Beginners Guide to Earn Money from Google Adsense – Secret FAQ’s

Want to make some extra money in a hassle free way ? Google Adsense works out to be the best monetization technique after Affiliate marketing.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is one of the hassle-free way to make money online. It is one of the most convenient way to make additional money from your website.

How does Google Adsense work?

Google Adsense turns out to be one of the best monetization technique..All you have to do is copy some code into your site to display the ads, and you earn every time someone clicks. You may also earn from impressions in some cases. Google AdSense is Google’s advertising program for publishers and webmasters who can make money by showing ads on their websites/blogs. It’s a PPC (Pay Per Click) program which pays you when someone clicks the ads on you site. Each click may pay you differently depending on the payment received by Google from the advertiser.

How to create Google Adsense account – Google Adsense sign in Process?

The requirement you must have to start off with Google Adsense Account are : you need to have a website, You also must be above the age of 18, your Blog looks professional and has a Quality content to apply for Google adsense.You would be able to start as soon as Google adsense accepts/approves your application.

What is Google Adsense hosted account?

The hosted Adsense account is the Adsense account that allows publishers to serve Google ads on only Google hosted domains or Google partner platforms like on blogspot blog, YouTube etc, as against your custom domains like .com, .net, .info etc.

What is Google Adsense Premium account?

Premium Adsense account is a platform that can help you make money using your website and Blog with some more added advantages and features than a normal Google Adsense account. Now the question is why “Adsense Premium”. What are its benefits? Who can be a Premium Adsense Publisher? How to be a Premium Adsense account Publisher?

What is Google Adsense Non Hosted account?

The non-hosted Adsense account is the account that allow publisher to monetize their webpage contents with Google ads on any Adsense policy compliant platform you can think of including but not limited to your own custom domains, forum webpages etc.
You can upgrade your hosted account to non-hosted account by submitting an upgrade and review request right from your Adsense dashboard and with the custom domain you will use the non-hosted account on. You can do that once and if approved, you will no longer have to submit another domain before going ahead to place your Google ads codes on your multiple web pages.

How to make money with Google Adsense?

AdSense is an ad network belonging to Google. It is the biggest ad network in the world and the main service through which Google can display ads on a lot of websites. The secret behind AdSense is its simplicity. As a website owner you just need to sign into your account, create your first ad, and insert the source code on your website.

How much does Google Adsense pay?

Pages per visit X Average ad units X Impression CPM = Revenue per 1000 visitors. A website serving an average of 3 pages per visit, each with 2 ad units and an impression CPM of $1 would therefore earn $6 per 1000 visits. But your impression CPM probably isn’t $1. Prices paid on AdSense are dynamic.

How to make money from Google Adsense through blog?

While Google AdSense was initially designed with website and blog publishers in mind, anyone who creates and maintains their own blog or website can take advantage of the incredible opportunity. Whether you have a full-time job and are building a web presence for yourself in your free time or run a web design business, for example, you can generate a great deal of revenue using this tool, if you know how to use it to your advantage.

How to earn money with Google Adsense through Youtube?

You have to create a YouTube account first and  consistently upload quality videos and successfully engaged your audience. Now you can start thinking of making some money with your YouTube channel. Questions like how, where, what will toggle your mind . With Google AdSense, you can actually make money on your YouTube videos without really doing much more than signing up.
This unique free service  allows you to monetize your YouTube channel and any or all of the videos on it. With this service, Google uses its platform to match relevant advertisements with your YouTube channel.

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