Top 10 Secret Legitimate Ways to Earn Money from Home for Housewives

To manage a house is not an ordinary task. Only a housewife can do it at the best. Housewives are not only the best homemakers but also the best managers, finance controllers, interior decorators, caretakers. The list is never-ending. They have the art of converting anything into worth useful. Now housewives are not only handling the household chores but have learnt the art of earning money by sitting at home itself. She has strengthened herself by creating various ways to earn money while handling her home. This is what makes a housewife the allrounder. Let’s see how to earn money from home business for housewife.

Tiffin Service

Tiffin Service by housewife

Tiffin service is very popular and in demand work. Any interesting thing is that a housewife doesn’t need to learn any special skills for entering into this business. It’s cooking the food only that is a routine activity for any housewife. This is not very expensive to start it as it doesn’t need any inventory. Few tiffins are required with which she wants to start the journey and rest all grocery items. A menu can be made to provide the clients that will provide them with information on the food items they will get day wise. When the number of tiffin increases, she can add more persons to have a hand in the expansion of the business. Thus, housewife can earn money from home only.


Crochet Items


Woolen crochet dresses are in very much fashion nowadays. Parents are seeking such dresses for kids and young girls also demand a variety of designs in the same. Ladies who know this art can make a group start making crochet items and can sale in the society. It would give height to their work if they start selling online as they will start getting orders from different places and soon can establish a good business. This is another very economical earning money from home business by housewife.

Content Writing

There are many educated ladies who don’t work after marriage and fulfill the duty of a housewife. If you have writing skills then why not to pick the pen up and start writing. Today content writing is one of the highest in demand profession that also fill your pockets with money. This job can be performed part time and it doesn’t set any boundaries of time in it. One can take the task as per one’s schedule.

Online Data Entry

There are many jobs of online data entry that can be grabbed by housewives. This is a part-time job that can be done at one’s convenient hours. One can earn good amount of money through this source. You just need to register online yourself for online data entry related jobs. You get work online and submission of the work is also online only. There is no need for public dealing. Such opportunities have shown a path to earn money from home business for housewife.



This is a very common profession that is chosen by many of the ladies who don’t work outside the home. Every child irrespective of any class needs coaching today. You can start giving coaching to the children who reside in your nearby areas. Once you start teaching, people start getting to recognize you as a tutor and you start getting more students every year. The housewives can earn money from home business in this way and use their educational skills as well.


Parlour at Home

Parlour need not be in the market only. Those ladies who don’t prefer going outside the home can run a parlour at home only. Any lady who is a housewife and can not manage to work outside the home can earn money from home business by using her skills. It needs one room, beauty products, chairs, tools, and some other machines. One satisfied customer brings more customers and your business grows with time. With the enhanced income, you can do more amendment in the beauty products, the latest machines and luring decorations. When the need of the product in bulk arises then you can appoint a wholesale agent who can provide you all the required material at discounted rates. It is a very good source of income that allows you to interact with different clients.

So, it’s not very difficult to be a housewife and in the job at the same time. Any in-home profession or job can be taken and you can make yourself not only financially strong but you will also be a developed personality. Job or profession gives you a sense of pride and earns a place in family equivalent to those who earn money. Take the step towards strengthening yourself and keep the title of queen intact with you. Now we all know that to earn money from home business for housewife is not quite a big deal. We all can rule the world with our multi-dimensional skills.

Top 10 Affiliate Marketers in the World

Promotion of products and services in one’s own blog or website to earn a commission in return for it, is known as Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to sell products online, and helps the marketers to reach out to a wider audience. It is essentially cost effective, and allows marketers to work from home too. Thus, we see, Affiliate Marketing is a simple yet lucrative upcoming platform to earn money, in this digital era.

