The apps which are less used or not used simply fill your phone memory.

Why is it necessary to delete an App

If you are using iPhone for a period of time then you might be aware of its features and app usage. A good user experience is what every user dreams to get. If you keep the apps that just occupy a space in your iPhone’s memory, then deleting the app would be a good choice.

Removing the unnecessary apps helps keep your device organized. If you choose to delete the apps just because some of them have stopped working or just because it is malfunctioning.

Here are some steps that can help you fix an app which has suddenly stopped responding, refuses to open or malfunctions. Before you permanently delete the app it is recommended that you try out these ways for bringing it back to life.

Force stop the App

This is one of the commonly used ways of fixing app errors. Kill the app from the task manager and reopen it. There are more chances that your app will start functioning well.

Restart your iPhone

If the above method does not work, consider restarting your iOS device. Once it starts, check whether the app is working.

Check for Updates

Usually, an app does not work well because it has become obsolete. Therefore, you must update it in order to boost its performance.  For updating your app you need to go to the app store and open the app update section. Install the update and check if the app works as expected.

How to Delete

Still, if the application refuses to work you can delete it. Read the steps below and learn how to delete an app on iPhone 7.

Step 1– To delete an application on your iPhone 7 you must turn on the device and gently tap and hold until the app starts to wiggle.

Step 2– Now you will see an icon that looks like “X” at the top of each app. Tap on it and the ‘Delete’ menu will appear.

iPhone 7 Remove App

Step 3– Confirm the deletion and the application will be permanently removed.

Delete App on in Phone 7

Remember that the iPhone supports 3D touch. Therefore, if you tap the app with more pressure it might open the ‘Quick Actions Menu’.

You can reinstall the deleted app if you wish them back again. If you are an iPhone 6s user, you can find the app deletion steps here Link.

How to Delete Comment on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social networking services of this century. There are millions of users who use the service to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones. This is not used just as a messaging app but has a lot more features. Deleting a comment on Facebook is a very important task if you are willing to save your reputation from being spoiled by spam comments or comments that spread negativity.

It may be a business page or a personal profile. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove comments. These include comments made by you as well as comments made by others.

Here are the top reasons why comment deletion is required.

  • You called someone a dumb person, but after sometimes you realize that this was not appropriate. Therefore, now comments deletion is necessary. If the other party has not yet seen the message, you are safe from the harsh effects of your comment.
  • Another major reason that drives you to delete the comment is writing wrong English or mistakes. It may be that the comment you have posted is written in an inappropriate manner. Thus, you may be willing to delete it and post a new one. We all know that if your comment is not logical, no one would understand it. Facebook allows the users to edit the comment or completely delete it and repost.
  • You just posted a comment that spreads vulgarity or someone else posted such comment on your post. This needs to be erased at the earliest. As it may damage your reputation and spread a negative message about your personality. We often express your anger and hatred on our Facebook timeline or in the comments section of a post. This sometimes makes you regret and you may fish towards deleting the comment.
  • The comment was too long hence making it difficult for the users to understand. So, you decide to remove or edit it.
  • You wrote a comment in CAPS and so the readers might find it annoying. Now, it is necessary to remove it.
  • Sometimes spam filters hide your comment. This is the links and faulty email addresses. So you can delete the comment.

How to Delete

Method 1- Delete on the Facebook Mobile App

Step 1– If you are using the mobile app, then you must open the Facebook application on your smartphone and log in.

Step 2– Click on the menu icon and go to the ‘Activity Log’. Once you are into the activity log section you will find the specific comments.

Step 3– The activity log will only show the comments made by the user. Now you can delete the desired comments using the “V” icon found next to the comment or tap and hold the comment until a menu appears on the screen.

Facebook Delete Comment

Method 2- Delete on a Desktop/Laptop

Step 1- For deleting a comment on the web version of Facebook you must open the computer browser and log into your account.

Step 2– Once logged in you will find the post on which you wish to delete the comment. At the right of the comment, you will find the menu icon which looks like this “…”.

Delete Comment on Facebook

Step 3– Click on it and select the ‘Delete Comment’ option.

You can only delete those comments that have been posted by you or those which have been posted on your own posts.

How to Delete Search History

Do you know that the number of people who delete search histories has increased in the past? Google search histories have emerged to be one of the most secure things considered by users. This is largely due to the increased internet users and improved web service. It may be that you are using a public computer and this leaves you fishing for steps to delete search history.

Search history can be defined as the list of websites opened by the user. The data is stored by the web browser. A search history me contain your time and duration of a webpage visit. The search history can be useful if you are willing to take a record of what all you have been searching for the past few days. This can also be useful while searching for a useful webpage which does not seem to appear in the search results.

You are here for deleting your web browser history. There may be a wide range of reasons for deleting your web history. It has been studied that apart from the web browser software, there are some third party software that may track your internet activities.

Browser history is often related to privacy. These days’ users are too much concerned about their privacy. You may be thinking that your browser history may be disclosed to anyone else. So, all you a sudden you decide to delete it.

If you have decided to remove your browser history, I will show you how to delete. But before you begin reading the tutorial, it is recommended that you get to know some important factors related to browser history.


How to Delete

Are you concerned about deleting items or clearing up the history? Every web or mobile browser has its own user interface. Here are the steps using which you can get rid of the data in your browser.

Delete Browser History in Google Chrome

Step 1– The Google Chrome is one of the most loved browsers. If you wish to manage your Chrome history, then you must click on the options menu and select ‘History’.

Delete Browser History

Step 2– Once you are directed to the Chrome History Page you will find the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button, at the top left of the screen.

How to Delete Chrome History

Step 3– Click on it and confirm the deletion.

Delete History of Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been the most used browser in the recent years. Here is a detailed walkthrough on manage history on a Mozilla browser.

Step 1– For deleting history you need to open the browser and click on the menu icon found at the top right corner. Now select ‘History’ from the window that appears on the screen, as pictured below.

Delete History on Mozilla Firefox

Step 2– Click the ‘Clear Recent History Button’ to proceed. Select a time range and tap the ‘Clear Now’ button.

Mozilla Firefox Delete History

You can also use the keyboard shortcut for deletion. Press together the Ctrl, Shift and Delete button to delete the history.

Delete History of Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer is a browser truly built for the Windows. If you are using this browser managing it is really fun. You can remove your browsing data easily. Just follow the instructions below and you are ready to go.

Step 1– Select the Favorites icon and navigate to the ‘internet options’ tab.

Step 2– Click on the ‘Delete Browsing Data on exit’ button and you are ready to see of your browsing history.

Internet Explorer Delete History

If you wish to keep a high check on your privacy, then deleting browser data is a good thing. Get in touch with us for more tutorials and guidelines.