The top 10 affiliate marketers of today are:

1. John Chow – With 13k Facebook fans and 100k Twitter followers, John Chow is a frontrunner in the arena of affiliate marketing. The name of his blog is ‘JohnChow’, through which he teaches people how to make money over the internet. He gained success in the last few years, and became number one in the list of Canada’s top 50 Internet Marketing Blogs. He has authored two books – ‘Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul’ and ‘Blogging with John Chow’, which are immensely popular. He is the founder of TTZ Media, Inc. and his website has over 200,000 monthly visitors. He has also appeared in many television and radio shows.

2. Pat Flynn – An author, blogger and podcaster, Pat Flynn started his blog ‘SmartPassiveIncome’ in 2008. He is famous for his transparent income reports, has 30k Facebook fans and 61k Twitter followers. He shot to success very fast, giving full detailed report of his monthly income.

3. Zac Johnson – This affiliate marketer and blogger is the President and CEO of ‘MoneyReign’, and the owner of He has 12k Twitter followers with his blog ‘ZacJohnson’. He has been in this field for more than a decade, and also runs the popular podcast – ‘Rise of the Entrepreneur’. He is particularly famous for his story of “How I Made $860,538.38 Profit in 4 Months!” from one website.

4. Rae Hoffman – Rae Hoffman is a blogger, speaker, auditor and writer. Being the owner of ‘Sugaree’ and the co – owner and CEO of ‘Pushfire’, she is also an expert in viral marketing and SEO. She has been in this industry for around 14 years, and is also considered a master of productivity. She is also a regular speaker at Pubcon, SMX, Affiliate and many others.

5. Mark Ling – The guru of personality development, internet markeing, affiliate marketing and product development, he is the owner of ‘Affiliorama’ and has launched ‘AffilioBlueprint’, a 12 weeks training course. He started out as early as in 1999, and is the founder of a very famous SEO tool, ‘Traffic Travels’.

6. Missy Ward – An active online philanthropist and a work – at – home mother, Missy Ward is an iconic affiliate marketer. She began in 1999 and founded the ‘Affiliate Summit Corporation’ in 2003 along with her partner Shawn Collins. She has helped several people to begin their own businesses, and is also the co – publisher of ‘’, co – founder of ‘’. Missy is also the founder of ‘’ and runs a number of her own affiliate websites. Her most recently launched website is ‘’, a site that teaches people how to buy skill building toys and gifts for children with special needs.

7. Ian Fernando – The PPC affiliate marketing specialist Ian Fernando is a speaker and entrepreneur, who began his career while he was still a student. He has printed his works in ‘FeedFront’, and is the successful author of the book ‘Internet Marketing by the Real Experts’. He is a mentor of new businessmen, and is very well – known for his blog ‘ianfernando’.

8. Darren Rowse – Darren Rowse is a blogger, speaker, consultant and founder of many blogs and blogging networks including ‘b5media’, ‘’. He began as a blogger in 2004, and is the owner of the highly acclaimed ‘’. He has 46k Facebook fans and 182k Twitter followers. Over the years, he has helped numerous bloggers to gain success by giving them various tips. In 2006, Rowse was awarded the ‘Best Web Development Weblog Blog Award’ for ‘ProBlogger’. In 2008, he wrote a book version of his blog for Wiley publications. He is also a successful author of books like ‘31 days to Build a Better Blog Workbook’, ‘Copywritng Scoreboard for Bloggers’, ‘ProBlogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging’. His blog has around 30,000 visitors every day.

9. Matthew Woodward – Matthew Woodward is an award winning blogger and master of SEO. He is famous throughout Europe, and has created and worked in about 40 websites, in the past few years. He has won many awards worldwide, and his website is ‘’.

10. Jeremy Schoemaker – With 20k Facebook fans and 165k Twitter followers, Jeremy Schoemaker is a web entrepreneur, founder of ‘’, ‘ShoeMoney Media’ and ‘PAR Program’, and co – founder of the ‘AuctionAds Service’. He started his very popular blog ‘ShoeMoney’ in 2003, and has recently launched a course – ‘Shoe In Money’. His blog has 30,000 readers and holds a rank in the ‘Top 50 Affiliate Marketing blogs’, in Technorati list.